Today's Fast Profits Trade Details

Shah Gilani just shared with you the single best "level-testing" profit moves you can make in today's market.

Of course, not all stocks are falling. Some are making people rich - really rich.

We're sure you've heard that right now an event of historic proportions is taking place, and it's driving the creation of a new, $22.6 billion industry.

It's exciting and unprecedented - and it's going to give investors who get in now the chance to turn a small stake into $100,000 or more.

We're talking about Canada. Specifically, the country's announcement to legalize marijuana nationwide.

For folks up north, it was shocking news. For cannabis investors, it's a chance at a fortune.

So to get you the steps needed on how to turn this development into your wealthiest move of 2018, Money Morning conducted a critical interview with a leading pot stock expert.

You don't want to miss out on what he's saying - or on your chance at profits. So get more on this story here.

And here are the details of the Fast Profits trade recommendation Shah just shared with you. Watch for the key levels he discussed today, and use these plays to make money on a weakening market:

If the Dow can't get above 24,500 and stay there, or if it starts heading back towards 24,000, immediately buy SPDR DJIA ETF "DIA" Aug. 17, 2018 $230 puts - pay around $2.00. Use a 50% stop in case the market recovers before it tanks.

If the tech stocks start faltering, buy Invesco QQQ ETF "QQQ" Sept. 21, 2018 $165 puts. Pay up to $4.00. Use a 25% stop.

For both, take half your position off if you get a 100% and the remainder off when you get to 200%.

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