The Only Numbers - and Best Stock - to Watch Now for Profits

When markets start to give us big one-day dips, it's important to know the bullish vs. bearish numbers to watch. Those are the levels the benchmark indexes could hit to indicate they're likely to keep falling or they're successfully climbing out of a short-term pullback.

That's exactly what Fast Profits expert and editor of Night Trader Chris Johnson shows us today. He gives you the two most important S&P 500 levels to look at for now, plus the key VIX numbers that tell him if it's time to take profits or to get back in the market.

And of course, he'll give you his favorite Fast Profits trade recommendation right now.

It's coming out of a "Best in Breed" sector that's showing strength during broader market volatility. With his previous "Best in Breed" picks soaring as high as 400%, we're all ears...

Here's Chris:

Don't Waste Time Waiting for Your Money to Double

Chris just told you his favorite "Best in Breed" stock to trade today. Here's his Fast Profits recommendation to potentially double your money on that stock:

Buy CRUS Sept 20, 2019 $50 calls (CRUS190920C00050000), currently trading around $2.25.

But don't let this be the only chance you give yourself at fast profits. That's doing yourself a huge disservice.

As you can see from Chris's video, he loves finding the best stocks in the best sectors. But he also loves turning a stock's small gain - think 2%, 5%, maybe 10% - into a 100% or better return. And doing it quickly.

Actually, his returns have been much bigger than that. I'm talking potential daily profits of $5,234... $7,556... or $9,432... DAILY profits!

It's results like these that put Chris among the top 1% of investing experts in the country, which is why we're thrilled to get to work with him on Fast Profits.

But he only gets to appear here every six weeks or so. Meanwhile, he's constantly monitoring the market to find these massive potential daily profits.

And if you're not getting them, that means you're missing all these opportunities at thousands more in potential profits. That can really add up...

It's the difference between simply being up for the year and actually retiring with more money than you planned to. Or the difference between waiting nervously to see how your stocks perform and sleeping soundly at night knowing you've already closed a trade that made you money.

The best part - Chris does all the hard work for you. He'll send you the exact details you need to set up for these potential gains.

Find out how you can get more recommendations from Chris starting as soon as today - go here to learn more.

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