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The Tesla Motors Stock Price Falls 13% This Week – but Don't Panic

The Tesla Motors stock price is down 13.97% over the last month, but don't panic.

The outlook for the luxury electric carmaker is still buoyant, and we're still bullish on shares.

Here's why...


What's Next for the DIS Stock Price Following Q2 Earnings?

The DIS stock price lost about 4% on Wednesday intraday after it reported disappointing Q2 earnings results Tuesday.

Here's how Disney performed in its second-quarter earnings report, and whether the DIS stock price will be affected by these poor results in the long term...


Should I Buy Gold If Donald Trump Is Elected?  

More and more investors have been asking us if they should buy gold if Donald Trump becomes President of the United States.

Whether Trump makes America great again or causes an economic collapse, we highlight three reasons why you want to invest in the precious metal.

But no matter who takes office, this is exactly what you need to know about investing in gold for the rest of 2016...

Wall Street

The Next Big Bank "System Shock" Is Inevitable – the Proof Is in the Earnings

Big banks' size and structural weaknesses are enough to push markets to the brink, but that's not all. How they're circumnavigating barriers to their profitability could ignite the next financial crisis.

And their Q1 2016 earnings are just more evidence that the next catastrophe is inevitable. Take a look...


Crude Oil News: These Companies Just Ditched $2.5 Billion to Avoid Bankruptcy

The biggest crude oil news stories are always movements in day-to-day oil prices.

But the 58% crash in prices over the last two years has forced many firms to make difficult decisions.

That brings us to this important story being overlooked this week...


Why the Valeant Pharmaceuticals Stock Price Fell Another 20% This Week

The Valeant Pharmaceuticals stock price crashed another 20% this week amid newly released records that shed some light on the beleaguered drugmaker's operations.

The embattled drug giant also said it plans to release delayed Q1 2016 results in June, ahead of the July 31 deadline stipulated in the company's amended credit agreement.

Here's why we remain bearish...


Will Silver Prices Rise in 2016?

Will silver prices rise? Yes – although it might not happen without bumps in the road…

Silver is one of the most volatile metals when it comes to price. Silver investors need to be able to handle the price movement.

But a good understanding of what affects the silver price will help you determine – like we have for you here – if it'll rise or not.

So take a look at what we expect from silver this year...


Four Stocks to Buy Today for Short-Term Gains

There are certain stocks to buy today that will be best for gains in the short term. Some can also lead to long-term gains, but let's look today at what's bound to rise sooner than later.

Here we have a couple picks of stocks to buy with strong near-term outlooks.

Have a look at these top stocks for today...

penny stocks

Four Tips to Help You Find the Best Penny Stocks to Buy Now

The best penny stocks to buy now are not the most risky and are not tied to questionable companies. That sounds obvious, but it still traps penny stock investors into bad picks.

But, with this list of penny stock investing tips, you can avoid the scams.

Here's how to successfully invest in penny stocks...

Global Markets

What's Going On in Brazil

Exactly what's going on in Brazil?

Here's a quick guide to one of the most complex political scandals in modern history and the impeachment vote for embattled Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff...