Here’s How You Get Fast Profits from Today’s Stock Picker’s Market

In today's stock picker's market, your biggest, fastest profits can come from looking through the general trend at how individual shares are really moving.

Take tech. Only 2% of tech stocks are driving the sector higher. Meanwhile, 19.4% of tech stocks are already trading in a bear market. They're just hidden by the powerful performance of the sector's standouts.

This means you have an opportunity to turn these sector laggards into money in your pocket.

Today, Fast Profits guest and Night Trader Editor Chris Johnson is going to show you how with two plays that can help you start 2020 with profits.

Here's Chris:

A New Chance to Double Your Money in Just Hours

Here are the trade details from Chris:

Buy CSCO July 17, 2020 $45 puts (CSCO200717P00045000) for $4 or less.

Buy GLW May 15, 2020 $30 puts (GLW200515P00030000) for $3 or less.

Today's Fast Profits recommendation is a key reminder to look beyond the headlines for a chance to really make money. Sometimes the biggest, fastest profits come from seeing opportunity where others wouldn't think to look.

Our trading expert, Andrew Keene, knows this better than anyone - he's made a fortune by pinpointing insider buying activity.

Every day, Wall Street hotshots and CEOs swap stock market secrets and pour millions into stocks guaranteed to break out. Then they reap the reward.

Now their "secrets" are out. Andrew Keene has created a system that can detect this unusual (but incredibly profitable) buying behavior.

With his system on your side, you could see just what the insiders are buying and ride the tide of exponential profits along with them.

Using this simple trading hack, you could have a shot at doubling your money in a matter of hours.

In fact, everyday men and women are already making money with the help of this system.

Just ask Samantha Roselle, who made $27,000.

Or Phil Campbell, who raked in $200,000...

And then there's Jack Ruiz, who made a whopping $1.2 million.

And these gains are just the beginning of the massive profit potential this system offers...

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