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WTI Crude Oil Prices Will Stabilize Thanks to These 5 Crises

WTI crude oil prices just touched their highest level in nearly five months.

And Money Morning Global Energy Strategist Dr. Kent Moors says prices will stabilize at current levels.

That's because there are five crises brewing that will keep prices in check throughout 2016...

Wall Street

How to Protect Yourself from Deutsche Bank's "Gold and Silver Fix"

Deutsche Bank just admitted that it and other Big Banks conspired to rig gold and silver prices.

Investing when you can't trust the markets is tricky, so here's how to protect yourself when investing in gold and silver now...

Trading Strategies

How to Invest for Big Profits When the Smartest Guys in the Room Are Wrong

Central banks keep expecting old tricks to produce new results. It's not working – money isn't flowing to consumers like they want.

So here's how to invest in today's markets, even as the global economy continues to sputter...


Where the Chipotle Stock Price Is Headed After Q1 Earnings Miss

Before we get into where the Chipotle stock price is headed in 2016, here's what sent shares of the Tex-Mex fast-casual food chain tanking Wednesday.

First-quarter earnings were disappointing and a number of analysts cut their outlooks.

We've been bearish on the Chipotle stock price, and Q1 earnings did nothing to change our stance...

Wall Street

Elderly Wall Street Criminal Slapped with 20-Year Prison Sentence

Wall Street criminal Stephen Walsh lost his appeal to have his hefty prison term overturned yesterday.

The former financial advisor managed to bilk investors of a combined $554 million along with a colleague of his.

Here's how the fraudster spent all that cash...


Twitter Stock Price Plummets 14% After Company Blames Advertisers

The Twitter stock price is absolutely plummeting after the company didn't live up to Wall Street's expectations in its Q1 2016 earnings report.

In fact, Twitter even had to lower its revenue guidance for Q1 2016 because the results were so bad.

We break down everything you need to know from the earnings report, and we also let you know if these low prices make Twitter a buy or if your money should sit on the sidelines...

Wall Street

The Shell Game: How to Use a Favorite Asset Protection Tactic of the Wealthy

As the Panama Papers revealed, shell companies can be used to commit illegal activities such as tax evasion, among other things.

But shell companies can also be a perfectly legal method of asset protection. Here's everything you need to know about the shell game...

the fed

Profit from the Federal Reserve Interest Rate with This $2 Billion Fund

The Federal Open Market Committee policy decision will be released tomorrow (Wednesday, April 27) at 2 p.m.

Although no one expects a Federal Reserve interest rate hike this week, investors want to know how to profit from the decision.

Here's the best ETF to buy to make money from the Fed's dovishness...


The 21st Century Way to Buy 2,600-Year-Old Asset Protection

For a long time, I've been cautioning investors that destructive insanity like negative-interest-rate policies (NIRP) would have dire unintended consequences.

Sure enough, by now more than 20 countries around the world have imposed NIRP in some form or another, and it's clear those warnings were right on the money.

Such policies haven't worked to stimulate growth, and in many cases have spurred the exact opposite reaction. But central planners and central bankers are still moving full-steam ahead with NIRP – like in Japan, which I'll talk about shortly.

Even as the system is breaking down, the International Monetary Fund insists negative rates "help deliver additional monetary stimulus and easier financial conditions."

Don't buy it; nothing could be further from the truth. The truth is these bankers are engaged in wholesale capital destruction.

So I'm going to show you a thoroughly modern way to buy and use the one asset they'll never be able to touch...


Why the Bitcoin Price Is Surging in Spite of the "Obits"

The Bitcoin price has doubled over the past year, and is up a solid 12% in April, despite an army of critics that continue to declare the digital currency dead.

Meanwhile the Bitcoin ecosystem continues to grow and thrive. What the critics can't see (or refuse to see) is that the price of Bitcoin has several powerful catalysts working on it right now.

Here's why the Bitcoin price is destined to rise much, much higher...