Best Stocks to Buy Now: A Money Morning Weekly Roundup

A possible military attack on Syria and the August jobs report - the last major read on the economy before September's Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting - kept investors pegged to the sidelines last week - but we still delivered a handful of new stocks to buy for Money Morning readers...

Indeed, for the first time in three months, investors pulled some $226 million from U.S. equity funds, a reversal from inflows of $1 billion in the prior week.

And after a three-decade bull market run, bond holders were reminded that even these "less risky" investment vehicles aren't immune to a bear market. The 10-year Treasury note hit 3% intraday Thursday for the first time since 2011. Money is seeping from bond mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) ($45.7 billion through the end of August), with the bulk sitting in near-zero interest-baring money market instruments.

Money Morning knows that savvy investors make money in all market scenarios. With that in mind, following is a recap of some of the best stocks to buy now that Money Morning featured last week.

Best Stocks to Buy Now

  • The political unrest in Syria has caused an oil-price spike. Fears are growing that a prolonged conflict could spread to neighboring oil-rich countries, disrupt supplies, and send oil prices soaring some $10 to $20 a barrel. Money Morning Global Energy Strategist Dr. Kent Moors details how investors can play oil's "Syrian Premium."

  • The key to a successful business can be summed up simply as having high profit margins. While revenue growth for U.S. businesses has been strong so far in 2013, with steady growth expected going forward, profit margins have only showed slight improvement. In How Investors Can Unlock the Power of Profit Margins, we explain how readers can find companies with the best sustainable profit margins and share three fantastic finds.
  • Investors on the prowl for the best stocks to buy now frequently hunt among those involved in the shale oil boom. North America is undergoing an energy revolution. One formation in the western United States was certified by the United States Geological Service (USGS) as having 3 trillion barrels of oil. New supplies of oil and gas are being discovered daily away from historical suppliers, with North Dakota now the third-largest oil-producing state and bigger than some OPEC nations. Money Morning highlighted how investors can benefit from this boom that shows no signs of slowing down and featured some of the best industry plays to buy now. Read more here.
  • This next tech stock to buy now saw its outlook brighten this summer - Apple Inc. (Nasdaq: AAPL). The iPhone maker is set to debut two new models this week: an updated iPhone 5S and a budget model. Expectations are running high that the low-cost device will be a big hit in emerging markets like China. In Giving China What It Wants Will Spice Up Apple Stock, Money Morning enlightens readers on why the low-priced device presents a huge opportunity for Apple. Additionally, we highlight a few likely new launches that are apt to put the shine back in Apple's shares.
  • For stocks to buy in a fascinating niche market, we featured a piece on tidal energy - one of the oldest forms of energy. It involves using the sun and moon's gravitational forces on tides to produce electricity and other forms of power by harnessing these forces through the use of water. Money Morning Global Energy Strategist Dr. Kent Moors says several recent tidal pilot projects indicate significant potential for this kind of power generation. To be sure, the U.S. Department of Energy is providing $16 million in new funding for tidal power. Moors also shared a micro-cap stock in this niche market that has huge prospects. Get the full story.

Finally, here's one of the most important outlooks on Syria that you'll read today: There's Only One Thing About Syria That Matters to Americans