Trading Strategies

The Best Investments to Make Now as Bernanke Suggests Negative Interest Rates

The use of negative interest rates is increasing as policymakers run out of tools to spur growth.

Talks of U.S. policymakers going "below zero" are heating up.

That's why we're sharing the best investments to make now as negative interest rates continue to spread around the world...

Market Crash

A Major New Stock Market Crash Warning Sign Just Appeared

After a quiet August, volatility has returned to the markets this September.

In fact, a major new stock market crash warning sign just appeared that could seriously rattle markets this year.

Here's what you need to know and what moves you need to make to protect your portfolio...

Penny Stocks

This Week's Best Penny Stocks List Includes Gains Up to 53%

This week's penny stocks list features five new picks that posted double-digit gains or higher last week.

As a bonus to our list, we're also sharing with readers one of the best tips to avoid bad penny stock investments.

Check out this stock pick - and our weekly list - now...

The Fed

How to Protect Your Money Against Negative Interest Rates

If the Fed does introduce negative interest rates, knowing how to defend your money will be vital.

So consider this strategy to hedge against negative rates...


Why the WTI Crude Oil Price Is Higher Today

The WTI crude oil price jumped Monday after Venezuela said a deal to steady global supply is imminent.

Also lifting prices was news a military conflict in Libya affected the country's oil exports.

Oil prices are expected to be volatile through the end of the month and will then head higher...


Silver Prices Today Soar – Here's Where They Are Headed

Silver prices are climbing more than 2.56% today after another down week for the precious metal.

Last week, the price of silver faced some major headwinds, and those factors have not disappeared even though silver prices today are higher.

Here's what is moving the price of silver and what is next for the previous metal before 2017.

Wall Street

Why I Wasn't Surprised by Wells Fargo's Scam

By now we all know that Wells Fargo & Co., one of America's premier banking giants, got slapped with $185 million in fines to settle charges of widespread fraud.

Or was it a screw-up? Maybe management, compliance officers, risk monitors, and auditors simply failed to catch thousands of employees who happened to be engaged in a massive and likely criminal enterprise going back five years.

In fact, this was encouraged, by pervasive "trickle-down" bankster culture that puts a premium on profit above, well, everything else. Wells Fargo just managed to get caught at it. 

The truth of this isn't pretty...

The Fed

Save Yourselves Before the Fed's Next Big Failure

Volatility finally visited the stock market last week after the dullest summer in two decades as the hydra-headed Federal Reserve played Hamlet regarding its intentions regarding interest rates. That description of the increasingly feckless Fed may constitute a mixed metaphor, but that is a small sin compared to the damage the group of former tenured […]

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The Way to Profit from the Biotech Story No One Is Talking About

The biotech sector has rebounded from its sharp sell-off, up 16% since June 27.

And as the comeback continues, this is the best investment to partake in the gains...


The Best Gold Investment to Make Now as Demand Soars

Gold and gold stocks are among 2016's best market performers and remain in hot demand.

And it's not just individual investors piling into the yellow metal. Global central banks are buying gold at an astonishing rate.

That's why we are bringing readers the best gold investment to make now as demand soars...