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Should I Invest in Pot Stocks in 2016?

Pot stocks are a part of one of the fastest and most popular emerging industries out there.

And that's drawing the attention of many investors.

Here are three important points to consider before investing in pot stocks in 2016...


The Easiest Big Bond Gains Come from Overbought Markets Like This

Editor's Note: We wanted to give you a heads up on what today's markets are doing to bonds right now. There's a change that's opening up opportunity – in fact, Shah's Short-Side Fortunes readers just took down a cool 175% in gains in a week on this bond play. And, since this move could very […]

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Saudi Aramco IPO Date: When Will We See the Biggest IPO of All Time?

Although it hasn't officially been set, the Saudi Aramco IPO date is expected to happen in 2017.

Investors around the world are highly anticipating the deal as the largest stock offering ever.

But there's one $26 billion reason why Saudi Arabia will benefit the most from it...


Your Engraved Invitation for Triple-Digit Profit Potential

Investors focused on events in the U.S. markets are missing an opportunity with huge profit potential over in Japan.

The last time we set this trade up, it led to a 150% gain...


What's Next for the Line Stock Price After This Week's Surge

The Line stock price popped nearly 50% on its first trading day as a public company in Japan and more than 30% stateside.

Investors are left asking what's next for Line shares after this week's surge.

Here's what investors need to know...


The Easiest Way to Profit from "Range-Bound" Oil

On July 9, I wrote that major industry analysts had made a premature, and therefore dangerous, call to jump back into the "supermajors" – three of which are collectively spending around $45 billion to increase drilling – with both feet.

The thinking there is that these giants are diverse enough to have made it through the oil crash and are in position to capitalize on any price increases.

At the time, I said that any investor who acts on those recommendations will have leapt before looking hard enough.

Now, it looks like I was right. Over the past week or so, oil has become tightly range-bound, moving up and down in roughly equal measure. On July 13, for instance, New York-traded West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude dropped 4.4%… after rising 4.6% the day before.

You could play those prices… if you were a professional futures trader. But for regular investors, that would be a hard dollar, indeed.

So let me show you the simplest, most profitable way to make money on oil in these narrow ranges...

Dow Jones

Dow Jones Industrial Average Today Up Despite Nice Terror Attack

The Dow Jones Industrial Average is about to close out a week of record highs.

But the attack in France last night could make markets unpredictable today.

Here's everything you need to know about the stock market today...


Why Making Market Predictions Is Child's Play

Barely two trading weeks after some of the steepest, quickest losses of 2016, and U.S. stocks are all over all-time highs.

The S&P 500 has topped 2,166, the Dow set a closing high of 18,526, and the Nasdaq, lagging behind a bit, closed above 5,039.

So the bulls are clearly running the show right now.

But here's the thing: That could change. I'm looking at an upcoming "event" that happens today, in fact, that could send the markets to even higher highs… or signal a wipe out of the gains of the past few days.

But don't worry at all – this represents a chance to make money.

I know that because of this simple shape...

Dow Jones

Dow Jones Industrial Average Today Hits New Record After JPM Tops Earnings Expectations

The Dow Jones Industrial Average reached another record high today (Thursday, July 14).

And there's plenty of market news that's been pushing U.S. markets to all-time highs this week.

Here's everything you need to know about what happened in the stock market today...

U.S. Marijuana Stocks Are About to Get a Major Boost in 2016

U.S. marijuana stocks stand to benefit from the cutthroat race between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

But the election isn't the only reason why the cannabis market will see long-term growth.

Here are two more reasons why the industry will expand...