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Oil prices today

WTI Crude Oil Price Today Drops 5.6% to 12-Year Low

wti crude oil price

The WTI crude oil price fell to 12-year lows after China’s stock market saw another miserable trading session.

Oil continues to suffer from China’s volatility, which includes another 5.3% drop in the Shanghai Composite.

But there’s another international event also shaking up the oil market…

Start Preparing for a Saudi Aramco IPO in 2016

saudi aramco ipo

The most valuable - and secretive - company in the world is considering going public.

According to The Economist, a Saudi Aramco IPO is being considered by the Saudi Arabian government.

And there's one important reason why Saudi Arabia is racing to launch the IPO in 2016...

Crude Oil Prices Drop Another 3% Today as Panic Continues

crude oil prices

Crude oil prices fell below $33 for the first time since 2003 as China's stock market crash continues to drive investors out of the energy sector.

Both U.S. and international prices cratered after China suffered its shortest trading day ever.

Here's everything you need to know about today's movement...

WTI Crude Oil Price Today Down on Middle East Conflict News

wti oil prices

The WTI crude oil price today fell as tensions come to a head between Saudi Arabia and Iran.

The conflict between the two OPEC members sparked worry among oil investors as many sold their positions to prepare for unpredictability in the region.

And there are three matters you'll want to watch as these events pressure the oil market for the foreseeable future...

Why WTI Crude Oil Prices Fell Nearly 4% Today

oil prices

West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude oil prices fell today after the EIA reported a weekly increase in domestic oil supply.

Despite supply being at an 80-year high, there has been a clear contraction in U.S. oil operations.

Here's how this phenomenon is priming U.S. producers for a great year in 2016...

WTI Crude Oil Prices Fall Today to 39% Drop in 2015

oil price

WTI crude oil prices today fell in early morning trading as the commodity closes out its worst year since 2008.

Many pundits blame the recent repeal of the oil export ban for today's drop in prices.

But there are a few reasons why boosting oil exports would actually lift prices over the long term...

Why WTI Oil Prices Are Up Today

wti oil prices

WTI oil prices edged higher today after they sank below $34 a barrel yesterday for the first time since 2009.

Prices rose today mainly because of the start of February futures contracts.

But there's another reason for today's boost that could have widespread implications for U.S. oil companies...

WTI Crude Oil Prices Today Put Weekly Losses at 3.1%

wti crude oil prices today

WTI crude oil prices today were down 1.3% as the U.S. benchmark finishes out its third straight weekly loss thanks to oversupply concerns and an interest rate hike.

But today's fall is only a knee-jerk reaction.

Here's what will really affect prices in 2016...

WTI Crude Oil Prices Today Struggle to Stay Above $35 Mark

oil price

WTI crude oil prices today fell 1.1% as futures struggle to trade above $35 a barrel.

Earlier this morning, the U.S. benchmark tumbled below $35 for the first time since February 2009.

Today's fall has to do with a landmark deal that could have a tremendous effect on the future of oil demand...

Why Crude Oil Prices Are Up Today


WTI crude oil prices today jumped higher after the EIA reported the first U.S. supply decline in 11 weeks.

Despite sporadic increases, supply will continue to draw down in 2016.

Here's more on what today's movement means for oil prices next year...

Why Are Oil Prices Dropping Today?

why are oil prices dropping today

Energy investors are asking, "Why are oil prices dropping today?"

After all, WTI crude oil prices rallied 2.9% yesterday (Thursday) to settle just above $41 a barrel.

But a big announcement out of today's OPEC meeting could affect oil prices moving into 2016...

WTI Crude Oil Prices Today Down Following Paris Attacks

WTI prices

WTI crude oil prices today declined as rising production trumped concerns over supply disruptions after the Paris terrorist attacks.

Many investors don't understand why production is rising since U.S. supply is at 80-year highs.

But there are two factors pushing production higher right now...

WTI Crude Oil Price Today Drops Below $41 After IEA Supply Report

oil's week

The WTI crude oil price today fell 2.8% after the International Energy Agency (IEA) released a startling report on global oil supply.

The agency said inventories held by the 34 countries in the OECD stood near 3 billion barrels in September.

Here's how you can play the volatile oil market...

Why WTI Crude Oil Prices Are Up 1.6% Today

WTI oil prices

WTI crude oil prices today jumped 1.6% as ongoing conflicts in Libya and Brazil caused a spike in global demand.

Despite shortages overseas, investors worry the growing U.S. supply glut will send prices lower over the long term.

But there are three ways you can make money no matter where prices move...

WTI Crude Oil Prices Today Surge 6% After Fed Interest Rate Decision


WTI crude oil prices surged today after the U.S. Federal Reserve decided to keep interest rates unchanged.

Despite today's gains, oil prices still have a long way to go as companies continue to drown in debt.

But there's a certain type of company you can profit from during this low price environment...