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Dow Jones

Dow Jones Industrial Average Today Slides as Fed Rate Hike Odds Increase

The Dow Jones Industrial Average today fell another 53 points today as investors continue to keep a close eye on the actions of the Federal Reserve in Jackson Hole.

Here's everything else that was moving markets today, and the top investing tips from our team of gurus...

The Fed

Burying Our Future at Jackson Hole

Fed Chair Janet Yellen is set to speak in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, today.

When she does, she'll say one thing - but this is what she really means...


What Country Has the Most Gold Reserves Now?

The gold-buying at some central banks has accelerated in recent years, prompting the question, "What country has the most gold reserves now?"

The concentration of gold among the top 15 countries is startling. This small group holds 83.2% of the world's gold reserves.

But some central banks have been boosting their gold reserves at a breakneck pace.

Here are the countries buying the most - and why...


This Correction in Gold Prices Will Lead to More Gains

Gold prices have been falling recently as the metal suffers from a temporary correction.

But this hasn't changed our bullish gold price outlook.

Here's where we specifically see gold prices heading by the end of 2016...


The OPEC Oil Deal Is Coming… but Not When the Pundits Expect It

Markets don't expect an OPEC oil deal in September, but that doesn't mean it's completely off the table.

Here's why a deal is coming - just not when the pundits expect it...

Dow Jones

Dow Jones Industrial Average Today Slips Ahead of Janet Yellen Speech

The Dow Jones Industrial Average declined 11 points this morning.

The biggest news dragging down markets is Janet Yellen's speech from Jackson Hole.

But there's plenty more happening in the markets today, and you'll find all of it here...

The Fed

What Matters About the Federal Reserve Meeting in Jackson Hole

The U.S. Federal Reserve meeting in Jackson Hole kicks off this week. The annual meeting always tends to be a market-moving event.

All eyes and ears will be on Janet Yellen for clues on the next interest rate hike.

Today, we are sharing three ways to survive the Fed's destructive policies.


Saudi Aramco Chart: The History of the World's Biggest Company

Saudi Aramco is the world's biggest and most valuable company.

But the state-owned energy giant wasn't always the behemoth it is today.

This Saudi Aramco chart provides a glimpse into the history of the energy company from 1962 to now...

The Fed

The World's Two Most Legendary Traders Tipped Their Hand – Are You In?

These two legendary traders initiated massive bearish bets ahead of Yellen's speech in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

This is no coincidence. Here's why - and how you can profit, too...


What Is the "Alt-Right"?

What is the "alt-right"?

Here's a look at the movement's ideas -- including its economic standpoints -- and why Clinton is trying to tie Trump to its cause...