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The Latest Obama Outrage: the Family's $100 Million Vacation

How much do you spend on your summer vacation? American households usually spend about $1,200 per person on summer vacations, according to a recent American Express survey.

Presidents spend more on their vacations than you or I. They have to. Air Force One and security does cost more than loading the Honda and heading to the beach.

Here's how much some recent presidents spent our tax dollars on vacation.

Ronald Reagan spent most of his free time at his California ranch. Taxpayers covered the cost of approximately $8 million for presidential travel during Reagan's first six years in office, according to the Los Angeles Times. That amounts to $1.3 million a year.

For George Bush the cost of flying Air Force One to his Texas ranch was approximately $56,800 per trip, for each of the 180 trips according to Media Matters. President Bush spent Christmas during his two terms at the White House so his staff and secret service could spend the holiday with their family, according to Conservative Byte.

Now Obama plans to blow away all previous presidents' leisure travel costs on our dime with a better than Disney World extravaganza trip to Africa.

However Obama had to cancel the safari because of the need to fill the surrounding jungle with snipers to guard the president from wild animals!

The trip will cost upwards of $100 million, the highest cost for any presidential vacation since Bill Clinton spent $50 million for a single vacation and it wasn't to Arkansas.

The Obama vacation will require a hospital ship stationed near their resort in case anyone needs medical attention, 14 limousines, aircraft and an additional 56 support vehicles. The cost for protecting a president is enormous.

Even so $100 million is a lot of money and I wondered just how far it would go were it spent on disadvantaged children who in their lifetimes might never have taken a single vacation. It's a wonderful thing to take a vacation. I hope the Obama's enjoy theirs.

The cost to send an impoverished child to camp for a week is around a $100.00.

My figures came from the NAACP's website.

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  1. H. Craig Bradley | June 21, 2013


    Shamus Obama is headed out next week for a 3 week, all expenses paid African safari in the bush. Lions, tigers, and elephants. In addition, he will need lots of local labor to carry all his equipment and food deep into the African Bush. Picture a single file line of porters each carrying his provisions and supplies about 35 miles long, extending from the high ground to the horizon (vanishing line), with the president at the front of the procession.

    • H. Craig Bradley | June 21, 2013


      Remember Marie Antoinette's famous (last) words spoken in the palace shortly before the French Revolution: " Let them eat cake". We know how badly that ended for the King and Marie when the people reached their breaking point. It always happens when large segments of the general population go to bed hungry each day. Voters will put up with alot, but not hunger for any sustained length of time. Anything else is o.k. with most Americans- they really don't much care about "politics", just food, drugs, and Budwiser Beer ( Joe sixpacks)

      • P. Coover | July 4, 2013

        Marie Antionette is getting a bum rap. The palace had stored food staples. One of the staples was white flour, (cake flour). The masses could not afford white flour as it was a delicacy. With their people starving, she order the palace to give the cake flour to her people. So, her generosity got her this terrible and undeserved reputation. By the way, her jailer became a Catholic. He said, she was the most gracious person he ever met. She also allowed any one to see her once a week. She dressed very simply so as not to offend. We should be so lucky to have such a First Lady.

        • Cole | August 1, 2013

          Thank you for setting the record straight. I really appreciate you taking the time to reveal the true story.
          You should start a new show– formatted like Walter Cronkite's "YOU ARE THERE"
          Only you set the record straight on issues that people have come to believe are true but are really false.
          A BIG THANK YOU

      • BB-BDW-BJ-Fan | July 2, 2015

        Well put. Another plan of the current government is to divide and conquer. It's working to a degree. Americans, PLEASEDON'T ALLOW IT TO HAPPEN!!!! Pull together like we did 911. My family was directly impacted by 911 and one of my daughter in her teens said "Our lives will never be the same again" as she waited for her Daddy to call and tell her he was alive (They wouldn't believe me). Out of the mouths of babes, she was so right.

    • nikki | July 6, 2013

      There are no wild tigers on the African continent. lol

      But aside from that, what I want to know is when is the impeachment?! ugh.

    • Bikergirl | July 6, 2013

      He's got so many servants working for him and Michelle, it sounds like slavery. And they said it was just the whites!!!!! Lol

    • Katrina Umana | November 10, 2014

      You do know Bush took two trips to Africa costing 60 million each right? Also Laura Bysh took 5 trips to Afica! Hypocrisy much?

    • Dawn | September 15, 2015

      Lol! I'd sure love to see a picture of that! Lol! Wish he'd get lost in the African Bush somewhere!

  2. RePete | June 22, 2013

    It's unbelievable.

  3. Kent Greenough | June 24, 2013

    Worth every dime if he would just stay there!!!

    • Elusive Wolf | June 29, 2013

      Good one! He needs to stay there….. What an idiot and total anti-American pathetic piece of garbage he turned out to be.

    • Bikergirl | July 6, 2013

      Kent, these wishes never come true. I was thinking if they went on a safari like planned, the lions and tigers may be on a feeding frenzy.

  4. elizabeth wesley | June 24, 2013

    Why doesn't he visit the Bermuda triangle?

  5. eray yaratan | June 24, 2013

    Obama's justice dept had no interest to prosecute the crimanals of lehman and other bankers but jumped immediatly on mr snowden Why.Are we seen the same monkey in a different dress

    • White | July 3, 2013

      Monkey… ha ha ha… Good one… because…

    • Bikergirl | July 6, 2013

      Eray, the only hopes for impeachment is if Mr. SNOWDEN has a lot of dirt he can hang around Obama's neck. This is most likely why Obama is trying so hard to uncover SNOWDEN, to get to him first and stuff socks down his throat with poison. Hopefully, the traitor will bury Obama, not the country.

  6. Robert C Evans | June 24, 2013

    Impeach the creep.

  7. Marc McGuire | June 24, 2013

    What is it going to take before the American People finally gets a BELLY FULL of President
    Obama? He is clearly not the President for the People! President Obama and Michelle Obama
    reminds me of King Louis XV1 and Queen Marie Antoinette who lived HIGH ON THE HOG
    while the French People were scraping the BOTTOM OF THE BARRELL. The French People

    • Bikergirl | July 6, 2013

      Marc, an answer to your question. NEVER. And I doubt any head will roll in this situation. People are scared to touch him because he's part black. It doesn't matter to people that he's destroying this country…it's all about color. And too, they're still anxiously waiting for ALL his promises to come true. There aren't enough years in eternity for that to ever happen. He's as good as he'll ever get, but surely not worse than we can expect. He'll have to break this country a part before some, not all, will start to see who Obama really is. Then it'll be too late for all of us. They can't and won't figure this man out before that happens. He's put a SPELL on this country. I believe like Zion, this is prophesied in the Bible.

    • Sally Elliott | August 2, 2013

      I agree Marc! I am so sick of the 2 of them. All the cutbacks for real people doing real jobs, and that family thinking they deserve to be on vacation every 3 months at taxpayers expense is so disgusting. I hope all that voted for this evil man are happy, because down the road their free lunch will be over and if things continue there won't be a USA

  8. Maggie | June 24, 2013

    I'm disappointed…in the reporter and the hosts of this website! I expect honest, balances, factual reports on this site. If you can't get this story straight, why should I believe any of your financial suggestions?

    • Frank H. Marchant | June 24, 2013

      Maggie, You are correct I made a mistake: The actual number of poor children that could have been sent on a vacation was actually much larger than I originally wrote: The total of all the states should have also included: South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Alabama, Arkansas, Connecticut, Oregon, Washington D.C. New York, New Jersey, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, Hawaii and Vermont. My apology to you Maggie and thank you for catching my unintended error!

    • Bikergirl | July 6, 2013

      Maggie, one thing you can believe is, …..all you supporters just unleashed the devil. He's no good…evil to speak honestly. And honestly, you haven't seen anything yet. He's just swinging his forked tail to get things lined up for Michelle in the next election. You have heard she announced that she will run, to add total misery and damnation to this country????? It was told to the people's magazine a week or so ago.

  9. Dantes | June 24, 2013

    Meanwhile, the troops in Afghanistan don't get served hot meals anymore…

    • Bikergirl | July 6, 2013

      Dantes, I feel sorry for our men and women serving this country. I think that's the real problem because he doesn't honor this country, but the country of Islam and it's radicals. if you and all the people on this Money Morning Network would go to YouTube and watch the video called, "THE VIDEO OBAMA DOESN'T WANT YOU TO SEE, I WONDER WHY?". YOU WILL SEE THE REAL OBAMA AND WHO HE REALLY SUPPORTS. It's not Americans for sure. We're just his free meals, fancy clothes for Michelle, extravagant vacations, gifts for thousands of his and Michelle's friends and families, fancy and expensive parties, and continuous bloodsucking of our economy. He's proven he's the leach and we're the suppliers. He doesn't even believe in saluting the American flag….because he's not American.

  10. joe | June 24, 2013

    $100 million would have built state-of-the-art facilities for the homeless in various U.S. cities (including homeless veterans)

  11. Mark | June 24, 2013

    The media aren't outraged over this "lavish vacation" because (wait for it)… it's not a vacation. Somehow, you and many other have turned a diplomatic trip, similar to two trips to Africa taken by Obama's predecessor, into a vacation, while taking widely reported estimates of $60 to 100 million and ignoring the range. There are probably plenty of real things to be mad at Obama about; there's really no need to make things up.

    • Joe | October 9, 2013

      The trip to africa is part of the continued exploitation of the african continent by the globalists,fueled by the same banking cartel that is ruining USA. And was funded by federal reserve notes which come out of your hyde.

  12. wright51161 | June 25, 2013

    How about if he is protected at home but if he goes over seas he is on his own?

  13. Akil Hashim | June 25, 2013

    The trip to Africa was about $850,000.00 (I did the math) Don't believe everything you hear on the internet.

    • Elusive Wolf | June 29, 2013

      Seriously? Your math in incorrect. Add all the extra's that Obama says is needed. Field hospital, totally equipped no doubt, in itself is not going to be cheap. Then you have all the other things this pampered fool jut can't live without and each and every penny is on OUR DIME… Maybe you're rich enough to be able to afford his lavish life style but, many of us work hard for a living and have been so screwed by Obama, that we now can't even afford all of the basics of life, much less a vacation. But this fool never stops spending money….Not even when it could do so much good for the hungry and homeless in this country.

    • Crack Barry | July 5, 2013

      Yeah right. Chimp out for the brother will earn you zero points.

  14. Sarah | June 26, 2013

    Don't forget his mother in law also lives at the White House so we pick up her tab daily as well. on this trip, Mother in Law and Moochelle's brother's daughter is along too. Must be wonderful to be king.

  15. Sage on the Hudson | June 27, 2013

    This is a STATE VISIT, not a "vacation," and modern presidencies are a series of state visits, including Reagan, both Bushes, Clinton, and now Obama.

    Lacking any REAL, valid criticisms of Obama and his policies, you've resorted to exactly the sort of LIES objective observers have come to expect of those of your political stripe. It's childish and transparent, and fools no one.

    • Frank H. Marchant | June 27, 2013

      Interesting semantics! Any time I take my entire family away on a trip I call it a vacation! I can hardly wait to tell my wife this year our family is going on a, “State Visit” to the Beach! I doubt even if I call our vacation a, “State Visit” we‘d spend 100 million dollars. But I’ll keep you updated. I wonder had the Obama's taken the "safari" as initially planned would you then consider it just a regular vacation?

    • Doc | July 2, 2013

      I think it's funny that the outrage wasn't there during diplomatic trips taken by papa and baby bush. Diplomatic……….Bush………hahahahaha……..

    • Bikergirl | July 6, 2013

      Sage, maybe because you're pro Obama, you're letting your blindsight overwhelm your accuracies about his policies. The man uses, abuses, and betrays this country and it's people all the time. I'm hoping SNOWDEN will tell us something on Obama that will demand dismissal. I think Obama's scared this might happen. Yeah, for the good traitor. Boo for the bad……obama

    • Rhiannon | August 2, 2013

      If it was only a state visit and not a vacation, why was it necessary for the entire family, including the mother-in-law and one of the cousins to be there? To what vital state business did his highness' daughters and extended family members have to attend? Clearly, taking the kiddies and grandma along at the tax payers' expense was decadent and entirely unnecessary. I'm a healthcare worker. The last vacation I took was two days in 2007 not counting the weekend I already had off and cost me under $500.00. Since the changes in reimbursement have taken place, I will be lucky to have a job and will have no hope of ever taking any more paid time off again. If he feels the rest of us need to be financially strangled, it would not kill him or his family to tighten their belts.

  16. zion | June 27, 2013

    Want to see prophecy Fulfilled? Read the rest of Daniel 11and 12 too to see what's going to happen. Daniel 11:28  And he shall return to his land with great riches. And his heart shall be against the holy covenant. And he will act, and he shall return to his land.

    • Bikergirl | July 6, 2013

      Never in history has this country ever elected a president like Obama. First of all, he is not from this country, just sold it to a lot of Americans, and he does not care about what happens to any of us. He's padding his bank account when he takes excessive monies on these exclusive vacations and does not have to account for any of it. It's an easy fix for him to pocket a lot of money. Who would know? He's never questioned by Congress, taxpayers, or anyone. If someone is allowed to committ the same crime over and over without any repercussions, they'll continue to do the crime. Obama continues to rape this country yet, no one questions him.

    • Bikergirl | July 6, 2013

      Zion, I've always felt Obama was something to do with the anti-christ, not sang he's him, but I do believe he's paving the way for him.

  17. Greg | June 27, 2013

    And pigs fly!

  18. Elusive Wolf | June 29, 2013

    State Visit, Vacation, whatever….. the bottom line is that he's living it up on OUR DIME, along with his America hating wife, her brother, his kids, and his mother in law… No mention of the mutt though. Wonder if the presidential dog is going too.
    All that money being spent so frivolously would be better spent, going to countless other issues right here in the United States.
    So, all you people who want to get nit picky, think about THAT one!

  19. Doc | July 2, 2013

    Awwwwwwwwww……poor widdle cwybabies……….give it up people. Make up any crazy mud you want but it doesn't change anything. President Obama is president and you're just angry. If you want to be angry point it toward the GOP which can't seem to find a candidate that doesn't piss off a significant percentage of voters. 47 % HAHAHAHA I guess it's just easier to point the blame somewhere else though isn't it?

    • Todd | July 3, 2013


    • Bikergirl | July 6, 2013

      Doc, you sound like a 5 year old. Are you? And yes, I am angry. Angry at people like you that voted for color and not policies. You can't be from here. Are you? A true American cares about what happens to this country and it's people. Your traitor president, masqueraded from day one as a Hawaiian, and you and many others bought into his lies and disguise.
      If you think so much of the prez now, go to YouTube and watch the video on obama…sorry, Barry, and watch the video called, " THE VIDEO OBAMA DOES NOT WANT YOU TO SEE, I WONDER WHY, and you come back and post what you think about him then.

      • Sally Elliott | August 2, 2013

        Bikergirl,, I agree with all your posts. You go girl! This is the first time in my life I have not respected our prez

  20. Bill | July 3, 2013

    Its simply amazing people are still behind this guy such as doc. And they sound so childish "wittoe cwybaby"… really?… The real issue is Americans are dumb a s%#@ and liberals market thenselves to dummies like doc to use them to get what they want. I can almost guarentee this guy gets his news from The Daily Show.

  21. Bikergirl | July 6, 2013

    We can all sit here posting our comments about Obama, but if we as taxpaying citizens do nothing but talk, it doesn't get anywhere for any of us. We need to start some form of action that will bring results in return. This is our country….or was before the Obama's and corrupt congress. We as the real citizens of America, should have the right to voice and take action against any bad decisions made…like giving that creep 100million dollars to use on another vacation in africa with our monies. What can he buy with that much money? The man's a fraud to begin with. He laughs at this country when he's given monies to feed his royalty habits…and a lot of stupid Americans approve him acting like he's Prince Charles. He nothing but a black/Arab man that got lucky out of desperation.

  22. Bikergirl | July 6, 2013

    People, the president isn't the only problem we have spending unbelievable amounts of monies paid in by taxpayers, but Congress and Senators alike. Our whole governmental nucleus is corrupt. We need to become advocates against the government. If we do not express our concerns and dislikes, nothing will be heard or done. We need intelligent people in politics with the know how's to get this successfully done.

  23. john richardson | July 14, 2013

    just imagine how CRAZY it would be if the obama's " sacrificed " and gave that 100 million to scientific research or bonuses to teachers in the inner cities. SEE if they really DID care this is what they would do. ITs not though, they do not care what so ever. Power is what he cares about.

  24. Ryan | July 25, 2013

    I hope the lions like their meat well done! Go lions!

  25. IdiotAmericans | July 28, 2013

    Biker girl and all of you idiots You never complained when Bush,Bill clinton used money They used far more money You idiots And don't think you are the only one paying tax you only pay like what 50? Dollars you peasants And instead of hating on obama he can't do anything ITS THE People who disagree with obama when ever he is trying to put something into law. You tell us how bad obama is yet you never talk about How bush put us into debt? Going into muslim countrys which didn't say jack to us Instead of calling people muslim radicals and etc You should know nobody has ever Started a war against america Because america goes into them, And will still keep there head up peoples butts and not get out. You talk all about tax's you people pay like what 50-100 dollars? Middle class people like me pay 100k I do not care if he goes where ever he wants, you aren't the only person paying for this crap if there is 1 billion people in the USA he only wasted 100M=1 dollars per person for 100m people and everyday Tax's come Stop being an idiot and talking about who is wasting money focus on ur life and not become a peasant. End of story you people need to know something and how laws work you have to get it passed he tries to get soldiers out but His law he pass's are being NAYED i hope you learned your lesson.

    • Penguin | October 16, 2013

      Americans spend hundreds, maby thousands. Get your facts straight before you make assumptions.

  26. BeFree | July 29, 2013

    It feels really good being a Canadian after reading this article, This is absolutely embarrassing !

  27. Grapost | August 11, 2013

    Bush spent 1020 days on vacation during his 8 years in office. Almost 3 Full Years! More than any President since the 1920's

    In 2005, Bush took the longest single vacation — 5 weeks — of any President in 36 years. President Bush spent 32% of his presidency on vacation.

    Of the 77 total "vacation" trips the former president made to his Texas ranch while in office, nine of them — all or part of 69 days — came during his first year as president in 2001. Bush made 25 trips — a total of 78 days — to Camp David in 2001. Holy 9/11!

    Bush spent 487 days at Camp David, 490 days at his Crawford ranch, and 43 days in Kennebunkport.

    At 1,020 days, Bush was close to being on vacation more days than President John F. Kennedy’s total days in office (1,036).

    Presidents Clinton and Carter vacationed the least of any of the last seven chief executives.

    • Jay | October 5, 2013

      Unlike Obama, never the spendthrift.. Bush, actually worked while at Camp David and at his ranch. He was just visiting his home, where he lived and got work done. Those trips were scheduled around other visits to save taxpayer money and he kept a minimal profile while in residence. Obama, on the other hand has made it abundantly clear that he has absolutely no regard for spending taxpayer money to bring his friends along for the ride. No surprise – they print $80 Billion dollars PER MONTH – gotta spend it somewhere..

  28. jim | September 20, 2013

    What crap!

  29. Jrzy girl | December 31, 2016

    Did the author even read the articed he quoted? Bush's travel to Crawford didn't cost $56,800. They cost $56,800 an HOUR. "Since Air Force One reportedly cost $56,800 per hour to operate in 2004 (which Bush used to get to Crawford), and the plane can travel up to 630 miles per hour, it cost at least $259,657 to get the 2,880 miles to Crawford and back, each time Bush went, or roughly $20 million dollars just for taking the plane on the Crawford trips alone"

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