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What Can Close the NYSE?

On July 8, the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) shut down for nearly four hours, without warning. A "technical issue" temporarily halted trading from 11:32 a.m. to 3:10 p.m. ET.

But the unexpected closing that rattled investors was actually just one in more than 400 "special closings" in the exchange's 223-year history.

Exactly what can close the NYSE?

Here's a look at some notable special and emergency closings that put Wednesday's glitch into perspective...

U.S. Debt

How the U.S. Debt Works

Policymakers need to start being more honest about how the U.S. debt works.

It's an age-old debate among the members of Congress. How do we cut the budget? How do we reduce the debt?

But that debate is being framed in the wrong way.

Here's what no one in Congress is telling you about how the U.S. debt works...

Best Investments

2015 Top Stock Picks Moving Against Stock Market Plunge

Many of our 2015 top stock picks were crushed by the recent downturn in the broader markets – brought on by uncertainty in China and Europe.

But one stock pick has moved against the crashing financial markets: Novavax Inc. (Nasdaq: NVAX).

NVAX stock has doubled on the year. Here's what you need to know...

Stock Market Today

Dow Jones Industrial Average Swinging Higher on Greece, Fed News

Futures for the Dow Jones Industrial Average for Friday, July 10, forecasted a 193-point rise from Thursday's close on the hopes that Greece and its creditors will reach a deal on the nation's debt. The Greek government has submitted a proposal that is largely in line with its creditors' demands.

Meanwhile, investors will pay attention to speeches by Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen and Boston Federal Reserve Bank President Eric Rosengren.

Here's what else is moving the Dow Jones Industrial Average today...


Beat Canada's Oil Revenue Grab with This Investment

"The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth," the century-old annual Calgary Stampede rodeo and festival, has just gotten underway. But while a million-plus visitors enjoy all the city has to offer, all is not well for petroleum companies in the city dubbed Canada's oil headquarters.

A few short months ago, a forty-four year political dynasty came to an end, as the oil-rich Canadian province of Alberta elected a left-wing government that wants to extract more revenue from energy companies.

Yet canny investors like you can take advantage of hidden opportunities that are emerging as others head for the exits over worries about the new administration's goal of collecting more royalties from oil and gas producers.

Here's one...


Why the WTI Crude Oil Price Is Up Today

There are two reasons why the WTI oil price is up today.

The main reason is the rebound in China's stock market, which saw its biggest one-day gain in six years. The other is the delay in a deal with Iran over its nuclear program.

Here's how both helped caused the surge in oil prices today...


Inside the Greece Crisis: Can Greece Exit the Euro?

The Eurozone and the Greek people are wondering what happens if Greece exits the euro.

The conventional wisdom is that Greece would abandon the euro, adopt the drachma, and then work to devalue it to boost export competitiveness and grow the economy.

The reality is not so simple...

Pot Stocks

What Investors Need to Know About Finding the Best Pot Penny Stocks

It can be difficult to identify the best pot penny stocks at the moment.

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission's trading halts on a number of pot penny stocks illustrate this.

Here's how to separate the good from the bad...

Small Cap stocks

The One ETF to Buy During the "Summer of Small-Cap Stocks"

We believe that Wall Street is once again waking up to the fact that the U.S. economy and small-cap stocks are great places to make money.

That the Russell 2000 made up all that ground in the last eight months to come even with the S&P clearly demonstrates that fact.

Here's why we're calling this the "Summer of Small-Cap Stocks"...

Update: New York Stock Exchange Reopens

It’s not unprecedented for the New York Stock Exchange to shut down. In its 223-year history, the index has had more than 400 “special closings.”

But Wednesday’s unexpected three-hour closing came without warning. It left investors confused — even panicked — and asking the question, “Why did the NYSE shut down today?”

Here's What Happened...

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