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Biotech Investing

The 5 Top Pharma Companies Behind the World's Most Expensive Drugs

The world's top pharma companies bring in billions in revenue every year, sometimes from only a few products.

That's the case with each of these top pharma companies. This chart shows the most expensive prescription drugs in the world. The most expensive drug, Soliris, costs each patient $409,500 every year.

Here are the seven most expensive drugs in the world:

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Ambarella (Nasdaq: AMBA) Stock Still a 2015 Top Pick Despite Sell-Off

Our 2015 top stock picks list still features Ambarella Inc. (Nasdaq: AMBA) stock.

This is despite a week of panicked selling that, when all was said and done, sent the stock down more than 25%.

Well, it's rebounding and ready for another surge...

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Healthcare Stocks Turn DJIA Futures Today Healthy Shade of Green

Find out what's ahead for the stock market today.

Get DJIA futures today, stocks to watch, the biggest stock market news, and today's best profit plays.

Continue reading here...


How to Tell "Failing Forward" from Just Plain Failing

When a company is struggling to hold on to customers or find ways to eke out revenue, you'll often see it begin to release news of adjustments or pivots in its business model, replete with claims that the new strategy will turn things around.

I've seen this time and time again in recent months, and it can be difficult to determine whether these are true buying opportunities for companies on the cheap, or signs of a failing stock rattling off comforting words.

Recently I received an interesting question from a Money Map Report reader, Jack, that gave us a great example of this. The stock was as high-profile as they come, Twitter.

energy sector

Three Ways a Greek Debt Settlement Will Affect the Energy Sector

There are now rising indications that the Greek government and its creditors are going to avert a full-blown financial meltdown…

And this means there are some positive developments coming for the energy sector.

Here's what needs to happen in Greece... and how it could affect an entire industry...


What Is the TransUnion (NYSE: TRU) Stock Price Today?

The TransUnion IPO priced above the midpoint of its $21 to $23 range at $22.50. The deal raised $665 million.

If it follows the typical first-day trajectory, the TransUnion (NYSE: TRU) stock price today will soar.

But there's one factor that could pose a huge threat to TRU stock over the long term...


4 Charts That Show Japan Stock Market Rally Is Overdone

In Japan, stock market euphoria has taken hold.

The reality of the Japanese economy is much bleaker than the roaring Japanese stock market would have you believe.

Here are four charts that explain Japan's current crisis not reflected in this rally...


How to Buy Bitcoins with Cloud Mining

Of all the ways how to buy bitcoins, cloud mining may be the most unusual.

With Bitcoin cloud mining, you don't buy bitcoins or the actual hardware used to "mine" it. You buy a contract for a certain amount of mining power, known as "hashing power" for a certain period of time.

While it can be risky, cloud mining does have a romantic appeal. Here's what you need to know...


This Nasdaq IPO Chart Shows the 20 Largest Stock Debuts of the Year

Our new 2015 Nasdaq IPO chart consists of the 20 largest debuts on the Nasdaq stock exchange.

The Nasdaq has had more than 1,044 IPOs over the last 15 years. That constitutes 54% of the total 1,928 IPOs over that period.

Here are the 20 largest Nasdaq IPOs by deal size that have hit the market in 2015...

biotech investing

Google's Larry Page and Sergey Brin Plan to Cure Aging with Biotech Venture

Google Inc.'s (Nasdaq: GOOG, GOOGL) Larry Page and Sergey Brin have taken anti-aging to a whole new level.

In 2013, Google founded the biotech company Calico along with Apple Inc. (Nasdaq: AAPL) Chairman Arthur Levinson.

Rather than focusing on diseases, Calico was founded to cure aging. According to Page, expanding the human life span by as much as 100 years is the company's goal.

Thanks to new breakthroughs, they may be closer than you think...