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Valeant Stock: The Firm Has "No Real Value" and Will Go Bankrupt

Down 67% year to date, Valeant stock has even further to fall.

In fact, Money Morning Global Credit Strategist Michael E. Lewitt says the Valeant stock price has no real value. He even calls for the firm's bankruptcy in the not-so-distant future.

Here's what you need to know...

silver prices

5 Tips on Buying Silver

These tips on buying silver will help you get started on the right foot when starting this type of precious metal investing.

Find out how and where to buy so you make the best decisions with your money...

silver prices

Six Facts About American Silver Eagle Coins

American Silver Eagle coins are a great way to preserve some of your wealth in a hard asset.

But before you buy, it's good to know all the facts. Find out more about these silver coins here.

The Fed

One Investment to Own Before the Fed Gets (a Lot) More Inflation Than It Bargained For

The Fed hasn't been able to get the modest 2% inflation it wants, so it's about to kick its efforts into overdrive.

We'll likely get a lot more inflation than the Fed bargained for, so here's a great commodities play to preserve your purchasing power.


Is Microsoft Stock a Buy After 2016 Q3 Earnings?

With the Microsoft stock price edging close to its all-time high, the Q3 earnings due out tomorrow (Thursday) will tell us a lot about how much higher shares will go.

Because the company has beat expectations for 10 quarters running, the odds are high Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq: MSFT) will again beat the Street when it reports tomorrow (Thursday).

Here's why MSFT stock remains a buy, and what investors need to keep an eye on in the Q3 earnings report...


Saudi Arabia Debt Will Rise $113 Billion If the Country Acts on Its Threat

Low oil prices are sending Saudi Arabia debt levels to record highs.

Now, the Kingdom is issuing an even larger threat to one of its biggest competitors.

And it could send the country's economy spiraling out of control...


Who Will Buy Yahoo?

Everyone wants to know who will buy Yahoo, and it appears that the investing world almost has an answer.

CEO Marissa Mayer has been tight-lipped about the bids and the front-runner for Yahoo, but three confirmed companies are interested in purchasing the Internet giant.

And we had to share with our readers what companies wanted to buy Yahoo, as well as why they are interested in acquiring Mayer's company.


Valeant Is Likely to Go Bankrupt – Here's Why

Valeant Pharmaceuticals has soared more than 26% in April. Last week, one analyst even called for VRX to double.

But a closer look at Valeant's financials reveals the company is likely headed for bankruptcy. Here's why - and how to profit...

Intel Stock Price

The Real Reason the Intel Stock Price Today Is Climbing After Earnings  

The Intel stock price opened down 0.66% to $31.39 Wednesday morning despite a healthy Q1 2016 earnings beat.

But the INTC stock price rebounded once investors took a deeper look at the report.

For long-term investors, Intel's outlook looks bright...


2 Reasons the Yahoo Stock Price Today Is Climbing

The Yahoo stock price today is climbing because the company met expectations for Q1 2016.

Even though revenue was down from Q1 2015, Yahoo was able to do exactly what Wall Street thought it would.

But the biggest reason the stock price is climbing today is because three companies want to buy Yahoo. Here's everything you need to know...