Fetch.ai Crypto Price Prediction: Potential Gains of 2,700%

It's been a rough month for cryptocurrencies. While the broader market has dropped off from previous highs, this presents the chance for you to get in on some of the most promising cryptos at a discount and reap the benefits of the coming recovery.

One crypto you'll want to consider is FET - it's a favorite of Alternative Asset Specialist Nick Black. And our Fetch.ai (FET) crypto price prediction will show you how high this crypto could go.

Nick considers it to be one-half of the two-pronged artificial intelligence (AI) investment sphere. That makes FET a fantastic token if you enjoy investing in the AI space.

But what is Fetch.ai exactly?

What Is Fetch.ai (FET) Token?

Fetch.ai and its native token, FET, are unique in the sense that it looks to push blockchain-based machine learning AI to the next level.

When machine learning AI and blockchains converge, blockchains benefit from AI's ability to quickly analyze large amounts of data. For tech that relies on the storage and transfer of data, this presents huge upside potential.

Co-founded by CEO Human Sheikh, a founding investor for the AI company DeepMind, Toby Simpson, developer at DeepMind and producer of the artificial-life game Creature, and Thomas Hain, a professor in advanced machine learning, Fetch.ai is a think tank powerhouse on the verge of revolutionizing the way tech informs and improves our lives.

This ranges from how we drive our cars to the way companies develop and improve products by bridging the gap between cutting-edge tech innovations and the devices we use every day. To do this, Fetch.ai has created the first multi-agent SaaS blockchain platform, which is what allows for quick and efficient use of these complex AI-based algorithms.

At the IAA Mobility conference this past year, Fetch.ai displayed "Deep Parking." This program uses that multi-agent blockchain platform to send users live parking recommendations as suggested by the AI based on availability, costs, road conditions, and other factors.

Some of the biggest names in the auto industry, like Tesla and Audi, were in attendance. This gave Fetch.ai a massive stage to display the potential of blockchain-based machine learning - the "Deep Parking" display was well received, which was a huge win for innovation when the auto industry has a history of being more conservative.

Partnerships with companies like German manufacturer Bosch use machine-learning algorithms on Fetch.ai's Collective Learning network to help find issues within the machines. Fetch.ai is also in a partnership with fintech platform Algbra to bring decentralized financial (DeFi) services to minority communities.

Fetch.ai has also expanded into non-fungible tokens (NFTs) with the launch of its Colearn Paint NFT platform. This platform allows creators to use machine learning to effortlessly generate NFTs - 100 creators bid in an auction to take part in the process. Those selected then input a random pattern and choose from AI-generated artworks to create the NFTs to sell.

Fetch.ai is expanding and taking on projects in a number of industries, all of which serve to bring in more potential users to the platform.

So, what does this all this mean for FET?

FET Crypto Price Prediction: Potential Gains of 2,700% in 12 Months

It means that it's moving in a good direction - the more users that Fetch.ai brings in, the higher that FET will move. And Fetch.ai is putting in the work to build up a community of users, both larger companies and smaller, independent groups.

While the token might've taken a solid hit, that just means you can get more for your money. Right now, you can buy FET crypto for $0.55 per token. That's 72% cheaper than the highs that FET hit back in September.

And not only are you getting this crypto at a steep discount, but you're investing in an innovative crypto with incredible upside potential.

Nick Black sees FET making some major moves in 2022 - moves that can push FET as high as $15 per token. And at its current price, he sees no reason why you shouldn't consider adding this crypto to your wallet.

If you were to invest in FET crypto today, you could see gains of 2,700% over the next 12 months.

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