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Best Investments

Our New "Best Stocks to Buy" List Focuses on 6 Tech Picks

Our newest list of the best stocks to buy all hail from the tech sector.

One company makes pharmaceutical products for the treatment of renal disease. Its stock has enjoyed a 780% run over the last two years, but it recently dipped due to a false media report. Investors can nab shares now at a deep discount.

Our defense & tech specialist highlighted an ETF play that takes advantage of recent CEO changes in some of the top tech companies, plus two big-cap tech stocks with promising technical charts.

You can find all of last week's tips and recommendations here in our latest list of the best stocks to buy now...

The Fed

Here's What the Secret Goldman Sachs Tapes Really Mean (NYSE: GS)

"The Secret Recordings of Carmen Segarra" was broadcast on NPR's "This American Life" on Sept. 26. Carmen Segarra, a former Fed examiner in the bowels of Goldman Sachs Group Inc. (NYSE: GS), secretly recorded some of the goings-on there.

And what was revealed in those tapes speaks a lot to who's really running the show here – the Fed or the big banks.

We’re all screwed. Here’s why…

Top News

What the Hewlett-Packard Split Means for HPQ Stock

Investors put their stamp of approval today (Monday) on the announcement that Hewlett-Packard Co. (NYSE: HPQ) is finally splitting itself up into two companies, and for good reason.

The idea is to spin off the legacy printer and PC business into a company called HP Inc., while the corporate hardware, cloud, and software businesses will become known as Hewlett-Packard Enterprise.

Both companies will be publicly traded and about the same size, but they will be very different businesses.

Here's how the HP split will work...


This Week's Upcoming IPOs Led by Dave and Buster's (Nasdaq: PLAY)

There are eight upcoming IPOs on this week's calendar, and after Friday investors will have seen 28 initial public offerings in the last three weeks.

Dave & Buster's (Nasdaq: PLAY) is the biggest name on this week's IPO calendar, and is looking to raise $100 million by offering 5.9 million shares at a $16 to $18 range. The company was founded in 1982 and is based in Dallas, Texas.

But that’s not the only big IPO of the week. Here are the seven other upcoming IPOs to watch…

Energy Investing

The Best Way to Profit from Crude Oil Prices Right Now

Making money in the energy sector is no longer pegged to higher crude oil prices. In today's environment, it's more about where a company drills, how it manages its assets and operations, and the broader flow of supply and demand.

It's also about selecting companies that are built to weather the inevitable dips in the price of crude.

And there are plenty of them out there…

Income Investing

Dividend Investing News: These 15 Dividend Stocks Just Increased Shareholder Payouts

Dividend investing news, Oct. 6, 2014: Investors continue to flock to dividend stocks amid nearly six years of a near-zero interest rate environment.

But with rising rates on the horizon, high yield is becoming increasingly less important than dividend growth potential.

Here’s why – and here are the 15 dividend-paying stocks that announced enrichments for the week ending Oct. 3.

Stock Market Today

Stock Market Today Moving on HPQ, YHOO, and DIS News

Stock market today, Oct. 6, 2014: The U.S. stock markets rallied on Friday after a surprise jobs report showed that U.S. unemployment fell to 5.9%. It is the first time that the unemployment rate has fallen below 6% since 2008. The report offered more speculation that the U.S. Federal Reserve will likely raise interest rates by mid-2015.

Here’s what else you should know to make your Monday profitable…


The Media Missed the Real High-Profit Story in the PayPal Spin-Off

The headlines were filled with the news last week about eBay's plan to spin off its PayPal unit as a publicly traded company in 2015.

Coverage points to a similar obvious fact: That the spin-off comes months after a highly publicized suggestion by Carl Icahn that was brushed off.

To be clear, I'm a big believer in this spin-off, for a number of reasons.

But the truth is, the really big story here – and all the profits that will come with it – was missed. Until now… Full Story

Investing Tips

The Profit Opportunity in Hong Kong's Unrest 

Most investors haven't got a clue about what Hong Kong's riots represent, let alone the investment potential that's being unleashed there. As a result, they're going to miss out on some really terrific profit opportunities.

Hong Kong is like an onion. Returned from a century of British rule to Beijing on June 30, 1997, there are layers and layers of subtleties. For most westerners, the place is a complete enigma.

For me, though, it's an economic playground. I've been very fortunate to have spent almost my entire career in global markets including a lot of time on the ground in Asia, so I am intimately familiar with both the culture and the perspective that can't be obtained by watching only Western news feeds.

It's this background that provides the ability to peer through the government and market filters, and find what I believe are solid niches for profit, even in the midst… and dangers… of the turmoil.

Indeed, understanding what's driving the unrest is our key...


Where September's Job Gains Came From

The unemployment rate dipped below 6% for the first time in six years, as the U.S. Department of Labor reported today (Friday) that employers added 248,000 new jobs in September. The gains took the unemployment rate down to 5.9% from August's 6.1% and beat consensus estimates of 215,000.

Here's where September's job gains came from - plus a look at the trouble still lurking beneath the numbers...