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Debt Crisis to Spark Economic Crash Worse Than 2008, Expert Warns

Investors should prepare for an upcoming economic collapse far worse than 2008.

That's according to Peter Schiff, the economist and CEO for Euro-Pacific capital, who says that if drastic steps are not taking in the coming months, America's $16 trillion federal debt "cancer" will create a massive economic catastrophe unlike anything ever seen.

"We have a much bigger collapse coming, not just the markets, but of the economy," Schiff recently told Yahoo Finance.

And Schiff is not alone in warning that the U.S. economy is on the verge of spiraling out-of-control.

Since the debt ceiling crisis began heating up, noted economists and investors including Richard Duncan and Nourial Roubani have come to similar conclusions.

Roubani recently said that the country has to wake up to the "full extent of its fiscal nightmare."

However, while the debt crisis is well known to most Americans, the economy hasn't suffered a major correction for almost 4 years.

So the questions remain: Is the threat of collapse for real? And if so, when?

A team of scientists, economists, and geopolitical analysts believes they have proof that the threat is indeed real – and the danger imminent.

The work of this team garnered such attention, they were brought in front of the United Nations, UK Parliament, and numerous Fortune 500 companies to share much of their findings. Click on the short video above to see a sample. to see charts, facts, and details.

One member of this team, Chris Martenson, a pathologist and former VP of a Fortune 300 company, explains their findings:

"We found an identical pattern in our debt, total credit market, and money supply that guarantees they're going to fail. This pattern is nearly the same as in any pyramid scheme, one that escalates exponentially fast before it collapses. Governments around the globe are chiefly responsible.

"And what's really disturbing about these findings is that the pattern isn't limited to our economy. We found the same catastrophic pattern in our energy, food, and water systems as well."

According to Martenson: "These systems could all implode at the same time. Food, water, energy, money. Everything." 

 Another member of this team, Keith Fitz-Gerald, the president of the Fitz-Gerald Group, went on to explain their discoveries.

"What this pattern represents is a dangerous countdown clock that's quickly approaching zero. And when it does, the resulting chaos is going to crush Americans," Fitz-Gerald says.

Dr. Kent Moors, an adviser to 16 world governments on energy issues as well as a member of two U.S. State Department tasks forces on energy also voiced concerns over what he and his colleagues uncovered.

"Most frightening of all is how this exact same pattern keeps appearing in virtually every system critical to our society and way of life," Dr. Moors stated.

Caption: The work of this team garnered such attention, they were brought in front of the United Nations, U.K. Parliament, and numerous Fortune 500 companies to share much of their findings. Click the short video above to see a sample.

"It's a pattern that's hard to see unless you understand the way a catastrophe like this gains traction," Dr. Moors says. "At first, it's almost impossible to perceive. Everything looks fine, just like in every pyramid scheme. Yet the insidious growth of the virus keeps doubling in size, over and over again – in shorter and shorter periods of time – until it hits unsustainable levels. And it collapses the system."

Martenson points to the U.S. total credit market debt as an example of this unnerving pattern.

"For 30 years – from the 1940s through the 1970s – our total credit market debt was moderate and entirely reasonable," he says. "But then in seven years, from 1970 to 1977, it quickly doubled. And then it doubled again in seven more years. Then five years to double a third time. And then it doubled two more times after that.

"Where we were sitting at a total credit market debt that was 158% larger than our GDP in the early 1940s… By 2011 that figure was 357%."

Dr. Moors warns this type of unsustainable road to collapse can be seen today in our energy, food and water production. All are tightly connected and contributing to the economic disaster that lies directly ahead.

Editor's note: Germany's military held an investigation into this pattern and concluded it could lead to "political instability and extremism." Details here.

According to polls, the average American is sensing danger. A recent survey found that 61% of Americans believe a catastrophe is looming – yet only 15% feel prepared for such a deeply troubling event.

Fitz-Gerald says people should take steps to protect themselves from what is happening. "The amount of risky financial derivatives floating around the globe is as much as 20 times size of the entire GDP of the world," he says. "It's unsustainable and impossible to unwind in any kind of orderly way."

Moreover, he adds: "People can also forget that the FDIC can only cover a fraction of US bank deposits. It's a false sense of security. Just like state pensions, which could be suspended at any time. A collapse could wipe out these programs. Entitlements like Social Security and Medicare are already bankrupt and simply being propped up."

We can see the strain on society already.

In two years, Congress won't have any money for transportation, reports the Washington Post. Cities like Trenton, NJ have layed off one-third of the police force due to budget cuts. And other cities like Colorado Springs, CO removed one-third of streetlights, trashcans, and bus routes, reports CNN.

Fitz-Gerald also warns of a period of devastating inflation. A recent survey, reports USA Today, notes that in the coming years it could take $150,000 a year in household income for a family to afford basic living expenses – and maybe go out to a movie.

Right now, in fact, "52% of Americans feel they barely have enough to afford the basics."

"If our research is right," says Fitz-Gerald,  "Americans will have to make some tough choices on how they'll go about surviving when basic necessities become nearly unaffordable and the economy becomes dangerously unstable."

"People need to begin to make preparations with their investments, retirement savings, and personal finances before it's too late." says Fitz-Gerald.

What The Experts Say: The team has released their investigation to the public and for a limited time you can view a private airing of it online.  Learn the steps you can take to prepare your wealth, investments and way of life for this looming catastrophe. Click here to learn how some of the foremost experts in the world recommend you position yourself for the uncertain time ahead.

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  1. covies | January 22, 2013

    No more spending, cut spending.

    • lance | January 24, 2013

      the way to cut spending is to start with the do nothing clan in congress sed them all home start over get rid of the t-party idiots in congress

      • actionjackson | January 25, 2013

        tea party folks are the only ones trying to bring sanity to the table. all the dumbocrats are irresponsible morons.

        • RBeigher | January 27, 2013

          The Party morns do not have a clue. It isn’t the debt that the problem. It is the morons who complain about the debt but said nothing while three republican presidents ran the national debt up from less than one trillion when Reagan took office, along with George H. W. Bush and his retarded son more than doubled the debt during his 8 years of disastrous government.

          Spending is not the problem, we need to spend for domestic needs, stop fighting foolish wars that have cost us trillions of dollars as well as the lives and limbs of our troops. We need to spend to rebuild our national infrastructure and to improve education. If everyone were well educated, we would not have to deal with the republican morons in the House of Representatives.

          • larry | February 1, 2013

            You missed the whole ball game. The problem is all the idiot democrats that think obabombo is Jesus Christ their savior and believe him when he tells them. All the "Middle Class" that believed their taxes would not go up are pissin and moanin now too. Wait till we get clear into that obama turd health care piece of crap that is going to go down in history as the worst legislation in the history of the world! Right along with communism. Of course he was raised by commies in the little RED CHURCH>look it up!

        • RBeigher | January 27, 2013

          Republicans ran up the debt and Republicans lie!

          What's the fuss? Part of this was originally published on my Facebook page:
          Why is all the fuss over the national debt? No one that I can think of has expressed 16 Trillion dollars today in terms of constant dollars in the year 1080. If we have a financial expert on Facebook, check this for accuracy. I just calculated what the national debt is in constant dollars using the year 1980 as my base year. My numbers, if they are correct, show me that $16 trillion today is only the equivalent to $5.742 trillion in the year 1980 dollars. Does that sound as dreadful as the republican men want you to think about our current debt? Reagan tripled the debt in 8 years, George H. W. increased that debt by 150% and George W. more than doubled the debt in his 8 years, so why does President Obama get all the blame for our current national debt that has grown over 33 years by just over 574% in constant dollars from less than one trillion nominal dollars in 1980 to its current dollar inflated value of 16 trillion today. This country is still in an economic recovery period left by the recession that had been two years underway before George Dubya Bush left office. This is not the time to cut spending.

          Since 1980, the U.S. population has increased by 84 million or 37%. If we factor in the increase in population between the years 1980 and 2012 Spreading the debt across our entire population in 2012 would shrink the adjusted per-capita national debt to give a more accurate picture of U.S. debt and make it look much less of a problem.

        • ron | January 28, 2013


      • Rick | January 27, 2013

        Are you stupid? Ignorant? Dumb? The t-party (i am not affiliated) has absolutely nothing to do with the national debt problem. They are anti-big government. Don't you know anything?

    • lance | January 24, 2013

      cut congress out we will save money, these fools only worked a total of 109 days in 2012 passed more abortion bills, created no jobs ,attempted to block voter rights
      so the way to solv this is to fire all those idiots in congress atart with the republicans

      • RBeigher | January 27, 2013

        I believe you should say, Republican fools, they are the ones that are holding our country hostage

        • JTS | January 28, 2013

          Sounds like your a die hard democrat. Well you really should read what you write. I hope your not really as stupid as you comment. How much has Obama spent. Government wasn't designed to have all this money to spend to begin with.
          Your comments are all just busting on republicans. I'm not in favor of everything republicans are doing, but come on.

          I beleive it was Obama that spent our money (that we didn't have) on these recent wars that got our men and woman killed. I beleive Hillary was in charge.
          Where's the republican in that? How many more Americans died and how much money was borrowed to take out one man?

          Republicans as well as Democrats need to step up to the plate also and take responsability for the spending on pet pea projects.

          As far as the national debt, I'm not sure discussing it with you will help.

          • Gabriel Burton | March 19, 2013

            I am an independant, and as such, I have a very mixed view on things. This economy is in the doghouse, and it has gotten exponentially worse since Obama has been in office. However, this deficit WAS started by George W. The war in Iraq: Georgie. Obama doesn't know his ass from him elbow, but credit where credit is due, he ended the war and consequently ended all the money we were needlessly pissing away on it. One might argue that he replaced all of that money by donating WAY too much to social services. Between this and warmongering (the lesser of two evils), I would take the social service money. BTW, our troops killed Bin Laden during Obama's presidency. Isn't that why we were over there (supposedly)?

    • Green | January 25, 2013

      Debt ceiling needs to be raised to pay bills incurred by congress years ago, maintain/improve US rating and minimize interest due on defaulting (ultimately taxpayer responsibility).
      Gov't has cut spending significantly, but can make changes in other ways – increasing tax revenues, paying congress for work done, minimizing government contracts, smarter defense spending, offering tax credit to social security recipients who are of age and financially savvy etc – to control debt in the long term.
      As business are experiencing record cash flows/profits but not investing in the economy, gov't must take over with infrastructure spending to move the wheels forward. Yes, it will incur debt in the short term but more people employed in 2-5 yrs minimizes unemployment benefits, increases spending and GDP and leads to a healthier economy overall in the long term.
      It is not that difficult conceptually, unfortunately most of the House Republicans are standing in the way of progress of the country…….

      • Beverly | January 25, 2013

        I whole hartedly agree with this. The Republicans do not care about the homeless, the poor…. all they care about is their pockets. If they did care they would have been more than willing to pay a bit of a higher tax (those who are rich) The government should cut back on spending but their spending too. Stop using our social secrety for your progects for your own state. That was ment for only the seniors who paid into it so that we would have something to fall back on. Stop useing our medicare for those who have not paid into it like those brought into the country who are not even citizens. I believe strongly that a speprate account shoud be set up for this.

        • dolores zyski | January 26, 2013

          dolores about time someone spoke out about using our s s which i & husband have worked 46.5 yrs to earn & people in charge enjoy lunches medical ins etc for nothing and give it to people that have never got up a 5 & weather the storms who just sit back with the gifts given to them ( TV FOOD STAMPS HEAT HOUSING MEDICAL ETC ) and laugh because we are the ones that support their lazyness. what happened to the wpa monkey wards clothing cc camps that we had that was given if they helped themselves? if you ask anyone they will say they hurt themselves & sue to get more money to eat fruit steak etc (so they don't make them work) the older ss people can not buy healthy food for all the years they work. what happened to america where didi it go & people. once elected into an office they just sit and enjoy the money without the work. who cares if the working people got them there.

        • Dave | January 26, 2013

          You really have know clue about the National debt controlling all wealth .
          You haven't learned anything in the last 10 years . The last MAJOR bailout when bush was out obama in was only to control more of the private secter and use the taxpayer dollar to do it .Giving government more control of the working americas wealth . NOTHING changed except now I'm poorer than i was 10 years ago the government bigger. All this BS about taxing the wealthy was nothing more than a mirage .To take more from the middle to low class . Ask around! I'm paying 1000.00 dollars more and I'm poor . I have to save for a few months to be able to pay for new technology .Now its even longer thanks to these tax increases .
          Unless you've been under a rock or haven't worked to live you have to be blind not to see the shaping and maneuvering of government to control EVERYTHING .
          If and when you wake up from dreamland remember that you read it right here right now about complete government control .

        • steve mc | January 26, 2013

          let obama have his way lol.when he takes the people down he will be empeecht.-he will go down in history as one of the dumest .

        • the truth | January 28, 2013

          This is so not true I a republican have donated thousands to food banks. Cancer research and paying someone's grocery bill in the line at the store who is about to use good stamps. I do this cause I have been in their shoes. And this does count the several thousands that go towards taxes yes I count taxes ad charity. To balance the budget right we would need to cut every dept by 35% just to balance it. Which idiot in Washington will be willing to lose reelection to this. That would be a sacrifice that I would vote for.

      • Bungal | January 26, 2013

        We need to cut all except military! We always got out of the problems in our past when we supported what our Constitution says! There are a few we have to keep and that is SSI and Medical for the seniors and others. We need to junk Obama care as it is tripe. It does not help my health one bit to support some irresponsible sex act by others, no matter what my age is and this includes our children and grandchildren! How do our children benefit in our taxes going for sex on demand and stupidity? Why did Obama attack our Constitution using health care as excuse. Look at other Countries and they have National Health Care, but never attacked citizens rights! Earl

      • Jim Bo | January 26, 2013

        You are a typical tax and spend liberal idiot! The Gov has a insatiable thirst
        for spending your money. You are a lib so you probably don't contribute to
        the GDP. No amount of tax increases will ever pay the debt. You have bought
        into the bankster scam and are what is wrong with the Demon-crat mentality
        which has infested this Constitutional Republic. The big problem with Republicans
        is that they are R.I.N.O. 's who go along with your big Government, Paternalistic
        great society. We need conservatives and patriots who oppose your big brother
        New World Order. Go home – mo! Go live in Albania or Siberia you little twerp!

      • RBeigher | January 27, 2013

        My comments below puts our debt in the proper perspective: What's the fuss? Part of this was originally published on my Facebook page

        What is all the fuss over the national debt? No one that I can think of has expressed 16 Trillion dollars today in terms of constant dollars in the year 1080. If we have a financial expert on Facebook, check this for accuracy. I just calculated what the national debt is in constant dollars using the year 1980 as my base year. My numbers, if they are correct, show me that $16 trillion today is only the equivalent to $5.742 trillion in the year 1980 dollars. Does that sound as dreadful as the republican men want you to think about our current debt? Reagan tripled the debt in 8 years, George H. W. increased that debt by 150% and George W. more than doubled the debt in his 8 years, so why does President Obama get all the blame for our current national debt that has grown over 33 years by just over 574% in constant dollars from less than one trillion nominal dollars in 1980 to its current dollar inflated value of 16 trillion today. This country is still in an economic recovery period left by the recession that had been two years underway before George Dubya Bush left office. This is not the time to cut spending.

        Since 1980, the U.S. population has increased by 84 million or 37%. If we factor in the increase in population between the years 1980 and 2012 Spreading the debt across our entire population in 2012 would shrink the adjusted per-capita national debt to give a more accurate picture of U.S. debt and make it look much less of a problem.
        Facts: Republicans ran up the debt and Republicans lie!

      • ron | January 28, 2013

        years ago try 6 trillion in the last 4 years for starters HELLO this guy in the whitehouse is the one who's out of control. the senate has'nt passed a budget in 4 years so they can just piss thru cash faster than they take it in, why do you think this president is borrowing 44 cents on every dollar he spends C.A.N Y.O.U. S.A.Y. WE ARE BANKRUPT

    • Ronald Seymour | January 27, 2013

      The only ones that are going to get hurt are the "haves", the "have nots" already have not. All the planning and politics is run and controlled by a rich minority. They got us here, they must take the blame. The softest way out of this is to print more money and haul it in as things get better. If you can't do this and won't do this than we all go down fast and hard. Either way, the rich minority are in the drivers seat.

      • the truth | January 28, 2013

        If we print money like you are suggesting you will see inflation like we have never seen before.

  2. Nathan Margolis | January 23, 2013

    This has been a long time comming. It may takes years to develpe.

  3. Margo Yntema | January 23, 2013

    Sensational headline, silly argument! Let the president do his job!

    • Les Lovett | January 24, 2013

      Under the Constitution the president, and his gang, have gone far beyond their job.
      You cannot bring about prosperity by discouraging thrift.
      You cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the strong.
      You cannot help little men by tearing down big men.
      You cannot lift the wage earner by pulling down the wage payer.
      You cannot help the poor by destroying the rich.
      You cannot establish sound security on borrowed money.
      You cannot further the brotherhood of man by inciting class hatred.
      You cannot keep out of trouble by spending more than you earn.
      You cannot build character and courage by destroying men's initiative and independence.
      And you cannot help men permanently by doing for them what they can and should do for themselves. ~ W.J.H. Boetcker – The Ten Cannots

      • lance | January 24, 2013

        this country has borrowed money for the 12 years of the busch boys,and know every one wants to lay put this on the back of obama,obama is the greatest president ever

        • Harold | January 26, 2013

          Obabler is the geatest prs. ever? If you are including him with Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Chevez, Castro etc. I would agree . But you do not spell it president, you spell it communist dictator.

        • Gary Goldsmith | January 27, 2013

          Hey Lance

          You are probably a young person and a product of the 80's.

          I want to correct you. Obama is certainly not the greatest president
          that our country has ever had.

          Washington, Jefferson,Lincoln, Roosevelt and most especialy John Kennedy
          each in his own right has done alot more than Obama.
          You need to study our country's history alot more.

        • chrisk | January 27, 2013

          sorry lance, but with all do respect our country has been borrowing since we established the federal reserve 1918 wilson was the pres first progresive (socialist) and oh ya he also started federal income tax. heres the facts as you uniformed voters seem to not want to learn, all the presidents until bush had barrowed 5 trillion bush added 4 trillion unpatriotic thats what obama said in 2008 campain speece in iowa look it up, then he proceeded to add 6 trillion in under 4 years. we can no more expect to spend our way into prosperity than we can expect to bomb our way into peace," Ron Paul". if we would go back to 2008 spending the budget would be ballanced, no budget for 3 years, our gov is corupt and out of control stop picking sides and wake up greatest president ever WOW

        • the truth | January 28, 2013

          I am sick and tired of people still blaming Bush. Our president has been in office for 4 years now face reality people.

      • christy | January 25, 2013


        • Colleen Great | January 26, 2013

          You have got to be kidding. Obama Must Go (OMG) is the worst president anyone in the U.S. voted for.

      • William Baughn | January 26, 2013

        We don't need any of them we need to get rid of all on capital and do like we did when evey body had a farm they aren't wort two cens to any of the poor people in this country they just want to fill their own pockets any way no matter the brand name that yo give them just get rid of them all.

      • Jck Porrage | January 27, 2013

        At last a voice of clarity in the fog, Les Lovett! Thank you!

      • shade | January 27, 2013


    • Jim Bo | January 26, 2013

      Ya….his job of confiscating private property, taking away Constitutional rights, and destroying our economy. Obummer is a Marxist and being used by the George Soros
      type Rothschilds, et. al. as a useful idiot! (like you). This country is doomed to wallow in stupidity by ignorant, feckless voters. You voted for him? You are what is wrong with America. This used to be a great nation and will return to greatness when your kind
      leaves it! Below is a quote from A. Lincoln…I totally concur!

  4. jean collins | January 23, 2013

    The response to your poll is proof of the ignorance and gullibilty of the public. Raising the debt ceiling is essential so that we can pay our current debt. You know fully well that is all it means!

    You also know that the Bush tax cuts and his "wars" are the cause of our deficit, which would be even higher if not for some things President Obama has done, like remove troops from Iraq.

    I was a Republican until the Bush gang and Karl Rove took over the party. The GOP plans for the U.S. is abominable as are most of you.

    • Rose | January 23, 2013

      It is time to stop blaming this party & that party. Do you keep spending when you can not pay your bills? Continuing to raise the limit on our credit card without budgeting and cutting spending is plain stupid. You could never run your household like that and you cannot run a country like that.

      • knar schmidt | January 24, 2013

        You, my friend, are totally wrong! Governments can and do print their own money any time they want. They also have the authority to declare all debt obligations null and void. Governments also have militaries they can use to conquer any weaker countries and literally take them over. Governments can also stop spending anytime they want and let their populations starve. There are no laws a government cannot change if it wants to and there is no police force to enforce legal sanctions or punishments for breaking laws. Governments can also raise taxes any time they wish. Our government got into the mess it is currently in because one President, G. W. Bush, got us into two wars without a source of revenue created to pay for them, and he instituted a costly medicare reforms, Part D, without paying for it. And on top of theat he and other republicans over a period since 1980 have deregulated financial institutions which directly resulted in abuses of financial markets resulting in the current state of the economy. Moreover, since 1980 republican administrations have consistently cut taxes without cutting spending and the result is great national debt. Governments can easily reverse all of these deregulations and increase taxes and the problem will go away.

        Regardng your simple question, Do you keep spending when you can not pay your bills? The answer is simple. If you are a father of three young children and you have no money to buy food, and so let your children starve to death, you will be thrown in jail for child neglect.

        • Jim Bo | January 26, 2013

          Oh my…another idiot! G.H.W. Bush is no Republican, he is a RINO! Both parties are controlled economically by the same people who own and make policies for the Fed Reserve. Pres Wilson became an (innocent?) traitor in 1913. FDR was a Marxist, LBJ's great society was a disaster, Carter, a feckless nit-wit demon-crat, Clinton, a go-along liar. (Obummer, the biggest liar and deceiver of all), and Bush, Jr. who ALSO went along with the NWO banksters. Democrats are as dumb as one could ever be. Republicans (RINO's) seem to just go along with the scam because the system does not favor the tax payers or workers. It is all contrived and a Satanic system – (debt – money system) invented by The Rothschilds and their agents like Paul Warburg. People like you know nothing of world history and things like Fractional Reserve Banking. Stupidity is willful ignorance! Therefore you are STUPID! – A Patriot who loves America.

        • Jck Porrage | January 27, 2013

          Oh, Knar schmidt??? And, of course the Democratic majority in Congress at that time had nothing to do with the overspending. You're delusions indicate you need to back away from the bar.

      • chrisk | January 27, 2013

        Right on Rose, 4 years of no budget and an average of 1.4 trillion per year of over spending Oh ya 1.4 doesn't sound so bad right it equals 1400 billion

    • Me2 | January 23, 2013

      Take off the ROSE COLORED GLASSES — see the world as it REALLY IS !!!!!!!!!

    • Eyes Wide Open | January 24, 2013

      Your cry to saddle us with more debt is proof of your ignorance. Congress has a spending problem, not an income problem – they are like junkies with a blank check. And it's US that pays for it while they get wrongfully wealthy on the taxpayer.

      • lance | January 24, 2013

        get rid of all congress men that have been in washington for more than 6 yrs go home get a real job stop stealing from the tax payers mitch mcconnel, john boehner,
        eric cantor, and tea party fools

        • Harold | January 26, 2013

          Fools, takes one to know one!

        • chrisk | January 27, 2013

          No mention of any Dems, how about harry reed nancy polocly i agree with you about tearm limits our founder explain this in the federalist papers but i'm sure you have never herd of them and you just turn on MSLSD and listen to every thing they say. The party system is the problem along with extreem coruption on all levels. the Tea Party is the answer just like it was in the late 1700s. What A tool you are do some reserch for a change

      • Jim Bo | January 26, 2013

        That is correct!

    • Les Lovett | January 24, 2013

      Lucky for us obama and his gang can just arrange to have more fiat money printed up to cover our debt. Don't matter where the debt came from or who spent more. Soon the interest on that debt will exceede ability to pay. So where do we turn at that point? To a world government managing every aspect of the world's economy with sustainability being the objective?

    • Tom B. | January 24, 2013

      Well said. They are counting on the ignorance of the uninformed public,who are frightened by a term that they don't even understand.

    • Joy Kochel | January 25, 2013

      We are not a union. We vote for individual not party. If you want a party go to Russia.

    • R T .liston | January 25, 2013

      are you just stupid or a bull sh–er either one proves that you are a liberal who has run out of other peoples money. As far as BUSH goes you just might not have to worry about Debt be cause the sand jockeys would loved to have killed a few million more .
      Obama couldn't find his way out of a paper bag !!!! and this last election was as crooked as they come and Eric Holder his law flunky who was proven to be a laier in federal court . so don't go around opening your mouth to something you know little about OR your just planting seeds for the future.

  5. Andrew M. | January 23, 2013

    If your sewers back up into your home and fill it with sh** up to the ceiling, do you raise the roof to accommodate more sh**, or do you begin shoveling it out of your home ?

    • lance | January 24, 2013

      shevel it in the congress they created this disaster thanks to george busch and his boys

      • Old Tex | January 25, 2013

        If you cannot spell even a four letter President's name, how can we expect an intelligent comment?

        • Deb Cooper | January 27, 2013

          Amen brother! Bills affecting all Americans have to be "passed so they can be read" but "they" can't read (or spell).

          How do we deal with that?

  6. Me2 | January 23, 2013

    GOVERNMENT should run contry the way I have to run my household; NO MONEY — NO SPENDING. And get rid of all their SPECIAL PERKS and become just like AVERAGE JOE BLO. Set priorities, not bogus give-a-ways!

  7. Chad F | January 23, 2013

    yes do his job with what he has like everyone else does a good start would follow the law and submit a budget. then Make major spending cuts as long as the govt is spending money on cellphones, PBS, National Endowment for the Humanities, National Endowment for the Arts, ECT there is room for cuts.

  8. vic davy | January 23, 2013


    • Chad F | January 23, 2013

      What caused the economy to go into the recession of 2008 that we are still in ? and who Warned Congress of housing crisis ? and who stood in the way of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac reforms from 2001 to 2008 ? answer these questions and everyone can see why the employment rate is so low which means less money to Federal govt. .With less money there needs to be spending cuts not excessive spending on programs like cellphones for the poor. or PBS or health care that the President will not even put his own family on.

  9. J.V. Fazio | January 23, 2013

    The economic collapse of the United States will finally implode in the late Spring of 2015, IF the current financial venue does not change, dramatically.

  10. john | January 23, 2013

    no this is wronge obama and his obama care how much more can this country take he is not stabillizing this country he is making it worse and 4 more years how did that happen we need someone that knows what he is doing i thing it is bad for this country that obama is president the second time and 3 more times he will be president no one eles will be elected during those times we needid mitt bad i thing for the sake of are country obama is pushing things too far and i thing are country is in for more hard times we need a president that knows about business at the top

    • Uncle Sam | January 23, 2013

      Longest run on sentence I have ever seen.

    • Cho | January 24, 2013

      John ,I totally agree with you! You are the first one I've seen that can see what the
      F#(% is happening to the United States. I can not believe that no one else can see whats going on. Are they BLIND? DEAF? or what? We are in GRAVE DANGER and the republicans didn't do it, the Democrats didn't do it either………OBOMBA has and is in the process of bringing the USA down and EVERYONE THAT VOTED FOR THAT M.F. should be the ones that have to PAY, GO DOWN WITH HIM & HIS BUNCH,& CLEAN UP THE F#(%ing MESS that the SOB leaves when he walks away & goes back to his country after he TOTALLY F#(%s OURS UP! We had our chance… You OBOMBA FREAKS F#(%ed UP ONCE..OK but TWICE? REALLY! It really shows you how many STUPID F#(%ing People we actually have in this COUNTRY!!!! I WAS PROUD to be an AMERICAN……..but after this last election………REALLY…I don't know if I want to be associated with a bunch of overweight, lazy, ignorant f#(%ing people that can't see whats going on around them. OBOMBA is THE ANTI-CHRIST and USofA is DOOMED! NOW TAKE THAT TO CHURCH ON SUNDAY and I suggest you start praying like HELL! AMEN!

      • knar schmidt | January 24, 2013

        If prayers worked we would have had world peace thousands of years ago. Besides, according to your bible, if Obama is the anti Christ, God has ordained it, and people should rejoice. It shall be, because,it is so written. Are you doubting your Holy Book? Why blame Obama, blame God. He planned it.

  11. Grover Syck | January 24, 2013

    Not only should it be raised, it should be eliminated.

  12. albert | January 24, 2013

    the gov needs to be cut way back. ie cut staffing. cut bs departments that is determental losing farm land due to a worthless fish. really a audit of the gove is in order

  13. Burt | January 24, 2013

    I think we should shut down the goverment and take back our country and keep us free!!!! I also think we the people need to step up and make them take responsible for allowing this to happen, and stop all the killings innocense and lets stop the guilty the terrorist goverment that we have now!!

    • Les Lovett | January 24, 2013

      America's only hope is for at least three loyal Generals to step up and honor their oath. Establish Marshall law and re-establish Constitutional government.

  14. Les Lovett | January 24, 2013

    The obama administration and democrats gone wild, non-stop spending, taxing and regulating, all with an eager to co-operate republican congress. A world gone mad with ishlamists moving to conquerer the world – YET the DOW continues to rise. What's with that?

  15. roy s | January 24, 2013

    This very simple if you look at it from a principle stand point. You do not have money to pay your current bills do you really think you should borrow more money? Absolutely not, start paying off you bills and lower you standard of living. That is how most families are surviving today. We are taking a notch up in the belt. No more eating out, no more vacations, no more beef, no more out of the way drives, no more credit cards everyone uses cashetc, etc, etc,
    The government needs to do the same thing. Cut SS for those under 40, no more health care or other benefits if you are not a US citizen, no more free higher education work for the government. to earn credits to pay for your education, cut excess in military like all non-accentual staff Pentagon is loaded, choose world neighbors that are loyal to us, and let the others take care of theirselves, time to lel Europen countries defend their own land etc, etc, etc.

    It is not that difficult a problem, just need some back bone to Getter Done!!!

  16. Tom B. | January 24, 2013

    Raising the Debt Ceiling is nothing new.Been done for ages.Only now,it is being used by the Right to further sabotage the President's mandate that the voters gave him to finish the job.Check your History.See how many times the Debt Ceiling has been raised in the past,by Dems & the GOP.This is just more grandstanding & obstructionism.

  17. Tom B. | January 24, 2013

    A lot of comments by people who have no idea of what they speak.They only know that they hate Obama.You can't fix stupid.

  18. mike | January 24, 2013

    Rather than limit the ceiling by $ it should be by % of GDP. For right now GDP is the problem, not the debt ceiling. The economy-trashing right wing is at it again so expect another huge downturn in the stock market, jobs, US bond credit rating downgrade, and of course jump in unemplyment.

  19. Scott | January 25, 2013

    I am a middle class (hoping to stay that way) family man who has had to make more than a few concessions in my family budget over the last few years! I am a republican yet I do not "love" bush or "hate" obama necessarily. I DO believe obama is not very smart except in the ways of campaigning and saying what the bleeding hearts want to hear. The only time he acts presidential is in reactive mode, never proactive. Super storm sandy, sandy hook shooting etc. On the flipside, a certain few of the republicans around our country should have warning labels taped to their lips! Republicans are out of touch and out of sorts with some of the american people, yet their views on free market and limited govt have proven successful many times over in our nations history. Regardless of what party you align with the BIGGEST problem we face is fiscal in nature (jobs, debt, taxes, pork-laden bills that none of us knows for sure what the hell is in them) and both parties are guilty as hell. The rich do provide many, many jobs in this country and are a crucial element to any capitalistic society and as such should not be deemed "evil". Lastly, anyone who believes laws banning guns will deter or decrease violence needs to put down the bong! Drugs have been illiegal in this country for years but are readily available to anyone seeking them! Immigration control and moreover border control is where we should focus our efforts to decrease the number of illegal guns and drugs in this country. Criminals are not widely known for obeying any legislation:}

  20. DocSavage | January 25, 2013

    So what repeats itself next. Use our tax dollars to bail out the big banks, and investment agencies, so they can give their CEO's million dollar bonus's again from our tax dollars?
    Obama's taking great pleasure tearing our country down, and sending Michelle on her absurd tax payer paid vacations to Europe. Has anybody taken any concern about the Semi's running the Highways with Coffins being delivered to Fema camps. My neighbor drives a semi , doing just that. Does anyone realize that the Representatives and Senators once voted in by us start working for the big Corporations, stuffing their pockets from their Lobbyists? The laws that prohibit D.C. from doing what it's been doing is written on the walls in stone at each memorial. I'm LMAO if anyone thinks we are in control. Soon we will loose everything and get to watch history repeat itself as former Billionaires start taking their leap of faith from the top of Wall Street Brokeragy's roofs. No, none of this is funny. It's all Diabolical, with the powers that guide our Gay/BiSexual/Larry Sinclair Lover/Murderer of untold 1000's of unborn babies, aborted with our tax dollars, Barrack Hussein OBAMA!!! Hell, we'll probably go into bankruptcy with both side too busy fighting each other with words across the aisle. Just as Illinois state governor Rod Blagojevich was charged of picking Obama's replacement through rather corrupt means. It's worse in D.C. Rand Paul and probably less politicians then we have fingers are trying, but the Money Machine Corporations running Washington D.C. with their Billions make the decisions on what passes and what doesn't. How many Presidents has it been since one worked for our agenda's?

  21. Betty Parchman Adams | January 25, 2013

    I've never heard such idiots in my life. All they know is obama is the greatest thing since sliced bread. He's nothing but an idiot following the communist plan from his czars who has dreamed of this all their lives. They have finally got their foot in the door after waiting patiently and they are going to do all the damage they can to take this country down. They hate America and by the time you guys realize it it'll be way too late. It may be already. George Bush surely wasn't perfect but he does love his country. obama isn't even a citizen and uses a social security number from a state he's never lived in. If you want to see his Kenyan birth certificate check it out on the internet. That one he was so cocky showing off when the heat was up was a fake. A third grader could look at it and tell. Why is he hiding all his history? No one knows anything about him. How many other presidents had to hide from their record? That war in Iraq was put before congress and they all voted for it so it wasn't all Bush's fault. Hillary and Bill was sure there were weapons of mass destruction and stated it many times. Do you people ever watch real news or do you just watch the ones who slobber over obama? They will never tell the truth in order to make their president look good. Why do you hate the TEA party so much? They are just a group of people who love their country and wants the best for it. You wont ever see them tearing America down. You liberals are the worst at hating anything good about our country and hating any republican. You don't hear republicans and conservatives spewing hatred and calling liberals all kinds of names. Why can't you be civil and stop and think about what you are saying, or can you not see beyond your nose. Yes, God has taken his protection away because of the filth we've turned into. Abortion, gay marriage, killings, no mention of God in anything, hating your neighbor, adultry, etc. What do you expect from God, or do you even believe in God? Obama swore to uphold our constituation a week ago when all the time he is planning to destroy it. Amother thing; the second amendment is to protect us from our government if it tries to take our freedoms away, it says nothing at all about hunting. So now congress is trying to take our guns away. Our country is over 230 years old so why now?

  22. chica | January 25, 2013

    Back in 1993 the Government murdered 21 children some they shot and the rest they burned alive to disarm some God fearing people who never bothered anyone in Waco Tex.

    My question is how many children will the Government murder trying to disarm the whole country and how many murdered children will CNN,NBC,CBS AND FOX be willing to cover up as they did with the Waco massacre?

    List of 21 Children Murdered by the ATF and FBI at Waco Tex. 1993

    Lisa Martin 13 Sheila Martin, Jr. 15
    Rachel Sylvia 12 Hollywood Sylvia 1
    Joseph Martinez 8 Abigail Martinez 11
    Crystal Martinez 3 Isaiah Martinez 4
    Audrey Martinez 13 Melissa Morrison 6
    Chanel Andrade 1 Cyrus Koresh 8
    Star Koresh 6 Bobbie Lane Koresh 2
    Dayland Gent 3 Page Gent 1
    Mayanah Schneider 2 Startle Summers 1
    Serenity Jones 4 Chica Jones 2
    Little One Jones 2

  23. Scott | January 25, 2013

    Layoff all congress and call them back in about 2 years,after they are out of benefits and hungry,then start them off at minimum wage!

  24. John | January 26, 2013

    If you guys think that the debt is all the republicans fault, then who designed the mortgage lending mess that really caused the financial collapse in 2008? I believe that it was liberals that forced banks to lend to unqualified, or underqualified borrowers. All you liberals blaming only republicans, and especially Bush, for running up the debt, you are deliberately stupid. Government revenue, because of the Bush tax cuts, was the highest since Reagan. Bush didn't start any wars that weren't approved by congress, that includes the democrats in congress. Obama has run up more debt in four years than Bush did in eight years. When Obama was running for president 2007, he called Bush unamerican, and unpatriotic for spending to much. He should now brand himself unamerican and unpatriotic for doubling deficit spending, and increasing the nat'l debt by 40% in his first term as president. I don't hear any of you condemning his actions. If he had used any of this money to pay down the nat'l debt, I would agree , but that didn't happen. He spent all this money to advance his socialist agenda.

  25. sir guy | January 26, 2013

    WE need to take a leason from the days of nixon when he FROZE ALL wages, encluding goverment employees ( except for cost of living ) untill ALL were back on there feet. Most recently ALL seniors , disabled and handicaped ,as WELL as ALL vets did not even get the cost of living for a number of years. YET, big bussiness and our reps at high levels got theres. IF ,we as the small pepole are forced to live within our means,, so then should the rich and govermemt.IF we are the richest country in the world, Then, why are we so far in debt? THE debt that we find us in started as far back as the beginning of this country and before! WHERE will it STOP? AND WHEN? THANK YOU

  26. ByronL | January 26, 2013

    If any of us would try to run our family finances the way the government does, we would be prosecuted. If we can't stay within a budget appropriate to our income, then we have to tighten our belts and make do as well as we can.
    Paying our debts responsibly requires self-discipline. Too many have fallen into the trap of spending our future by misusing credit cards. The government is doing the same thing.
    The only way out of debt for anyone is to rein in spending while paying off existing debt as well as we can. Sometimes survival mode is the only way out. Both citizens and government must wake up to this fundamental fact.

  27. Jim Bo | January 26, 2013

    What is the opposite of a Democrat? Answer: A patriot! What is the opposite of a Rebublican?
    Answer: A patriot with Cajones! There are perhaps 5 Rep Senators I would keep. There are
    perhaps 20 or 30 Rep Congressmen I would support. Sen. Rand Paul is a good Senator. Rich McConnell eh… All the lib RINO's from back East. GONE! Tar, feather, draw and quarter the nit
    wit Demon-crats. Ex-spell them from the U.S.A. AND NATIONALIZE the Fed.

  28. Courage | January 27, 2013

    How about:
    – Congress and the entire government operate under the last "true" budget passed (2008?).
    — This includes everything…job levels, salaries, O&M, defense…no obamacare, no new czars, no new committees….LAST PASSED BUDGET IS THE BASELINE AND THEN, CUT FROM THERE.

  29. miriam tommaso | January 27, 2013

    Im not interested in Money morning newsletter. Sounds like a republican outlet to make money. I do believe Pres. Obama should be able to do his job and that good for nothing congress should raise the debt ceiling andstop screwing around.

  30. Dave | January 27, 2013

    This person we call a president is an insult to America. He wants to be a dictator, take money from anyone that works for a living and give it to those that do not. He preaches that congress should get along and compromise with him. All that means is they should agree with everything the dictator says. Anything else, he says is not doing their job. We can only hope that someone will catch enough of his unconstitutional acts that he can be impeached.

  31. miles standish | January 27, 2013

    How come all the Liberal democrats have no facts. They just stupidly repeat what they are force fed from the Liberal media. So how could a lazy holier than thou Liberal know what is right for me?
    What is a Liberal anyway?? Are they the godless social disease of the new norm? No thanks. What a stupid term. No wonder they have been betrayed by their own savior the holy terror Obama. They don't even know it yet because, they are too lazy to see the facts staring them in the face. It's so much easier to demonize everyone else than to admit failure. Sound familiar?
    It's time to wake up American and fight for your country. I will never be a socialist. I will never be a muslim. I am a tenth generation American and I will not give up so easily. I will not give up my rights or freedoms. Obama is un-American and could careless about anyone or anything other than his own reflection in the mirror. He's an arrogant selfish tyrant and has already betrayed all Americans. Don't be an Obama. Speak out before it is too late. Obama is a public servant who is not serving "We the People". We are who he is afraid of and therefore tries to remove our weapons personal and by defunding the military. Who will protect the Liberals then? Not me.

  32. Nate | January 27, 2013

    This government has gone too far. The democrats and Republicans are all to blame for this one the current democratic party are nothing but of socialist people who want to destroy the founding beliefs of this country buy tearing the constitution up and not abiding by the rule and laws of the land that this country was founding on. And instead lets raise taxes on the rich and keep the tax cuts for the middle class, yeah right middle class are the ones who are taking the hit taxes did go up on everyone. And good old Obama care hell yeah free medical for everyone by the way good luck trying to see a specialist now and you family doctor will be so bogged down with free medical patients’ that for people who rightfully pay for health care won’t get the treatment they deserve cause everyone deserves the same healthcare thank you Obama for screwing the people once again. Now to the Republicans you people are a bunch of cowards you talk the talk but don’t back it, instead you kiss Obama's ass to keep seats instead of rising up and standing up for what the county was founded upon. I hope this country goes bankrupt and everyone loses everything and just maybe people will wake up then and rise up against this corrupted government take up arms and take this country back and become free men and women once again without less government in our lives.

  33. luigi | January 27, 2013

    In the next few years all of you bleeding heart Liberals are going to get exactly what you voted for
    and I hope you and your children will not have the nerve to blame anyone but yourselves. his guy that you elected bought your votes on the back of the country. So enjoy your Obama phones and years of unemployment benefits, food stamps and whatever you dirtbags can get for nothing. You will all pay in the end!!! You should all be ashamed of yourselves. It's me,me,me above all others. Disgusting!!! I know, I know, it's all Bushes fault. See how foolish it sounds???

  34. luigi | January 27, 2013

    500 people killed in Chicago last year (almost all with hand guns}. Hear anything about gun control then?? No political gain for the lefties so all was silent.

  35. Beryl | January 28, 2013

    Was there any president that never raised the debt ceiling while they were in office? If so, who and how did they not have a deficit?

  36. jean | January 28, 2013

    they should impeach im for all the wrong things he has done

  37. jean | January 28, 2013

    We on a fixed income and it is hard for us to pay are bills now and they want to keep raising everything it is hard for seniors and the poor to make ends meet

  38. NextToGone | February 4, 2013

    I'm sorry but this article wasn't needed as anyone paying their bills, putting groceries on the table, sustaining a roof over their heads and balancing their checkbooks already knows this. The problem is that President Obama, Vice Biden, Hillary Clinton and all of the fixtures in the White House know this too since they are in the groups mentioned above but refuse to make the cuts where it is needed…. their own spending. Then money has to be put back into the economy too, but instead these same people don't want that to happen either and so they want to play "How mad can we make the people". I'm game…. push them out…. refuse any returns… game over….. problem solved. Then the next playa's will know that they actually have to work for their money.

  39. susanai | February 5, 2013

    I just heard Roubini [of all people] change his mind and say that the economy is fine – he, who has been yelling 'the sky is falling' for at least 6 years. Personall I think if the republicans get their way they will take America down the rabbits hole to who knows what! Give Pres. Obama his due, he has been good for this economy and will make the economy even better if given half a chance.

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