Glencore Stock Price Jumps 15% Today but Troubles Persist

The Glencore stock price opened up 15% at $109.15 pence in London Monday after a 72% intraday surge in Hong Kong as the battered company continues attempts to reassure investors its finances are solid.

Still, troubles remain for the mining and commodity trading giant.

Here's what you need to know....


Why Wall Street Is So Desperate for Your Investment Dollars Right Now

Now is the time when Wall Street is most dangerous to your financial health.

After being 100% wrong about the market all year, Wall Street's big shot strategists are now telling investors to "get ready for a big fourth quarter rally."

You never hear a discouraging word from these so-called experts.  They all read off the same script – and that script is designed to get John Q. Public to buy as many stocks and bonds as Wall Street can sell them.



Apple Stock Price Looks Appealing to Carl Icahn (AAPL)

Having fallen more than 10% since late July, the Apple stock price just may be ripe for more buying, according to activist investor Carl Icahn.

“Apple, even in a bear market – it may get hurt, it may go down – but I think Apple is still ridiculously underpriced,” Icahn said in a CNBC interview Wednesday.

Here's why Icahn is so convinced AAPL stock is a good buy - and why he's right...


Why the Gemini Bitcoin Exchange Has Institutional Investors "Really Excited"

The Gemini Bitcoin exchange, one of several Bitcoin-related projects that the Winklevoss twins have in the pipeline, has obtained two key approvals from New York regulators.

Such regulatory approval is needed to build investor confidence in the Bitcoin exchange. But Gemini also has features tailored to institutional investors.

Here’s what will make the Winklevoss Bitcoin exchange so attractive…


Tesla (Nasdaq: TSLA) Still "Head and Shoulders Ahead in the Electric Car Front"

After several delays, Tesla (Nasdaq: TSLA) started deliveries of the Model X on Sep. 29.

This was the first delivery for those who placed reservations back in 2012. But who is going to sink money into a vehicle exceeding $130,000 moving forward?

Watch the video to learn what Tesla's biggest hurdle will be for future releases...


Q3 Earnings Probably Won't Save the Stock Market, but We'll Make a Killing on Them

From Aug. 21 onward, "volatility!" has been the message of the month.

Markets have tried their best to retest those August lows, giving us more than our fair share of triple-digit shifts on the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

Plenty of talking heads are clamoring about the technical and fundamental ramifications of earnings this month, but they haven't settled the question about whether markets will "trick" or "treat" us heading into the end of October.

I've got the data that reveals the likely answer for you. It's also drawing out some juicy profit opportunities for the fast-approaching earnings season...


Is Obamacare Working? This Report Card Says It's Failing

Today is Oct. 1 – the two-year anniversary of when the Obamacare healthcare exchanges opened for business. So it's a good time to assess the healthcare law.

Some of Obamacare is working. But some parts of the Affordable Care Act have not worked as intended, and some are simply failing altogether.

Here's a full report card on how well Obamacare is working - or not...


Next House Speaker Could Be Good News for U.S. Energy Policy

Kevin McCarthy, California Republican and current Majority Leader in the House, recently announced his candidacy for the speaker's chair, which will become vacant at the end of October following John Boehner's resignation.

McCarthy has expressed several specific energy policy recommendations. In fact, three of them mirror positions I've discussed on several occasions.

Here's how my positions and McCarthy's policies match up ...


VLKAY Recall Cover-Up Made Our List of the 5 Worst Auto Industry Cover-Ups Ever

The Volkswagen (VLKAY) recall cover-up was an incomprehensible act of deceit. But it was also just one of a few terrible auto industry scandals.

There was the great Ford recall of the late '70s. And there's the ongoing Takata airbag scandal.

Here's a list of what we consider to be the worst auto industry recall cover-ups of all time...

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