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Penny stocks

Three of the Best Biotech Penny Stocks to Buy Now

For investors looking for the best penny stocks to buy, the biotech sector offers some of the best investment opportunities on the market.

Despite the fact that biotech stocks have been up and down in 2014, Money Morning's Bioscience Investment Specialist Ernie Tremblay sees great profit opportunities for the rest of 2014.

Here are the three best biotech penny stocks to buy now and why they could take off…


252 Million Years Ago, This Nearly Wiped Out All Life… Tomorrow, It Could Solve Our Energy Problems

During the height of the Deepwater Horizon tragedy four years ago, I had my graduate students monitor the flow of oil from the sunken platform in the Gulf of Mexico.

Most of their work involved rather straightforward calculations based on undersea camera footage.

But from time to time, flimsy protoplasmic-like structures would float across the screen. The students called them "ghosts."

One student even casually wondered, "What if the ghosts had caused all of this?"

With that, I walked over, checked some figures, and immediately called the U.S. Coast Guard contingent that was overseeing the data from the disaster.

Fast forward to today, and there have been some equally disquieting discoveries in the news of late.

So what do mysterious holes in the Siberian permafrost, hundreds of gas plumes off the East Coast of the United States, and our "ghosts" apparently have in common?

It seems to be icy methane hydrates, touted by some as the fuel of the future…


Gold Price Forecast: How the Yellow Metal Will Reach $5,000 per Ounce

A few years ago I issued a gold price forecast of $5,000 an ounce. I still believe that's a realistic price target – and now prominent gold mining experts are following suit.

Rob McEwen, founder and former chair and CEO of GoldCorp, said in a recent interview, "I'm a long-term believer in gold and I see it ultimately getting to $5,000 an ounce."

Here's why gold prices are headed much higher...

Tech Investing

Tesla's (Nasdaq: TSLA) Success in China Reveals a Better Path to Profits

Tesla Motors (Nasdaq: TSLA) stock hit a new high on Aug. 29 thanks to very positive news out of China: The world leader in electric vehicles is set to install 400 charging stations in roughly 120 Chinese cities.

So far this year, TSLA shares are up more than 80%. And its Chinese expansion should propel the stock even further.

And this high-octane stock will tack on another 50% over the next couple of years...


Profit from Upcoming IPOs with This One Simple Strategy

Through the month of August, 188 companies have gone public in the United States, with some high-profile stocks like GoPro Inc. (Nasdaq: GPRO) and El Pollo Loco Holdings Inc. (Nasdaq: LOCO) posting triple-digit gains in their first several days.

That has investors clamoring for new upcoming IPOs to profit from.

But buying into upcoming IPOs can be extremely risky. Fortunately, this one simple strategy will help you maximize profits, while minimizing risk…

Tech Investing

Amazon Stock (Nasdaq: AMZN) Gains Support from Huge August Sales

Amazon stock (Nasdaq: AMZN) enjoyed a bump Wednesday after ChannelAdvisor released its August same-store sales (SSS) report. Amazon's at the top of the e-commerce pack, nearly quadrupling the industry average.

It's a promising signal that Amazon's fundamentals are healthy and thriving...

Income Investing

Four of the Best Dividend Stocks to Buy Before 2015

Many investors buy dividend stocks strictly for income – the price per share moves slowly over time, not offering much in the way of capital gains.

But now's the time to consider dividend stocks that deliver more than just income. Here's why - plus our 4 best dividend stocks for 2015.


Expert: Alibaba IPO Lifted by Massive Shift in Chinese Market

The Alibaba IPO is expected to raise as much as $24.3 billion next week when Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. (NYSE: BABA) prices its shares on Thursday, Sept. 18.

Throughout the Alibaba IPO process, Money Morning's Executive Editor Bill Patalon has been following the company and the Chinese market carefully.

And now, he's uncovered a major shift in the Chinese e-commerce industry. One that should drive Alibaba and BABA stock for years to come.

Stock Market Today

Stock Market Futures Down on Underwhelming AAPL Presentation and Interest Rate Fears

Stock market today, Sept. 10, 2014: Stock market futures were down this morning after markets took a nosedive in the final hour of trading yesterday (Tuesday). The slide followed a broad selloff of tech giant Apple Inc. (Nasdaq: AAPL) and investors heightened cautions over a possible interest rate increase by the Federal Reserve sooner rather than later.

Here’s what you should know to make your Wednesday profitable:

Investing Tips

Let the "Big Boys" Do the Legwork and Take Bigger Gains for Yourself

Regardless of what the loudmouthed know-it-all in the locker room thinks, retail investors (that's code for you and me) don't have much of an impact on stock prices.

It might be fun to think that buying 100 shares of Apple Inc. is somehow part of some larger force of collective wisdom pushing stock prices higher – but with average liquidity of nearly $5 billion (in AAPL shares) the only players with enough might to make the stock move are the big boys – institutional buyers.

When I say institutional buyers, I'm referring to mutual funds, hedge funds, pension funds, and insurance companies.

It's nearly impossible for a stock to deliver a huge upside run without the deep-pocketed firepower of institutional buying – and that's why it's so important to look for clues indicating they're building positions and scooping shares.

After all, wouldn't you rather go sailing with the wind doing the work rather than paddling back to shore?

I know I sure would. And here's how we can…