Why I’ll Buy Crypto Over Stocks Any Day of the Week

Here's a question I get a lot: "Should I put my money into stocks or crypto?"

Any Wall Street type would tell you that crypto is a "fad," or "unreliable." They'd tell you the stock market is relatively stable for long-term investments and that anyone can make money off the stock market because stocks vary widely in price and there's an entry point no matter your income level.

And they wouldn't necessarily be wrong, but they'd be glossing over a big problem: The wealthiest 10% of individuals own 89% of all individual stocks.

Let that sink in...

The wealthiest 10% of individuals own 89% of all individual stocks.

That means the only people making real money in that market already have more wealth than they know what to do with. And because they own so much of the total pool of shares, their actions will influence the market way, way more than yours or mine ever will.

Can everyone participate in the stock market? Sure, I guess so... but do you really want your financial future to be the equivalent of a "participation trophy?"

Here's a short video on why, for me, the choice between stocks and crypto isn't really a choice at all...

There's even a category of currencies we've seen outgrow Bitcoin by 2,000% - 3,000% - even 20,000% in prior years. And those same people trying to hand you a market "participation trophy" are probably clueless about them.

There's a cryptocurrency guide I think every investor should see - it was written by an early Bitcoin millionaire, in fact - an eight-year crypto veteran they call "America's No. 1 Pattern Trader." His guide's got metrics for identifying winning coins (and avoiding losers), strategies to double your money thousands of different ways, and how "Currency Waves" can boost your crypto profit potential. You can get your copy of this guide for under 10 bucks right now, over here...

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