How to Profit off the Diluted U.S. Dollar

As the recent winning streak meets a reality on the stock market, Chris Johnson says this trade could be the key to doubling your money on a downward trend.

Though stocks have seen a lot of bullish activity of late, with exception of yesterday's retracement, the majority of our good fortune has been the result of Washington's economic intervention.

Surely the POTUS would not allow a stock market crash so close to election time, and Fed Chair Jerome Powell has made it very clear that they are willing to do whatever it takes to bolster our economy - even if it means giving Americans a false sense of security.

As Chris puts it, "The checkbook is open."

On the other hand, simply going short in this market could also read for disaster... At any moment, a bullishly charged headline or a new stimulus announcement could send stocks flying skyward.

That's why our next move needs to be more strategic as we shift gears into defense mode.

And that's exactly what we're doing today in the latest episode of "Fast Profits with Money Morning." Today, Chris is bringing you a trade targeting the Fed's go-to practice for propping up the market: printing U.S. dollars.

As Washington pumps more and more money back into our economy, a desperate attempt to encourage uninhibited consumerism, we're going to see American currency weaken significantly over the next few months.

And this practice won't be likely to hit the brakes in the event of a random stock rally at the hands of misguided retail investors.

But, as the bottom falls out from under the dollar, this bearish currency ETF will be sure to cash in on the fall.

Here's Chris with the full details...

Action to take No. 1: Buy shares of Invesco DB US Dollar Index Bearish Fund (NYSE: UDN) using a limit order of $21.

Action to take No. 2: Buy to open UDN Dec. 18, 2020 $21 calls (UDN201218C00021000) using a limit order of $0.30.

Stock Market Secrets: How to Win a Fixed Game

One key takeaway from today's issue of Fast Profits: The market is rarely what it seems.

Even with decades of experience, any trader could be schemed out of their profits before they know what's happening.

Any number of factors going on behind the scenes - any finance moguls with deep pockets and secret agendas - could be driving the market out of your favor.

In fact, for years, the 1% were dealing in over secret 50 stock exchanges kept hidden from the public eye. And no one was able to access them... that is until D.R. Barton, Jr., made a friend out of the right FBI informant.

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D.R. can tap into this "back door" and pinpoint where and when the money is moving - down to the exact minute.

His strategy has already been proven - in June alone, his recommendations have already closed out five 100% winners.

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