The Dollar's Move Is More Dangerous than You Think

With earnings season here, what's lost in the "oohing and aahing" over the incoming results is a reasoned look at what's influencing the dollar's move and, more importantly, the effect it will have on our wallets, if not today, certainly down the road.

Earnings and corporate reports are a long game, and that game is in the early innings. Investors need to understand the reasons behind the strength in the dollar, why it is likely to persist, and how we need to prepare...


Gold Mining Stocks Get a Boost from M&A Activity

Investors in gold mining stocks have a great catalyst for profits right now: increased deal-making among gold mining companies.

Low gold prices are likely the impetus for increased M&A activity. It's a trend that's likely to heat up in the short and medium term as pressure builds to minimize losses and squeeze out profits.

This all means profits ahead for certain gold mining stocks - here's where to look...


This Week's Upcoming IPO Calendar Led by Self-Storage REIT (NYSE: NSA)

There are three deals on the upcoming IPO calendar this week, expected to raise a combined $427 million.

The trio follows last week's strong performance, which included four billion-dollar IPOs.

Here's a look at all of the deals on this week's upcoming IPO calendar, including a self-storage REIT and an API company...

Energy Market

The Top Three Takeaways from Today's OPEC Report… and How You Can Profit from Them

We've got a "below the surface" read on what the recent OPEC report really means. Because it's our job to bring you the hottest developments in the world of energy.

And there's nothing that matters more right now…

Here's exactly what's going on behind the oil cartel's closed doors...

Energy Market

I'm Counting on Chaos in the Energy Sector and You Should, Too

Are we worried about smaller players in the energy sector "just plain going out of business"? No way!

Not only are we not afraid of weaker players being swept away, we're counting on it.

Because people are forgetting about this one important nugget of information - it's what separates the average investors from the millionaires...

Under Armour Stock Off on Mixed Earnings News

Sports apparel giant Under Armour (NYSE: UA) reported first quarter earnings this week to a mixed response.

Learn more about Under Armour's Earnings Report.


Will FB Earnings for Q1 2015 Beat Estimates?

Facebook Inc. (Nasdaq: FB), the world's top social media site, is scheduled to report Q1 2015 results Wednesday after the close.

With FB earnings, Wall Street is looking for earnings per share (EPS) of $0.40. That estimate hasn't changed over the last three months.

But can Facebook beat it?


International Business Machines Corp. (NYSE: IBM) Earnings Don't Support Sudden Rally

International Business Machines Corp. (NYSE: IBM) earnings yesterday (Monday) should have impressed no one.

Revenue still fell for the 12th straight quarter as expected. But shares closed the day at $166.16 – up 3.4%.

So, why is IBM stock rising on a day of unimpressive IBM earnings? Here's why - and why this sudden euphoria is unwarranted...


This 632% Biotech Winner Is About to Go Even Higher

There are great companies, and there are companies that do great things in the marketplace… and for your health.

The latter is the kind of company I'm talking about here.

And it's the reason why its stock has soared and will continue to soar as the years roll on...

Top News

How Does Pinterest Make Money?

Prospective Pinterest IPO buyers are wondering, "How does Pinterest make money?" right now.

And they're correct to raise these kinds of questions because a Pinterest IPO is thought to not be far off, and it's sitting at an $11 billion valuation.

Here's how Pinterest makes money now, and how the company is attempting to prove this $11 billion valuation isn't a fluke...