5 Self-Made Millionaires Who Earned Their Fortunes After Age 50

Not a lot of attention has been granted to self-made millionaires who earned their fortunes after age 50. It's a shame – there's a lot we can learn from them.

Because while some folks prepare for retirement after that age, others see this midlife milestone as an opportunity for absolute change.

Here are five inspirational self-made millionaires who earned their fortunes later in life...


Etsy IPO Date Is Coming – Here's a Breakdown of the Deal

The Etsy IPO date is set for Thursday, April 16. The company will list on the Nasdaq under the ticker "ETSY."

The deal could be the largest tech IPO from a New York-based company in 16 years.

Here's everything you need to know about the Etsy IPO - and whether or not you should buy ETSY stock...


Gold/Silver Ratio Just Another Sign Prices Are Too Low

The gold/silver ratio is another indication that silver is grossly underpriced.

By 2014 average prices, the gold/silver ratio was 66-to-1. That number has only climbed in 2015. As of yesterday's closing spot gold price and spot silver price, the ratio was about 72-to-1. It's not just that the gold-silver ratio is five times its historical average that indicates that it's underpriced. It's also that its scarcity in relation to gold doesn't justify such a high ratio.

Here's what that says about the price of silver today...


Oil Price Forecast 2015: Where the Market Goes from Here

Oil Price Forecast 2015: Crude oil futures for May delivery moved higher today (Tuesday) in the wake of bullish inventory data.

Although prices are coming off a bad first quarter, they're expected to have a strong rebound into the second quarter and beyond.

Here's our analysis on where oil prices are headed in 2015...


Cash Hoarding Corporations Hurt by Strong Dollar

Larry Fink says the strong dollar is bad for the U.S. economy. That's no surprise. But the Blackrock boss didn't mention, in his April 6 interview with the Financial Times, that the skyrocketing dollar could trip up the biggest tech companies – those that thought themselves smart for parking squillions overseas to avoid U.S. taxes.

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Upcoming IPOs: Everything You Need to Know

The IPO boom is exploding all around you. Problem is, most retail investors can't get anywhere near hot IPOs.
That's because there's a hefty premium to pay for the stock after it's already begun trading, and this seriously cuts into your profits.

Learn more about how you can side-step Wall Street and the hottest upcoming IPOs you should watch.

Penny stocks

Cheap Stocks to Invest In or to Avoid

The top 10 cheap stocks to invest in so far this year offer plays in several different sectors, but they all have something in common. While the major benchmarks are basically flat for the year, there are some cheap stocks have logged meteoric gains.

Find out what stocks you should add to your watch list with this report.

How to Invest

How to Invest in Stocks: From Small-Cap Stocks to Investing in Tech

When considering how to invest in stocks in today's markets, "buy and hold" doesn't work anymore. The investor of today needs to be nimble, open-minded, aware of their risk tolerances, and goals; aggressive and defensive as the situation demands.

Learn everything you need to know about how to invest in stocks…

Tech Investing

This Tech Blue Chip Is On Sale

The last time Shah Gilani recommended Microsoft to Private Briefing readers as a "New Buy," I asked him if he had a Windows-powered crystal ball – or a listening device planted in the software firm's Redmond, Wash., headquarters.

I was only kidding, of course. But Shah's timing was stunning...


A Bond ETF to Play the European Hunt for Yield

The hunt for yield in Europe is positioning a certain bond ETF for big gains.

Right now, Eurozone government bonds are a no-go. Yields are crashing all across the continent and the profit opportunities are drying up. This will only be made worse as the European Central Bank carries on with quantitative easing.

But it's making this bond ETF, which plays off an important subsector, a must.