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Hot Stocks

Applied Materials (Nasdaq: AMAT) Stock Is a Tech Play to Make Before June 23

Right now, the semiconductor-equipment sector is booming, with worldwide sales of semiconductors reaching $78.47 billion during the first quarter of 2014.

The company that stands to benefit the most from this boom is already a market leader, making it one of the best stocks to buy now in the sector – and you won't find a better time to invest.

This stock could double in three years. Let’s take a look…

Dividend Stocks

Five Monthly Dividend Stocks for a Steady Stream of Income and Yield

While most companies pay dividends on a quarterly basis, monthly dividend stocks distribute their dividend payouts 12 times a year.

Investors pile into monthly dividend payers for a number of reasons. Some use them as a means of getting a steady stream of income. Some find it an efficient way to budget for expenses each month. And, some simply enjoy the frequency of getting a dividend payment 12 times a year instead of once, or every three or six months.

Following are five monthly dividends stocks with stable businesses, reliable dividend payment track records, and attractive yields.

Housing Market

The Next Trillion-Dollar Mortgage Meltdown May Be Coming

The fourth securitization deal of big investor-owned single-family homes for rent is here.

Is this just another Wall Street gamble that will wreck the economy again, or is this time different?

You be the judge.

I'll tell you where I stand…

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Bitcoin Funds You Can Buy Now

When you know where to look, it is possible to find a Bitcoin fund to buy now – if you're willing to venture into unconventional territory.

Safer alternatives – such as the Winklevoss Bitcoin ETF (the Winklevoss Bitcoin Trust) and SecondMarket's Bitcoin fund, the Bitcoin Investment Trust – are in the pipeline, but are still awaiting regulatory approval.

Just know this - these funds are not for investors with a weak stomach…

Stock Market Today

Stock Market Close: Dow Up (Despite Weaker GDP) on These Top Stories

Stock market today, May 29, 2014: Today's (Thursday) stock market close finished in positive territory, despite a U.S. gross domestic product (GDP) report that was weaker than anticipated. Additionally, the Labor Department reported today that the number of initial jobless claims dropped lower by more than was expected.

Here's the scorecard from this session:

Dow: 16,698.42, +0.39%
S&P 500: 1,920.03, +0.54%
Nasdaq: 4,247.95, +0.54%

And here are the top stories in the stock market today...

Hot Stocks

Hot Stocks Today: AAPL, BBRY, HSH, and 9 More Movers

Featured on Thursday's hot stocks to watch list are couple of soaring smartphone companies, a climbing teen retailer, and a surging defense and security penny stock.

Check out these 12 stocks on the move today, and find out what’s behind their action.

Penny Stocks Today

Three Top Tech Penny Stocks to Buy Now

The boom in the tech industry makes for some of the best penny stocks on the market.

And our list of tech penny stocks to buy now are all involved in rapidly growing, multi-billion dollar markets that are predicted to enjoy exponential increases in 2014…

Penny Stocks Today

How to Buy Penny Stocks

Before diving into the nuts and bolts of how to buy penny stocks, it's important to recognize the reason why so many people engage in this particular type of investing. Penny stocks represent an inherently riskier, though potentially lucrative, investment option for investors.

Here’s what you need to know to get started…

The Fed

Why Interest Rates Matter… and What Happens When Markets Diverge

In my last column, I explained why you should always keep the bond market in mind, because stocks and bonds are inextricably interconnected.

They're inextricably interconnected because interest rates matter.

When expected relationships between stocks and bonds (interest rates) diverge, it's important to take notice and consider what it could portend for both stocks and bonds.

Here’s why the current market divergence has a lot of analysts worried…

Investing Tips

How Stocks and Bonds Are Related: A Step Toward Market Mastery

Let's look at the connection between stocks and bonds.

Although I tend to write about the stock market as if it were a singular entity, when I'm talking about the stock market or stocks, I am talking about ALL the indexes.

But when I use the word markets, I'm talking about not just the stock market indexes but also the entire bond market.

Here’s how stocks and bonds are related, and how interest rates affect them both…