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You could double your money by September with this strategy that just delivered 17 winning trades in July. Even better, you only have to risk as little as $250.

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In the video above, you saw just how powerful - and profitable - Tom Gentile's proprietary Money Calendar pattern-finding system can be.

This tool, invented by Tom himself, meticulously sifts through billions of data points (so you don't have to!) and uncovers small windows of time that can make you RICH.

So far this year, it's brought a whopping 36 triple-digit winning opportunities, like:

270% on AMZN...

193% on GLD...

195% on PCLN....

123% on XBI...

That's in addition to 12 double-digit winning opportunities over the same time frame.

These recommendations are still coming - in fact, you can get new ones every week. Tom's got two more moneymaking opportunities coming out in the next seven days.

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