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China Roils After Joint Military Exercise in South China Sea

The South China Sea is known for its fair share of territorial disputes. But this latest clash between China and the U.S. was hardly expected.

Especially since it happened after a joint military exercise...

Global Markets

When Will Brexit Results Be Revealed?

Although the vote takes place on June 23, we won't know the Brexit results until June 24.

That's because voting stations close at 10 p.m. and the ballots have to be delivered to 382 counting venues.

So ahead of this historic vote, Money Morning wanted to make sure that all of our readers know exactly how the Brexit voting process works...


Where Crude Oil Prices Are Headed After the Brexit Vote

Crude oil prices tumbled below $50 today ahead of the big Brexit vote tomorrow.

Despite the polls showing most citizens want to stay in the EU, the numbers are often inaccurate due to undecided voters.

That means the oil price action will be exciting tomorrow as the Brexit outcome grows uncertain...


Central Bank Stupidity Just Opened Up the Trade of a Lifetime

Central bank incompetence is creating one of the greatest trading opportunities in history.

In fact, this trade could become one of the biggest shorts the markets have ever seen...


Why the TSLA Stock Price Is Plummeting on Today's Acquisition News

A number of analysts are skeptical of the deal as well.

But we remain bullish on the long-term value of the TSLA stock price...


What Is Saudi Aramco?

What is Saudi Aramco?

The simplest answer to that question is it's Saudi Arabia's state-owned oil company.

But it also happens to be the most important company in the history of the energy market...


Look to Lois Lerner for Clues to the Fate of John Koskinen

The degree of IRS official Lois Lerner's responsibility in the 2013 targeting scandal may never be known, but embattled Internal Revenue Service Chief John Koskinen can take comfort from her story.

He faces another congressional impeachment hearing this week as GOP lawmakers seek to have him removed. But Koskinen knows Lois Lerner was in much deeper trouble back in 2013.

Yet she not only emerged unscathed, she's living a life most Americans would envy...

trading strategies

A Safe, Profitable Alternative to the "Lose Everything and Die Broke" Trading Strategy

There's a really dangerous investment craze burning up the Internet right now. Some unscrupulous individuals are pushing it as a surefire "short-term" strategy, while talking up the admittedly high profit potential… and completely glossing over the near-unlimited risk it imposes on unwary traders.

It's called naked options selling, and I wouldn't even discuss it if it weren't costing lots of traders everything. People are putting on these trades in the hope of huge, quick profits… but they don't own the stock they're trading on. There's nothing "covering" their trade.

And when the markets go wrong and these traders have to honor the contracts and produce the stock… Well, it's not pretty. The losses can be catastrophic, and the "smiles and sunshine" trading guru who recommended the trade won't be around to help cover those debts.

This strategy is so dicey, in fact, that I've never recommended it to my students. What's more, I've never put on a naked trade myself. Personally, I think the real beauty of options is how they give you complete and total control over your risk – not foist limitless piles of it on you.

But, that said, I love trading and profiting, too. So I want to show you a much better, far safer way to make a bid for outrageous profits, while keeping your risk firmly in check...

Global Markets

Dame Buller: Our Country Is Significantly Less Safe with a Brexit

Ahead of the Brexit vote on June 23, campaign efforts are ramping up among pro-EU groups and pro-Brexit groups.

But one very important woman believes the people of Britain could be in danger if the vote goes through…

She is known as Dame Buller, and she has held a lot of positions of power and responsibility over the last several years. Now, she's ready to speak out against the Brexit and what it could do to national security...

Global Markets

Two Ways to Profit Before the Brexit Vote Date

The markets have been rattled recently by anxiety over the upcoming Brexit vote date.

Regardless of the referendum's outcome, there are two ways you can make money from the Brexit chaos.

Here's everything you need to know about these two investments ahead of Thursday's vote...