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Disney Stock Price Headed Higher Today After Blockbuster Weekend

The Walt Disney Co. (NYSE: DIS) stock price headed higher by 1.27% to $100.26 Monday after enjoying a blockbuster weekend with the release of the animated film "Finding Dory."

The company's film unit is just one driver of the Disney stock price this year.

Here's more reason we're bullish on the Disney stock in 2016...

global markets

Your Handy Brexit Vote Cheat Sheet

The Brexit debate keeps raging now that we're only three days away from the referendum.

The benefits and consequences of Britain leaving have been tirelessly debated for months now.

That's why we made this handy Brexit vote cheat sheet that breaks down the fiasco in layman's terms...


What to do After the Facebook Stock Split Vote

The Facebook stock split vote is today, even though you won't hear much about it from the mainstream media.

In order for CEO Mark Zuckerberg to maintain voting control, he needs to create a new class of Facebook shares.

But even though you may not have heard much about this, we made sure you could get all caught up. Here's everything you need to know about the Facebook stock split...

Trading Strategies

Thanks to the Fed, $1300 Gold Is Just the Start

Markets continued to worry about the upcoming Brexit vote while witnessing another version of the Federal Reserve's ongoing revival of Hamlet.

Something is indeed rotten in "Denmark," aka the Fed's headquarters in D.C.' Marriner Eccles Building – namely that the central bank has no clue what it is doing and appears hell-bent on driving the U.S. economy (and the rest of the world) over a cliff.

Janet Yellen said it herself...


The 5 Best Stocks to Buy for Q3 2016

The five best stocks to buy right now are ideal for long-term investors. That's because they're driven by big catalysts, like new technologies, powerful trends, or newly emerging industries.

These catalyst will ensure these stocks provide great, steady returns for patient investors.

Check out these five stocks here...


The Five Worst Blackouts in U.S. History

Here are the worst blackouts in U.S. history…

From a storm four decades ago that left 800,000 people stuck on the subway to 2012's derecho that left 22 dead...


The 5 Best Stocks to Buy Today for Double-Digit Profits and Dividend Growth

Want to know how to get huge tech profits as well as dividend growth?

We've compiled a list of hand-selected investments, and are bringing you the five best stocks to buy today that provide both.

Keep reading to find out which five made the list...

Global Markets

Marc Faber: Brexit Is "Best Thing to Happen to Britain"

There are pros and cons to the idea of the Brexit, but Marc Faber, an economist known as "Dr. Doom," has taken a bold stance…

Far from his typical pessimism, Faber predicts that a Brexit would be the best thing to ever happen in Britain's history.

Here's why...


Will Gold Prices Rise After the Brexit?

Gold prices have seen a big rally this week thanks to the Fed's interest rate inaction.

But another big event – the Brexit – is coming up, and investors want to know how it will affect gold prices.

Here's why we think gold will rally if the UK decides to leave the EU...


The Facebook Stock Price Is Headed for $250

The Facebook stock price is falling this week after an analyst from Citron Research announced a short position in Facebook stock.

The analyst stated Facebook is losing its relevancy, as well as facing growing competition from Snapchat.

But even though FB stock is down this week, we are focused on the bigger pictures. Here's why FB stock will trade for $250 per share by 2020...