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Investing in Silver a Winning Move as India's 'War' on Gold Continues

There's a major government move right now that's giving a huge boost to anyone investing in silver

You see, when things go awry, governments have a tendency to pin the blame away from the government and on a convenient scapegoat.

Take India, for example. It faces a record current account deficit and its currency, the rupee, continues tumbling to record lows against the U.S. dollar.

But it's not government policies that are the culprit here, says the Indian government and central bank. They say the blame lies squarely on Indians' centuries-long love affair with gold.

Gold imports into India hit a record 162 tons in May.

The government says that if only the populace would quit buying so much gold, all the problems would be solved. That is laughable, but the Indian government has implemented measures to curb imports of gold into the country.

It has raised the tax on gold imports to 8% from just 2%. India also put measures into place like stopping banks from making loans against gold jewelry and coins weighing more than 50 grams.

The government has also roped in private entities to help it wage its 'war' on gold. A major financial institution, Reliance Capital, has suspended sales of its gold-backed funds. In addition, India's largest jewelers' association – the All India Gems and Jewelry Trade Federation – has asked its members to stop selling gold bars and coins. This accounts for about 35% of Federation members' sales. 

It remains an open question as to whether these measures can curb, in more than a very temporary fashion, India's cultural affinity for gold.

Investing in Silver is the Winning Move

But it does seem that another shiny metal will emerge a winner here. . .silver.

This precious metal also has been a part of Indian culture for centuries. And like gold, many Indians use silver as means of saving. Not a bad idea either with the rupee plunging.

Wealthy Indians may have moved their gold buying offshore to places in the Middle East like Dubai. But for average Indian citizens being shut out of the gold market by the government, they have quickly turned their attention to the silver market.

Just look at these astonishing numbers…

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  1. eric taylor | July 17, 2013

    It seems safer to own a royalty trust such as Silver Wheaton for growing along with productivity increases by the miners, the hard metal requires storage costs, and the silver miners may have a difficult time pulling their metal reserves out of the ground for various reasons, including environmental—-best to not put over 10% in such reserves if you just want an inflation hedge, like Doc Eifrig recommends, and save the real investments for more niche value investments with a more predictable cash flow, like Warren Buffet recommends, but Buffet also says, when you find niche investments, it's O.K. to put a quarter of your assets into such non-diversified assets!

  2. richard KELLS | August 13, 2013

    precious metals have to be the wisest investment at this time and gold IRA investments are very popular at the moment and great for your retirement currencies all over the world are in serious meltdown and the only way forward is precious metals

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