Bernankenstein's Monster

Introduction by Ilene

Elliott, of PSW's Stock World Weekly, and I began a series of interviews with Lee Adler, chief editor and market analyst at the Wall Street Examiner, on May 11, 2011. This is part 2. Lee's Wall Street Examiner is a unique, comprehensive investment newsletter that covers subjects such as the Fed's open market operations, the impact of the Fed and the US Treasury on the markets, the housing market, and investment strategies. We often cite Lee's analysis in Stock World Weekly and on Phil's Stock World--his research provides invaluable information for formulating an overall market outlook.

(Here's part 1: The Blinking Idiot & the Banking System.)

Part 2: Bernankenstein's Monster

Elliott: How should we invest in this environment - when we take into account the Fed's huge interference in the markets?

Lee: Think like a criminal. Look, it's a matter of knowing what the Fed's next move is going to be, and knowing the investment implications. You have to stay with the trend until the Fed sends signals that it is going to reverse. We're at that inflection point. The issue is how much front running will there be? You definitely have to be out of your longs by now. When support fails after having succeeded, succeeded, succeeded, and every other previous retracement has held, then suddenly one doesn't, it's a huge signal.

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