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Morsi Conspiracy: Obama's Strange Support of the Ousted Egyptian Tyrant

After days of heated demonstrations washed over the streets of Egypt, the Egyptian military removed Muslim Brotherhood-backed President Mohamed Morsi on Wednesday.

Since Morsi's election in June, 2012, the Obama administration has been strangely supportive of Islamist leader, forking over $1.3 billion in military funding to Egypt annually. It's the Morsi conspiracy.

I say "strangely supportive," because conspicuous red flags dot Morsi's political career.

A few years prior to his presidency, Morsi delivered a speech urging Egyptians to "nurse our children and our grandchildren on hatred" of Jewish people. A few months later, he described Zionists as "descendants of apes and pigs" in a television interview.

The US is, of course, the closest ally of Israel.

But ostensibly, the Obama administration has been throwing so much monetary and PR support Morsi's way in order to show our backing of a democratically elected government in Egypt.

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  1. sandcat | July 5, 2013

    The Muslim Brotherhood is a creation and instrument of foreign powers, to bring ME populations under control and socially engineer them towards a particular end, (in this case to foment a "Clash of CIvilisations", and endless war (highly profitable) on 'terror" As a foreigner here I have lived through Morsi's Egypt We have watched in horror as the country was systematically dismantled and brought to the edge of utter ruin, economic, cultural, social, and political. We were living in a nightmare of dictatorship under the guise of religion whose mandate was to drag Egypt back to the middle ages and mire it in religious dogmatism, endless debt and to destroy its sovreignty. Morsi cared nothing about Egypt, MB doctrine requires the establishmnent of a pan Islamic Caliphate which does not honour nation states. The army did what it had to do with the support of millions spanning all classes to prevent the country from sliding into irreparable ruin. We were under attack from within by a bunch of pirates, sailing in the direction dictated in the halls of power in DC. When the ship of state is sinking, one cannot wait for the ballot box.

    • mona hamdy | July 6, 2013

      Exactly so!

    • Musa | July 9, 2013

      You must be secular or Christian. Allah should bring Pharaoh back to rule over all of you once again. I'm a Muslim born and raised in America, so there is nothing you can tell me about democracy or false freedom that it provides. In reality you're the rebel, a rebel against the most high. You think Islam is some dark ancient religion that will put society in the dark ages. Let me tell you something, your false misguided sense of modernism is far fetch and false. Keep eating your genetically modified food, because people like you think that man can create food better than the originator of food. Your idea of modernism undresses females to the point they are naked but considered dress, and you call it progress, when in all actuality you're going back to the cave man days. Islam will prevail over all ways of life, no matter how much you try to put its lights out. You plan and Allah plan, but Allah is the best of planners.

      • fady | August 17, 2013

        Not sure what a secular definition mean to you nor what is wrong with being a Christian. I wouldn't think much of who I am to be honest. just one note. Your definition of allah is different than my definition of Allah. Your interpretation of Allah is different than mine. There is one definition to apply. That holistic view of Allah will prevail. Guess what Allah is there and already prevails. It doesn't need fools like yourself to make rules. The rules are simple. live normal, believe in whatever, and don't harm anyone being whoever. Sadly, you were tought not to, an that is what matters in Egypt right now. Allah prevails, now we are are working on the law and order.

  2. D Craig | July 5, 2013

    Totally agree! Why is it that no one is talking about it. The Egyptians know that Morsi was ushered into office by Obama. They also know the MB has a long history of acts of terrorism. The MB has been operating in the shadows and have been systematically targeted by the Egyptian Government for decades for good reason They are dangerous! Suddenly they were not only let out of prison but given the keys to the kingdom, given the office of President and handed $1.3B. So much for the War on Terror.

    With the Morsi becoming more and more authoritarian, an economy swirling down the toilet and a brotherhood designed constitution the Egyptian people did what they needed to do. They did not have the means available to remove Morsi via impeachment because the objective government officials have been removed and replaced by members of the MB. Al Sisi did what I think is the most patriotic thing I've ever seen. We should be giving this guy a medal for helping us bring down terrorist organizations instead of admonishing him for protecting his people and his country.

    • rain | July 5, 2013

      i am an egyptian thank you so much for explaining it all i couldn't have said it better this is exactly the fact on ground and we were all disappointed in egypt from cnn and their support to MB

    • egypt p | July 14, 2013

      D craig finally somebody who actually understand what is going on in Egypt let see what MB wants and we will understand, MB wants power and money to support their people buying more weapons to gain more power to create more MB systems around the world, obama was supporting them to let more Palestinians move to the Sinai area which leaves more space for Israelis to live and he paid MB huge amounts of money that was a deal between them but the Egyptian people ousted the MB before the deal is done and after the money was paid the Egyptian military found a document to prove that deal

  3. Shiko | July 5, 2013

    As an Egyptian who studied in the us and a lover of both countries I'm utterly surprised how Obama is supporting a regime that has a long history of violence and idiology that is well known to use hatred speech to gather supporters and feer to shut opposition.
    Today the people have seen the hatred speech from the regime and how the brotherhood wants nothing but to stay in power and not establish a democratic system, tens of millions went out on the streets asking for early elections with peacefull demonstrations and the army realized that the entire population has demands, he army stated clearly that they have no interest in the presidency nor they want to grab the power but to put democracy again in the correct track again, re balancing the power structure. The brother hood now wants to show this action as a coup but its far from that.

  4. Ahmad Ezzat | July 5, 2013

    Just a question, How can you call the protesting of at least 17 million Egyptians a coup? And if you didn't notice, the ruler now in Egypt is the head of the supreme court (not a military personnel). It's a revolution, not a coup.

  5. enthusceptic | July 6, 2013

    Miisread MB as BM, maybe appropriate..?

  6. Egyptian | July 6, 2013

    I want to share something, not all egyptians including myself elected morsi, but we all accepted the election results (although there were money and goods given to people to elect morsi, and here the people are very poor that can do anything for some oil and sugar). During the last year we were encouraging everybody to support the government, but the problems began when the president declared himself as the only authority in the country. This is what we dont accept, if you are an exective, be a president and dont try to takeover the legislature and court

    • Mike | July 9, 2013

      Your last two sentences just described what we're experiencing here in the USA.
      The parallels are amazing!

  7. Tara Clarke | July 6, 2013

    The comments received on this article make me proud to write for Money Map. We have a wonderful audience. Thank you all for your insight.

  8. W c Kittell | July 6, 2013

    Missing the point which is direct connection between Egypt military and us military. Morsi was a stocking horse

  9. Zeitgeist avh | July 7, 2013

    People need to wake up and fully realize the true and utter corruption that surrounds the United States government and consequently fills the rest of the world. We are a product of an empire controlled by the corporatocracy which holds no limits and answers to nobody and will accomplish any act, no matter how horrific, for monetary gain. This is what truly runs our great "democratic" nation and controls the events of our "civilized" world. This has been occurring since the industrial revolution and possibly will continue until it fully breaks down its own society, unless humans finally realize that WE ARE powerful and WE HAVE the power to control our own world, rather than ignorantly playing monopoly and mistaking it for reality. Morsi is yet another great example of US involvement and funding of activities that we supposedly oppose (i.e terrorism). If I, a 16 year old old high schooler, can come to this realization, than what the hell has happened to our world

    • Wayne Farrar | July 8, 2013

      Zeitgeist avh i wrote a reply but it disappeared when I tried to sumit it.. but I agree with you, everything is about money today and I along with several other's were talking and said that if the leading high school student's were given the power to take thing's over they would do a better job then our so called elected officals are doing today. most of the officals today do not know fanasty from reality, and are living in their own little world. people need to wake up and see what is going on but it seem's no one cares what's needed is to go to D.C with a fire hose and hose out the stables, and what has been piling up in them for quit a while now if there is any thing left, it is your Generation who will be the one's to get us back on track
      hopefully there many more high schooler's out there who think like you , and soon will be old enough to do something about what my generation let get out of hand. also most officals today have little or NO respect for the constitution . yet the first thing they do is when they get sworn in is give an oath to protect the constitution against all enemys foreign or domestic. then sit down and try to do away with it , once they get rid of the second admendment the rest are sure to follow as any one can see sign's of it every where today

    • fallingman | July 8, 2013

      You've realized at 16 that it's the fascist's (corporatist's) world and we're just livin' in it. Congratulations…I think. That's a pretty heavy realization to bear at 16.

      Nothing wrong with corporations per se. It's just a form of organization, but when they wheedle special deals for themselves … subsidies, protections from competition, fat contracts, immunity from prosecution, dictate who the next country to be attacked or regime to be propped up will be … everything becomes corrupted.

      You think WE are powerful. Hope you're right. Our sheep-like behavior says otherwise. As you say, they can and will do ANYTHING and have … and WE have done NOTHING.

      Great article guys.

  10. Carl Rosen | July 8, 2013

    We, U.S.A. CITIZENS, are so lulled by the media, the "Stars " of our government. The biggest pill swallowed by We The People is 911, with the subsequent wars. There is a powerless group of 911 TRUTruth seekers, who keep reminding us of the BIG LIE. How can all that reality be swept under the carpet?
    The $ for

  11. Wayne | July 8, 2013

    Zeitgeist avh, I agree with you, many times I have said that if everything was handed over to thr High School Senior class , and see how they run thing's maybe the entire world may be a beter place sooner then anyone would expect. less war's and killing . and more people helping other people , no matter what ethnic back ground they are from just people who want to live in peace. if there is anything left your Generation will be the one's running thing's soon , and if most of them think like you maybe there is still hope for humanity. to many people with power live in a fanasty world and do not understand reality, just money

  12. robert | July 8, 2013

    Since the US aid to Egypt has gone to fund the military, how is that support for Morsi, whom the military has removed from power?
    It would appear that the aid has contributed to democracy in Egypt and this article is just another political attack on the US president.

  13. Jak | July 8, 2013

    Two reasons for the article … 1.- Obama is a left wing muslim descended from Mau Mau terrorists who murdered and mutilated tens of thousands of Kikuyu native Kenyans…

    2.- Kerry is what the Irish would call an "Eejit"

    • Darrel | July 9, 2013

      The proper description of Kerry, is traitor-idiot, and don't you think a good chunk of the money goes back into our poloticians pocket……….

  14. RePete | July 8, 2013

    Where the heck did the US get another $1.3B from? I thought we are broke.

    • Andy Schuck | July 8, 2013

      They just printed it, the ink hasn't dried yet, haven't you heard we can do that?

  15. Andy Schuck | July 8, 2013

    Ummm, I am thinking that this is all Bush's fault

  16. Josepus | July 9, 2013

    We have to look at the big picture and also a span of time more than the young students can remember. The US started meddling in world affairs since the rattle gun was invented. Japan did not dance to the US tune, so it got rattled. Then WW 1 broke out and the US financed that war with Goldman Sachs providing the finance to both sides of the war. WW 2 came because Germany could not pay war reparations to France and Co. This was because Goldman Sachs and cohorts increased the interest rates. So, Hitler invaded Europe to take hold of the GOLD in central banks. The US managed to remove this GOLD before Hitler did. This was done under the ruse of protecting assets. By 1960 most of the GOLD was in Fort Knox. In 1971 the US removed GOLD from $US backing and introduced the Petro $. This gave the US infinite power over commerce as oil is energy. The Saudi King was overjoyed and thus a new world order came to be. The Middle East was bulging with oil and this black GOLD was being carted away by the powers that be without paying for it. Iran was the first casualty of US repression. Then came Iraq and then Libya. The US took Iraq's GOLD and Britian took Libya's GOLD. It is well known in historic circles that Egypt holds the key to the Middle East affairs. This is the time for the US and Goldman Sachs to rebalance their books by putting the plan into action. Morsi was just a tooth in a cog in the great gearbox. A new age has come . The Energy War. WELCOME TO HELL.

  17. tony igwe | July 10, 2013

    This article takes a very narrow view, and too eager to blame Obama. I bet you it would have played out generally the same if it were McCain, Romney or anyone else in the White House. US policies change very little from administration to administration with regard to these matters.

    The experts from the think tanks spook every administration with dire predictions of what would happen if they did things any differently. And, even more important, their backers have the muscle to make bad things happen anywhere in the world if any president would be naive enough to walk a different line.

    The author needs a little more independent look at the geopolitical forces in play.

  18. Buck OFama | July 12, 2013

    It is a natural thing for the CSH to support a fellow Islamist extremist. Is anyone surprised that he lied to pursue that goal?

  19. Daniel "Egyptian" | July 13, 2013

    Muslim brotherhood are a group of terrorists who hate humanity ,Israel and even USA itself which supports them .
    But the biggest sin they had done they hated Egypt itself.

  20. an arab observer | July 31, 2013

    CIA and obama promised to change without sending their army to fight that's why they worked on the so called revolutions and the islam they want that's why they supported Fathullah Gulen and assisted him to open hundreds of schools in the US and all over the world and as a result he had a big influence in Turkey to give us an example of the their new islam. however, their plan failed in EGYPT and that was a great shock for them. i think it's time for american people to change this stupid drama and see that their government sacrifices their kids education ( since thousands of US kids attend Gulen charter schools) just to achieve petrol or power of the middle east . i trust the american people and i think its their turn to rebel against the educational system that supports criminals like Gulen

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