Dr. Kent Moors


These Two Signals Are Pushing My Crude Price Forecast Upward

There are many ways to estimate where oil prices are going: reported inventory levels, imports and exports, production figures, and a myriad of ways to estimate demand.

With oil prices swinging up and down around the $40 a barrel range, business news outlets are full of people calling on these numbers to predict the price of oil.

Ignore them.

Because at the end of the day, there are two – and only two – good ways to really tell where the oil market is going.

Either one is a good indicator. But right now, both are telling us the same thing...


This Little-Known "Export War" Is the Real Reason Behind Cheap Oil

The real reason why oil prices bottomed out recently has been completely overlooked by media pundits. Yet it may be the most important factor in oil pricing today.

You see, Saudi Aramco, Saudi Arabia's national oil company and the largest oil company in the world, is the bellwether for what all of OPEC is likely to do at any given time.

And on July 31, Saudi Aramco cut its prices to the Asian market significantly.

Here's why... and what that means for oil going forward...


How the EU's Failed "Energy Shuffle" Made Energy More Expensive – and Dirtier

In the wake of Brexit and new climate change initiatives, the perspective in the European energy sector is shifting.

It's becoming more expensive, much dirtier - and turning the entire sector into a basket case. Here's why...


The Next European Brexit Crisis Is in Energy

The next stage in the Brexit fallout is approaching, and it will center on energy finance and signal a major shift in focus.

Here's everything you need to know about energy's emerging new order...


Five Reasons Why Today's Oil Price Dip Won't Last

Crude's impressive trend upwards since February has some predicting a quick spike to $60 per barrel.

That won't happen, but the weakness in the oil price is finally drawing to a close. Here are five reasons why prices will - in fits and starts - keep rising from here...


What Royal Dutch Shell's Billion-Dollar "Free Gas" Project Means for You

Earlier this week, oil and natural gas giant Royal Dutch Shell announced multibillion-dollar project in western Pennsylvania.

The boosted employment and tax revenue for the region is great news. But even more important is the nature of the project itself – and what it means for the future of natural gas.

It'll also lead to some fantastic investment opportunities...


Saudi Arabia's Success Is About to Kill OPEC

Saudi Arabia's oil strategy appears to be working, but it may well kill OPEC in the process.

Here's how that's going to affect the June 2 OPEC meeting in Vienna...

Trading Strategies

How You Can Beat Wall Street in 15 Simple Steps

I have misgivings about Wall Street. Their short-term trading distorts the energy markets, almost beyond recognition.

Indeed, the past year has shown clearly how disastrous such speculation can be. But there is a way to remedy this situation: You.

As a normal investor with a balanced, long-term view, you can stabilize the market. Just follow this simple 15-step strategy...


Here's What Has London's Wealthiest Oil Kingpins So Fired Up

Just one thing is clearly on the minds of every money kingpin in London… the current "breakout" in oil prices.

WTI is up 53.4% for the year, while Brent is up 34.5%. You might be wondering where this breakout is coming from, since oil supply hasn't changed much since December.

It won't be long before these players are going to make a lot of money on this, and we'll have our chance, too...


The Oil Sector's "Other Shoe" Just Dropped

The "other shoe" is dropping for the oil sector, and it's going to affect each and every one of us.

This ripple effect will extend to much more than just oil and gas.

And it looms as an ongoing concern, one that is likely to have a longer-lasting effect than the price of oil itself - unless, that is, there is a reversal of trajectory.