How to Turn This Home Improvement Stock's Move into a 100% Gain

A stream of buying activity is causing an overlooked group of stocks to trend upward, framing your next opportunity for a 100% gain.

Today, we're joined by Fast Profits guest and Editor of Night Trader Chris Johnson. Chris has just received a signal that a select group of stocks are outpacing the Nasdaq 100, made up of the largest heavyweights on the market.

But today's champs aren't your run-of-the-mill Wall Street behemoths.

Today's underlying stock is among a handful of home builders that are leaving tech leaders in the dust. And shares could be getting a major catalyst soon, courtesy of an influx of buying activity...

That means now's the time for you to double your money with this new recommendation from Chris:

Today's Trade and Another Lucrative Path to Profits

Chris just told you all about how Floor and Décor Holdings Inc. (NYSE: FND) could soon break through its recent resistance level. Well, as of this morning, this is already happening, meaning your window of profits will only be open for a short while.

Take a look at this call option trade from Chris, so you can leverage the impending rally for 100% gains or more:

Buy to open FND July 17, 2020 $52.50 calls (FND200717C00052500) for $5.20 or less.

If the contract is above our price target, set a limit order to buy at $5.20.

As you can see in the above video, Chris is making his "Best in Breed" trade selection based on a number of technical indicators, namely the rising tide of momentum boosting FND through its $52 resistance level.

But the real catalyst here wouldn't be possible without the influx of short sellers that will inevitably send today's option play through the roof.

It goes without saying, sometimes the real profit potential lies were you would never think to look.

And today, another monumental path to profit has revealed itself in one of the latest up-and-coming sectors on the market: cannabis.

Last year, the cannabis sector generated over $12.8 billion in new wealth in North America alone.

But still, we have only scratched the surface of this industry's true profit potential.

And these opportunities aren't all long-term.

The "supercharged" power of options in combination with the relatively untapped profit potential in the cannabis sector could make for the greatest profit play the market's ever seen.

One week from today, America's No. 1 Pattern Trader will be joining an all-star panel of investing experts to talk about the ways you could be making money in the cannabis sector.

If that's not reason enough to tune in, they'll be flanked by legendary professional quarterback and wildly successful investor Joe Montana.

You can watch the whole team as they go LIVE on Feb. 25, 2020, completely free of charge.

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