September OPEC Meeting: What You Need to Know Today

The September OPEC meeting gets underway in Algiers today (Monday) as OPEC and non-OPEC members meet for an informal yet crucial energy summit.

Hopes are growing that some kind of deal will be reached.

Here's everything that investors need to know about the September OPEC meeting...

Wall Street

The Unintended Consequences of These New SEC Rules Could Kill the Rally – or Worse

When these new SEC rules kick in next month, they won't just affect institutional investors – they could end up killing the markets.

Here's everything you need to know...


Where Silver Prices Are Headed Now After Fed's Latest Inaction

Last week was an extremely volatile one for silver prices, after the Fed decided not to move on interest rates once again.

Silver prices rallied after the meeting, but pulled back by the end of the week.

Here's a look at exactly how silver prices have been trending and where we see the price of silver heading from here...

Market Crash

Reasons for a 2016 Stock Market Crash

A 2016 stock market crash will hurt unprepared investors.

You can make money in a market pullback, though, if you're ready.

Here we'll talk about how to prepare for a stock market crash in 2016 and why we're watching for one...


Why the Price of Crude Oil Today Is Up Over $45 a Barrel

The price of crude oil today spiked over $45 a barrel on fresh hopes that major producers might clinch a deal to limit production and help reduce the glut pressuring prices for more than two years.

OPEC members are meeting this week to discuss the world's oil supply/demand situation.

Here's why oil prices will be volatile this week...

Wall Street

How the Wells Fargo Scam Pulverized Customers' Credit Scores

The massive Wells Fargo scam continues to grow in its lethality.

Now, affected investors are looking at collateral financial damage.

Here's more...


How to Profit While These Zombie Companies Still Roam the Earth

What a shock – the Fed didn't raise interest rates last week. Its next chance is in December – we'll see if it chickens out then, too.

You can count on markets to obsess over the possibility of a rate hike for the rest of the year. Anything to keep the free money hose on full blast.

But this obsession with rate hikes means the markets are missing a critical component of the big picture – corporate credit quality. It's really in horrible shape, but eight years of zero interest rates have helped to disguise that fact, and these companies aren't advertising it to shareholders.

Now that the Fed is contemplating raising interest rates, their disguise could be ripped off.

The truth is, "Corporate America" is far more leveraged now than it was on the cusp of the financial crisis.

That isn't even their biggest problem, but it could be a huge opportunity for investors with the intestinal fortitude to follow through on this...


Why the Needham Bitcoin Price Prediction Got a 29% Bump to $848

Just six months after its last Bitcoin price prediction, Needham & Co. has revised its estimate upward to $848.

The last report proved prescient, as it set a target of $655 when the price of Bitcoin was just $415.

Needham was impressed by several changes it saw in Bitcoin since March.

Here's why Needham sees so much potential in the Bitcoin price in the months and years ahead...

Market Correction

The Latest Stock Market Correction Signal Just Came from Japan

A stock market correction is due because of the dangerous economic policies out of Japan.

In fact, it's shocking we haven't experienced a massive market crash yet.

But when the stock market does decided to correct itself, there is a way to protect your portfolio...

the fed

What Happened at the Fed Meeting This Week?

This week's FOMC meeting was one of the most closely watched and important financial events of 2016.

Investors were on edge all summer, anticipating the outcome.

Here's what happened at the Fed meeting this week and what investors need to know now...