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How to Invest in E-Cigs: The Cigarette of the 21st Century

They look like cigarettes, feel like cigarettes, taste like cigarettes – and, smokers will tell you – satisfy the craving for a smoke.

But electronic cigarettes, or e-cigs, don't have any of the offensive smoke that's so harmful to health. Instead, they feature an odorless vapor in which nicotine is delivered to the user. And they're sometimes allowed in public places where cigarettes are banned.

Studies show e-cigs make smoking healthier for smokers and those around them, while also helping smokers quit.

Plus, e-cigs cost about half as much as regular cigarettes.

Big tobacco continues to place bets that electronic cigarettes can keep the tobacco industry and its annual sales north of $750 billion and growing.

Altria Group Inc. (NYSE: MO), the world's biggest tobacco company and parent company of Philip Morris USA, is the last of the three major U.S. tobacco firms to get into the e-cigs game.

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  1. Mike Morgan | May 1, 2013

    Nice summary of the interesting e-cig topics

  2. Freddie Santiago | May 2, 2013

    Very good move for the cigarette companies mentioned. As the saying goes…. if you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

  3. Luke Lee | May 3, 2013

    It's really a niche market with great prospection.Investing in e-cigarettes will be the big trend.

  4. Chris Davidson | May 9, 2013

    Government regulation is a possible issue here, if they were ultimately to be seen as therapeutic and used by the health service, taxed and tested a lot of companies would suffer. I think a certificate of product quality from a government body and regular sample tests would be good for consumers though.

  5. mike | June 17, 2013

    25 yr old, two war veteran. For all of those who are older than 30 please take this info into your own acct.

    Knowing what my generation speaks of (even though its not much because we realize how stupid the rest of you where and thats why the things are the way they are, you got dupped and now we suffer, you will get yours… in time.. but only after we continue to gather all of the knollege we need off of an infinite ammount of resources)

    ……. we dont like smoking ciggeretts !!! there it is…. we would rather not, and once Marijuana becomes legal across the board just about all of us are going to stop smoking cigeretts over night and start smoking the green plants not the tar ridden brown plants….. please dont bet on the ciggerette industry they are old and dumb like the rest of you we understand now what it takes. absolutley NO OIL DEPENDANCY … we can run the entire planet off the sun, wind and rain…… you didnt realize that you can trap your rain water and put turbine in on the way down to its container.

    Point being my Generation is watching everything thats happening and we dont too much enjoy the old school style of thought from the Reagan administration who was responsible for

    -minimum mandatory sentancing
    -flying in cocaine from the south
    -privatizing jails to pull profit and kick back ( we know our judges and prosecutors are in it as well)
    -setting up as system of Extream Conservatism

    If you ask ANY SINGLE ONE of your Grandfathers who was a conservative in the 30's or 20's they will tell you today democrates look like yesterdays republicans and that today republicans look like the equivalent to a middle eastern Extreamist

    And Rememer I am a very decorated Marine of 2 wars and have payed close attention.

    • D Reed | June 28, 2013

      I feel like most of this is right on, but for a short time investment, and I mean short time, the e-cig business is going to boom. Until the sense of people catches up with the reasoning, its going to be a good buy.

      And your also right about the political parties. I'm 61 and you don't have to go as far back as the 30's to realize the change, or flip flop in policy of the two parties.

      Army Grunt

    • Mike | October 24, 2013


      You obviously didn't learn to spell in school or at least learn to use a spell checker. As a no so highly decorated Army NCO with 30 years of service. If you would like the readers to take you seriously, at least make an effort to make your posts less laughable.

    • Richard | November 28, 2013

      Mike the "25 yr old, two war veteran".

      I've got to say, you are absolutely freaking puddled mate. Shut ya babbling gob ya crank! HA!

    • Fred | May 16, 2014

      Too long to be read.

  6. B Saginar | September 21, 2013

    Sorry, but Big Tobacco is NOT where to put your money if you are interested in investing in this exploding industry. They were caught napping, and they are still behind.

    The little electronic cigarettes you see in Walmart and at the convenience stores have been tried by smokers and they don't work very well. If you put your ear to the ground and spend two or three hours a day on some of the major forums that exist for "vapers", you will find two things that this article, and most other financial "experts" fail to address but already are a MAJOR factor in the massive growth we are witnessing now.

    These two factors are:

    1. The vast majority of smokers who are using electronic cigarettes do NOT like (hate with a bloody passion would be a more accurate description) Big Tobacco for adding elements to their products that made it even more difficult to quit. In other words; They will go out of their way to NOT purchase a "Big Tobacco" product if they can help it.

    2. It is the PV's (personal vaporizer) that is creating the consistent, sustainable growth that we are witnessing right now. Go and visit ANY number of the dedicated retail stores (vape shops) that have been sweeping every state in this country. You will be hard pressed to find the cigarette look-a-likes.

    The large battery, tank and bottled-liquid devices are where this industry is headed. These "PV's" have the ability to adjust the voltage of the battery, the wattage of the unit and the ohms of the coil that causes the liquid to vaporize. This gives the user the ability to "dial in" an experience that nearly replicates the experience they had when smoking a real cigarette and that is what it is ALL about. None of the big tobacco companies have a product that does this and they will find out eventually that they have missed the mark, AGAIN.

    • J Hardy | September 24, 2013

      Cheers to you ^^ B Saginar. You are 100% correct. However, how do we invest in these vapor companies? Please help!

      • sarango | March 20, 2014

        Any updates? I use V2 ecigs which work great but currently you can't buy any stock.

  7. P Owens | October 9, 2013

    I want to know how to invest in these vapor companies also. I know they will boom. I love mine. Not the big tobacco ones either.

  8. PV Pro | November 17, 2013

    As an ex-smoker that smoked for over 10 years, the "e-cig" has been the best thing that has ever happened to me. Either electronic cigarettes or vaporizers are the way things are moving now and it's a smart investment to make.

    • Melissa Brown | July 13, 2014

      I smoke. The. 21.century. e cigg
      Ilove. It. I smoke. 1. Pack. A. Day

  9. Tim | November 27, 2013

    Very exciting field right now. Gilla Inc (GLLA) is another very newly public electronic cigarette company. They did a reverse merger a ways back and that is why in some places they show up as a mining company which is what they used to be. I don't know about the fundamentals of the company, just thought it was worth mentioning that there is now another pure play electronic cigarette company out there to trade other than just Vapor Corp.

  10. Len Howard | January 25, 2014

    So, I just want someone's opinion. Do you think it is a good idea to invest in the e-cigarette?

    Thank you for your opinion.

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