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Hot Penny Stocks List for 2014

It wasn't hard for investors to find gains in 2013. This year is different – unless you're invested in one or more companies on this growing hot penny stocks list boasting huge year-to-date gains.

Leading the pack of 2014's surging low-priced stocks are biotech companies with promising new treatments in their pipeline. Also near the top are technology companies offering cutting edge products and solutions.

In mid-January, shares of Chelsea Therapeutics International Ltd (Nasdaq: CHTP) enjoyed a 91.74% one day surge to $4.49, skyrocketing as much as 120% intraday. The reason for the pop: An independent panel found the company's drug to treat a rare form of low blood pressure effective enough to warrant regulatory approval. 

penny stocks list

Shares traded as high $5.63 Friday as the Charlotte, N.C.-headquartered biotech company awaited word of the FDA's approval.

Another small-cap mover this year is Plug Power (Nasdaq: PLUG). Shares of this alternative energy provider jumped 68% to a 52-week high of $4.90 last month after inking a deal with FedEx Corp (NYSE: FDX) to develop hydrogen fuel cell extenders for 20 FedEx trucks.

PLUG shares have given up some gains on profit taking, but they added 20.97% to $3.79 on Feb. 10 after winning a major contract from leading retailer GenKey. Under the agreement, PLUG will launch its turnkey hydrogen fuel cell system solutions at six North America GenKey distribution centers. The first site is expected to be ready in Q2. This multi-site GenKey order helps PLUG shore-up its position as the premiere global proton exchange membrane fuel cell solution provider.

Those are just two micro-cap stocks Money Morning recently featured; following are five of the "hottest" penny stocks today.

Penny Stocks List: Five Hot Ones for 2014

Smart Technologies Inc. (Nasdaq: SMT) shares hit a one-year high of $3.65 last week, surging some 28.15%. The gains followed much better-than-expected earnings per share of $0.08 for its December quarter. That was eight times forecasts for the maker of whiteboard and other display technology. The company also announced it's getting out of the waning PC business. Amid some profit taking, shares ended Friday at $3.04, up 3.05%. The company's outlook remains bright thanks to a positive uptrend in earnings estimates and solid share momentum. Investors have taken note. Volume remains brisk and shares are up 51% over the last month.

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  1. Mark | February 25, 2014

    Penny stocks can be great yet are risky. I've been in the markets since 1980 and I can state by fact that I bought Apple, Google, PFE and many others near or at the lows. I did NOT hold until the highs we all saw but I saw a $50 potential in those penny stocks and with Audible that I paid 37 cents a share for ADBL, it went to NYSE, I sold at $20 and I think it went private at $30..

    I got CSCO of course and others but I have made some mistakes trading Global Crossing GX when it was a penny stock after having been huge and I bought shares on a Friday and they filed bankruptcy on a Monday before market open and also Exodus Communications EDSX if I remember symbol correctly was trading when a woman took over as CEO and stated things looking up and was down to penny stock and I bought but made money trading then lost 500 bucks at the end. Over all, I have done well but always proceed with caution, never put a dime into any stock than you can afford to lose and know the best stock is not AAPL. It would be GOOG instead and the best traded company that will outlast all is IBM so when I make money, I tend to add shares over there and Google again. I did get a good buy on IBM in the 80s but was not trading in the 60s when it started. My grandfather was and he is the person I learned from.

    I'm new to these penny stock articles but I always expect at least a 400% gain so will watch and see how they do and if well, I might dive in some of their picks.

    Good luck all.

  2. Gary Mishler | March 8, 2014

    Why invest in Generex GNBT, a development stage company with a poor financial statement?
    By: Gary Mishler 3-8-14
    Here are the reasons that I am investing:
    1. They have developed an Antigen, which concentrates on developing proprietary vaccine formulations that work by stimulating the immune system to either attack offending agents (i.e., cancer cells, bacteria, and viruses). This is huge, being able to target a specific diseased cell and having our own immune system attack and kill it! No drugs with harmful side effects to pump into the body. This is the way medicine should be. Studies to date show that it is safe and effective, no negatives to date. “The added potency of Antigen Express vaccines derives from its ability to activate CD4+ T helper cells, which are critical in the generation of a novel immune response.”
    2. Patent Office approval for the applications for the use of therapeutic vaccines targeting human papilloma virus (HPV) caused cancers as well as to potentially pandemic strains of influenza virus. (Per P R Newswire dated 3-5-2014) Receiving these patents is gigantic, because this alone gives GNBT the exclusive rights to the process! This will allow GNBT the ability to negotiate with other companies that want to use this technology to pay up for the right through agreements with GNBT. That means future funding and joint venture agreements with major pharmaceutical companies and possible milestone payments. They own the process now.
    3. Low downside risk, the stock has been severely beaten down from its highs at this point. It has taken time to get the patent approval; now that they have it I see only upside from here. The price per share is so low that you can scoop up a bucket full of shares for a few dollars. There is a large short in the stock that must now be worried after the approval by the patent company and they are out in force bashing the stock. Thanks to their work you can pick up these shares at the rock bottom price of .04 cents per share.
    4. The charts look favorable as well, years of a long down trend followed by a long one year sideways movement with strong support being established and in January 2014 has just started an uptrend. Once the public learns the facts as they are now, the shorts will be squeezed. There are Penny Stock newsletters that are looking at this stock at this moment. All it takes is one of them to recommend the stock and you could see a 1,000% to 4,000% move up.
    5. Future news and publications, In May 2014, GNBT will publish in the journal Human Vaccines and Immunotherapeutics that: “ In a separate Phase II trial of AE37 in patients with early stage breast cancer, it has been observed that patients with lower levels of HER2 expression appear to benefit most from AE37 immunization. AE37 is designed to elicit an immune response to the HER2 protein, which is expressed at varying levels in tumors of the breast, prostate, ovarian, gastro-intestinal tract, and a variety of other cancers.”

    As far as I am concerned this all says buy and hold to me.

  3. Chikodili Franklyn. | March 21, 2014

    I am a Nigerian, residing in Nigeria, I'm very much interested in investing in penny stocks, but I don't know how to go about it, the steps to follow, how to invest, where and what to invest in, how to track my investment potifolio, earnings and above all, how to get my earnings here in Nigeria using PAYZA online account? Please, help me out!!! Am just school boy trying to secure my financial freedom out of abject poverty am swimming in at the moment. I do humbly hope you will bear with me, and kindly attend to my plight sooner, I would be very much grateful. I look forward to hearing you soon. Thanks!!!
    I remain,
    Yours sincerely,
    Phebian Franklyn C.

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