Apple Update: "Tax the Rich" Sounds Like a Great Idea Until This Happens

The Apple tax ruling by the EU amounts to a slap on the wrist for Apple and won't affect its stock.

But the consequences elsewhere will be disastrous.

Here's everything you need to know - including how to play this situation for maximum profits...


Upcoming IPOs to Watch in September: NTB, FBK, EVBG, FMAX, AZRX

There's a lot of activity on our upcoming IPOs calendar.

Five companies in the tech, finance, and health care sector are expected to raise $467 million in proceeds.

Here's everything you need to know about this week's IPO deals...


Raw Footage of SpaceX Rocket Explosion Spawned These 2 Conspiracy Theories

Conspiracy theories surrounding last week's SpaceX rocket explosion abound across the world wide web.

Was it a UFO? A drone? Or just a plain ol' accident?


3 of the Best Gold Stocks to Buy Now

Gold stocks will keep climbing with gold prices – and are actually presenting a rare buying opportunity right now that maximizes profit.

We go over why here – and look at three of the best gold stocks to buy now to take advantage of this trend.

Get started here...


Chipotle Stock Price Today Is Rallying – but We're Still Not Buying

The Chipotle stock price is rallying today on news that Bill Ackman has taken a 9.9% stake in the beleaguered burrito chain.

But we're still not buying in CMG stock even though the Chipotle stock price is rallying.

Here's why...


OPEC Needs This One Country to Boost Oil Prices – and They're About to Cave In

Some of the most closely watched events at the upcoming International Energy Forum meeting in Algiers will be the "side-bar" conversations between OPEC members and other non-OPEC producers.

Expect more talk about "production stability" – that is, a production cap or freeze to boost oil prices.

But no production cap will be possible without one country in particular.

And it now has an urgent reason to push for a deal to support higher prices...


The Facebook Stock Price Will Keep Climbing Despite Rocket Explosion 

Investors were rattled when a rocket carrying a Facebook Inc. (Nasdaq: FB) satellite exploded on Thursday, Sept. 1, causing a short-term drop in the Facebook stock price. Immediately after the accident, Facebook stock dropped slightly (0.6%) to an intraday low. But since then it has rebounded and is now trading at record highs of $129. […]

We breakdown everything you need to know. But we also show you why the FB stock price could net you gains as high as 97% by 2020...


These Two Signals Are Pushing My Crude Price Forecast Upward

There are many ways to estimate where oil prices are going: reported inventory levels, imports and exports, production figures, and a myriad of ways to estimate demand.

With oil prices swinging up and down around the $40 a barrel range, business news outlets are full of people calling on these numbers to predict the price of oil.

Ignore them.

Because at the end of the day, there are two – and only two – good ways to really tell where the oil market is going.

Either one is a good indicator. But right now, both are telling us the same thing...

Dow Jones

Dow Jones Industrial Average Today Gains as September Rate Hike Expectations Fade

The Dow Jones Industrial Average today rose as Fed rate hike expectations for September faded.

Here's a closer look at only the most important investing news of the day...


The Best High-Yield Investments to Make Today

Today we profile the top high-yield investments to make now.

These best high-yield investments are less risky than where many investors are putting their money today…

Take a look and start making more than you were before...