Assassin's Mace Could Lead to WW3 in South China Sea

Revealed Below:

The Pentagon's $1.743 Trillion Plan to Stop a Chinese Sneak Attack Dead in Its Tracks

China's DF-21D, "carrier killer" missile is a deadly new capability Beijing now believes can tip the balance of power in the South China Sea.

What makes this new superweapon so deadly is it can strike targets as far as 1,242 miles away at Mach 10.

That's the equivalent of firing a missile from New York City and hitting a target in Miami in less than 12 minutes.

For American sailors in the Western Pacific, this new superweapon is the sum of all of their deadliest fears...

Because, by its own admission, the U.S. Navy is completely DEFENSELESS against missiles with speeds in excess of Mach 5.

At Mach 10, the DF-21D exceeds that by a factor of TWO.

Which is why, according to the National Ground Intelligence Center, it gives China the ability to defeat U.S. forces on their turf.

Declassified Document, National Ground Intelligence Center

And China isn't just hosting war games to scare us...

They're putting their "Assassin's Mace" plan into action.

The Chinese have already deployed DF-21D missiles to strategic military positions in Liaoning, Jiangxi, Yunnan, Fujian, and Qinghai...

All within striking distance of South Korea, Guam, Taiwan, Vietnam, the Philippines, and every U.S. base in the region.

So this isn't a "future" scenario.

It's a "now" emergency. By the Pentagon's own estimates...

China Has Enough Missiles to Wipe Out Every
U.S. Carrier Strike Group on the Planet

Making matters worse is what has been revealed in a series of declassified documents.

China has armed a variant of these "carrier killers" with an "Electromagnetic Bomb" that can knock out the sophisticated defense systems of a U.S. carrier strike group within seconds.

If this were to happen, to quote Mao Zedong, America's vaunted Navy would be left like "A blind man trying to catch fish with his bare hands."

Now, the Chinese think they can take us down hard.

According to the People's Liberation Army...

Now, I don't know about you...

But hearing the PLA refer to our Naval officers as dogs really me ticks me off.

China has become so delusional they believe they've got the upper hand.

But I can promise you they are about to learn a very hard lesson.

Surrender Just Isn't in Our National DNA

We have a few tricks up our sleeves.

$1.743 trillion worth of them.

And you're about to see them in all their red, white, and blue glory.

My name is Dr. Kent Moors. I spent 40 years as an Intelligence Officer.

During Vietnam, I led a 100-man counterintelligence team tasked with neutralizing Viet Cong warlords.

And during the Cold War, I worked behind enemy lines - behind the Iron Curtain - conducting operations that are still classified to this very day.

By all accounts, I should've been killed two or three times by now.

That's why I have three Distinguished Service Medals from Presidents Nixon, Reagan, and Clinton on my desk right now.

They're next to the 23 commendations I have from the U.S. Intelligence Community, including the Intelligence equivalent of the Medal of Honor.

And those are just the ones I can tell you about.

But I'm not retired.

I'm still in the game today.

I'm on two U.S. State Department task forces.

I consult with high-ranking members of OPEC, the IEA, EIA, and the European Union.

And I'm an official advisor to 29 world governments including:

The United States, Russia, Ukraine, Iraq...

And yes... even China.

I'm Right in the Middle of
This South China Sea Situation
And I Refuse to Stay Silent About It

For me, this situation is strikingly familiar, except before it was the Soviets who were doing the saber-rattling.

Back in the 1980s, I worked directly with the Reagan Administration.

And let me tell you - while publicly we portrayed the Soviets as a true threat...

Privately, we never thought for a moment they could emerge from the Cold War victorious.

Because we knew we had the one secret we could use to defeat them.

It's the same secret we have at our beck and call right now - the most powerful and innovative defense contractors on the planet.

They gave the brave men and women of our military an insurmountable advantage.

They also gave American investors the opportunity to earn small fortunes in no time whatsoever.

From before President Reagan took office to the moment he demanded that Gorbachev tear down the Berlin Wall...

  • General Dynamics shares jumped 654%, thanks in large part to their F-16 fighter jet...
  • Lockheed Martin shares surged 1,809% with the help of their F-117 Nighthawk...
  • And Boeing's work on the B-2 Stealth Bomber was a major catalyst for their stock soaring 880%.

Thanks to these defense contractors, we won the Cold War.

Now I believe this story is playing out again...

Only this time it's China that needs to be given a swift and devastating reality check.

And that's exactly what's about to happen.

The Pentagon Has Begun a Massive "Pacific Pivot" Shifting 60% of Its Resources to the Region

Over the next five years alone, the U.S. military will spend a mammoth $1.743 trillion to defeat China.

And behind the scenes, the Pentagon has been secretly placing big bets on a new generation of defense contractors.

These small firms have been working with DARPA, our top-secret weapons maker, hunting for a way to obliterate the "carrier killer" missile.

And one of these defense contractors has cracked the code.

It's developed something that looks like it comes straight from the pages of a science fiction novel.

And I've been cleared to show you simulated footage of it in action that has never been seen before.

Ahead: Declassified Footage of
the Pentagon's $45 Billion Secret Weapon

Right now, this defense contractor is small and agile - 1/100th the size of the General Dynamics, the Lockheed Martins, the Boeings, and other huge players in this space.

So it's completely off the radar, but as I'm about to show, that could change at any minute.

Because I believe this firm's technology is on the verge of creating $45 billion in new wealth for American patriots who invest right now.

Play your cards right, and this defense contractor might just hand you a 1,869% windfall.

That's enough to turn every $1,000 you invest into $19,690.

Before I tell you about this defense contractor and its mind-blowing breakthrough...

You first need to understand the situation at hand.

So What Would Cause China to do the Unthinkable?

To launch an "Assassin's Mace" attack that would inevitably start WWIII?

China's endgame is as old as the industrial age itself.

It's the same reason the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor.


The South China Sea could contain as much as 130 billion barrels of oil and 900 trillion cubic feet of natural gas.

These untapped reserves are so large it is being called the "Second Persian Gulf."

This massive treasure - potentially worth as much as $9.2 trillion - is being claimed, in parts, by Taiwan, Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia, Brunei, Japan, and, of course, China.

The problem is China thinks almost all of it belongs to them.

And their top military brass is itching to take down one of these countries to make the rest cower in fear...

And give up their claims.

Here's where it gets even messier.

The United States has mutual defense treaties, bilateral defense pacts, or sensitive alliances with each of these countries.

So now...

The Only Thing That Stands
Between China and All of That Oil
Is the United States Navy

And China knows it.

That's why they have been constructing artificial islands at strategic locations all across the East and South China Sea.

Now they are rapidly turning all of this new "territory" into military bases.

The biggest is in a desolate place called Fiery Cross Reef.

As these intelligence photos clearly show...

China has constructed a 10,800-foot airstrip here so their fighters, bombers, and missiles can threaten the entire region.

They've also militarized Subi Reef, Woody Island, and Mischief Reef.

Now the stage has been set for a violent showdown.

So Imagine for a Second China's War Game Wasn't a "Game" at All... It Was Real

And the Target was the U.S.S. Ronald Reagan, the Most Sophisticated Supercarrier on Earth

It's the centerpiece of the Seventh Fleet based at the Yokosuka Naval Installation in Japan.

Just 984 miles from the Chinese DF-21D missile base in Liaoning...

Or well within the "carrier killer's" 1,242 mile "kill zone."

Now let's say China fires some missiles into the Strait of Taiwan, just like they did in 1996.

You can bet the U.S.S. Reagan would be deployed.

Now, to be sure, a U.S. carrier strike force is very big... and very well defended.

At sea, it typically consists of:

  • One Nimitz-class Super Carrier...
  • Two Ticonderoga-class Cruisers...
  • Two Arleigh Burke-class Destroyers...
  • One fast combat supply ship...
  • One Perry-class Frigate.

And they're all defended by the most advanced anti-missile technology in the world - the Aegis Combat System.

But the fact is the AEGIS Combat System has a fatal flaw...

It's called a "saturation limit." Remember those two words.

That's the number of Chinese missiles the Navy can actually shoot down.

Out in the open waters, a carrier group's saturation limit is roughly 240.

On their home turf, that gives the Chinese a distinct numerical advantage.

With very little warning...

The People's Liberation Army Could Black Out the Sky with the Biggest Barrage of Missiles the World Has Ever Seen

In an "Assassin's Mace" scenario we've developed...

Our realistic Chinese strike on the Reagan carrier group would include an attack by 24 land-based H-6G bombers.

They'd approach in two groups...

One from the Chinese mainland heading EAST.

The other from Fiery Cross reef in the South.

Each bomber would be armed with four supersonic anti-ship missiles like the one you see here.

It's the YJ-12.

At launch, they would be coordinated to hit the fleet at the exact same time.

But they wouldn't be alone.

The attack would also include a swarm of 25 Houbei-class catamarans striking from their mainland bases.

These boats are fast and stealthy enough to encircle a carrier group.

Each can launch eight anti-ship cruise missiles in a precision attack.

When added to the YJ-12s screaming inbound, the numbers would be above and beyond the Reagan strike group's saturation limit.

Our ships would be sitting ducks.

That's when the Chinese would unleash their death blow.

From the mainland, the PLA would launch a salvo of 50 DF-21D "carrier killer" missiles.

Each traveling at 10 times the speed of sound.

At the Height of This Chaos and Completely
Out of Ammo...

These "carrier killer" missiles would be free to slam into the flight deck of the U.S.S. Ronald Reagan.

And a massive Chinese victory would be a certainty.

Or at least that's what their war hawks think.

But they are dead wrong.

As I'm about to show you, while the Chinese have been busy playing checkers... we've been playing chess!

Make no mistake...

The Pentagon Isn't Waiting
for an "Assassin's Mace"
Catastrophe to Unfold

And let me assure you, we are NOT starting at square one.

We've been covertly developing our checkmate move since 2002.

That was the year Lt. General Paul Van Riper, conducted one of the biggest war games ever conceived.

During my time in Vietnam, "Rip" was known as a Marine who could get things done.

And this was no exception.

Using "Assassin's Mace" tactics...

He launched a massive salvo of missiles that quickly exceeded the saturation limit.

When the smoke had cleared, an aircraft carrier, ten cruisers, and five amphibious ships had all been sent to the bottom of the ocean.

What we learned in that "defeat" set the Navy on an entirely new course. And 20 more wargames followed where, piece by piece, we discovered a way to conquer "The Assassin's Mace."

The problem was the technology was the stuff of science fiction...

That is, until now.

Today, the Pentagon Is Fast-Tracking Billions
into a Series of Top-Secret Weapons Programs
to Defeat the Chinese

They're being run through the Strategic Capabilities Office, or SCO.

This new unit is the action arm of DARPA, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.

It's been secretly funneling billions of dollars to the next generation of defense contractors.

Together they are part of a modern-day Manhattan Project to prevent World War III.

We're talking about great American companies with revenues in the hundreds of millions.

Or a tiny fraction of the $96 billion Boeing took in last year.

That's why these companies have been able to stay under the radar for so long.

Now, for one of them, I believe that's about to change and FAST.

It's developed a superweapon that can obliterate "The Assassin's Mace."

Now grab some popcorn, sit back, and enjoy watching China being taken to the woodshed.

Say "Hello" to My (New) Little Friend

Off the coast of Florida, on board the U.S.S. Trenton, the Navy is field-testing an astonishing new "supergun."

It's called the Mach 7 Cannon.

And along with the highly advanced rounds it fires...

This new superweapon is unlike anything you've ever seen before.

Frankly, the physics involved is mind-boggling.

Instead of gun powder, the Mach 7 Cannon works using ELECTRICTY.

On the order of 25 megawatts.

All discharged in 10 milliseconds.

That's enough power to accelerate a round to Mach 7 in less time than it takes you to blink.

It's So Fast, It Can Take Out a Target 100 Miles Away in a Mere 67 Seconds...

And the Chinese Would Never Be Able to Hear or See It Coming

Early versions of the Mach 7 Cannon generated so much heat when fired, sections of the gun barrel melted.

However, after thousands of test shots, it's ready to unleash all hell downrange.

Now, what makes this weapon so deadly are its game-changing rounds.

Inventing a bullet like this - one reliable enough to be classified as "military-grade" - has been nothing less than an amazing feat of American ingenuity.

In order to survive the extreme temperatures and forces generated at launch...

Each bullet is built of classified, high-tech composites and comes equipped with the most rugged electronics package ever invented.

These aren't your average, ordinary "dumb" rounds, either.

Unlike the shells fired by today's five-inch Naval guns...

These "Smart Bullets" Change Direction in Flight

I know that sounds crazy... but it's true.

Take a close look at the outside of one of these bullets.

You'll see it comes with four small fins at its base.

These fins allow it to maneuver and be course-corrected in flight.

And if you were to open up one of these "smart bullets," you'd find a tactical data link and a sophisticated guidance package embedded inside of it.

So it can receive real-time instructions on a target's location and intercept it.

And it works without fail.

Even under the toughest conditions.

Per military specs, this "smart bullet's" guidance system is engineered to withstand 30,000 g's in less than a second.

That's 4,172 times the g-force experienced by Apollo 16 on re-entry.

This new superweapon comes with an unprecedented combination of precision and power.

It can blast ballistic missiles out of the sky at seven times the speed of sound.

It is virtually unstoppable.

Whatever These "Smart Bullets" Slam Into...
They Absolutely Annihilate

Each 23-pound, precision-guided "smart bullet" strikes with 32 megajoules of force.

Or the equivalent of a one-ton steel rod slamming into wall at 3,180 miles per hour.

In tests, these "smart bullets" sliced through six half-inch steel plates like they were butter.

There's nothing in the sky that will survive against that.

The kinetic energy alone is enough to make vehicle-sized targets disappear in balls of fire.

And because each ship might hold as many as 10,000 of these "smart bullets"...

The Navy will never have to worry about "going Winchester" again.

That's their lingo for running out of ammo...

According to SCO Director Dr. William Roper, with these Mach 7 Cannons, we now have the ability to "defend against an incoming salvo with a bullet."

So Now Let's Go Back to That War Game...

But we'll rewind it a bit.

Because this time the carrier group is armed with Mach 7 Cannons on its cruisers and destroyers... 15 in total.

Now if China were to initiate an Assassin's Mace attack we could fill the sky with 450 missile-killing "smart bullets" in just three minutes.

That means those YJ-12s, the anti-ship missiles on China's Houbei attack boats, and the DF-21D "carrier killers"...

The ones that were screaming in from all directions...

Bearing down on the U.S.S. Ronald Reagan...

And drastically exceeding our saturation limit...

They'd be swatted out of the sky like pesky gnats.

Obliterated by a "wall of lead" the likes of which the world has never seen before.

And at just $25,000 a shell, the Navy can fire "smart bullets" at million-dollar Chinese missiles all day long... and not run out.

In other words...

The Navy Has Enough Precision-Guided
American-Made Firepower to Stop World War III

At the end of the day, the Chinese are smart.

They are cold and calculating - pragmatic to their very core.

They won't start a war unless they are 100% sure they can win it.

And I doubt they want to take on the Mach 7 Cannon "Peacemaker."

In fact, according to the Chief of Naval Research, Rear Admiral Matthew Klunder...

No... China won't.

And here's another reason why...

Once These Mach 7 Cannons Are Done Picking Off Every Missile China Throws Our Way...

They Can Target Every Military Installation on the Chinese Mainland Within 200 Miles of
the Reagan Strike Group

Folks, this is the very definition of a battlefield game-changer.

And its thanks to the efforts of the small U.S. defense contractor I'm about to show you and the thousands of Americans it employs.

To defend our brave men and women, they've invented...

The new arsenal of democracy.

This Mach 7 Cannon and the "smart bullets" it fires are the future of the Navy, folks. Right here. Right now.

And one American company less than 1/100th the size of Lockheed Martin is at the forefront of both.

Right now its market cap is $382 million.

And shares are trading for around $6 apiece.

To give that even more context, General Dynamics' market cap is $50.6 BILLION.

And its shares are trading for north of $150.

Compared to General Dynamics,
This Defense Contractor Is Tiny...
But That Could Change FAST!

So as far as defense contractors go, the one that's developed the Mach 7 Cannon and these "smart bullets" is not even a blip on the radar.

But that's about to change real fast...

In fact, it could quickly become one of the biggest defense contractors on the planet.

Now, I'm going to be blunt with you here. I can't tell you everything about this project. Much of it is top secret by every possible definition.

I can't even tell you how much a Mach 7 Cannon costs. But I don't need to.

Because when you see the potential value of just these "smart bullets," you'll agree that it could be why insiders at this company are locking down all the shares they can.

So absent the details I'm forbidden to reveal, here's what I can tell you.

Over the last two years, this defense contractor initially received multiple contracts totaling $29 million.

One was labeled as a "mystery contract," obviously due to the sensitive nature of the technology.

It was awarded for the specific purpose of servicing a gun that uses electricity to propel projectiles at high rates of speed.

In other words, the Mach 7 Cannon.

They also received funding to design, engineer, and manufacture the guidance system, as well as the prototype for "smart bullets."

So it's not hard to follow the breadcrumbs here.

That small starter funding was just to prove this superweapon system was viable - this cash was just a drop in the bucket.

Now, after successful tests, the size of these contracts is set to explode...

DARPA's "Strategic Capabilities Office" is planning to spend another $800 million on this technology.

But they aren't the only ones at the Pentagon interested in this superweapon system.

There could quickly be tens of billions of dollars in play. Some simple math will make this very clear.

Again, I can't tell you what the Pentagon is going to pay for the Mach 7 Cannon.

But I can talk about the "smart bullets."

For sake of discussion, imagine one U.S. carrier group outfitted with 15 Mach 7 Cannons. That's three cannons mounted on five ships, or exactly what I laid out for you in the war game.

To be conservative, let's assume each cannon is armed with 1,000 "smart bullets"...

And each "smart bullet" costs $25,000.

That's $375 million right there...

Or almost as much as the entire market cap of this defense contractor.

Let that number sink in for a moment.

Now multiply it by 10.

Because that's how many carrier groups we have.

So conservatively speaking, that's an estimated $3.75 billion opportunity.

Not bad.

However, Those "Smart Bullets" Aren't Just for Mach 7 Cannons

They're so effective...

The Navy is also going to use them in their deck-mounted, five-inch guns.

The type in this picture right here.

The Navy has 113 of them.

And if each is equipped with 1,000 "smart bullets"...

That's another 113,000 "smart bullets" at $25,000 a pop.

So we can potentially add another $2.825 billion to the running tally.

Now you're looking at a $6.575 billion opportunity.

That alone would represent an over-16-fold boost in this defense contractor's market cap.

But we aren't just talking about naval applications.

The U.S. Army has demonstrated the ability to fire these "smart bullets" from their 155-millimeter Paladin self-propelled howitzers...

That opens the door to arming 900 Paladin howitzers with hundreds of thousands of additional new "smart bullets."

That could be another $22.5 billion right there.

In fact, tests were so successful Adm. Harry Harris, the commander of U.S. Pacific Fleet, believes we should think about using shore-based Army howitzers on our bases to defend against missiles in the South China Sea.

Add in the estimated cost of the Mach 7 Cannon, and every application of these "smart bullets."

And I Believe This $382 Million Defense Contractor Is in Position to Control a $45 Billion Opportunity.

That's the Equivalent of It Growing 111-Fold in Size

But it's chump change to the Pentagon when you consider the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan could end up costing upwards of $6 trillion when all is said and done.

The Mach 7 Cannon and "smart bullets" can prevent an even costlier and deadlier conflict with China from ever taking place.

So they're worth every penny. And for investors, the company behind this superweapon system could be worth an absolute fortune.

Again, it's trading for around $6 a share right now.

But from everything I'm hearing - from everything I'm seeing - DARPA is going to transform them into an absolute behemoth...

Like General Dynamics, Lockheed Martin, and Boeing before them.

Consider this: For over 57 years, DARPA has pioneered and funded some of the best breakthrough military technologies, including...

The Corona Spy satellites that kept tabs on the Soviet Union...

The compact engines that power our Tomahawk cruise missiles...

The stealth technology that was used to tremendous effect during the Gulf War...

And the GPS-guided weapon systems that helped crush Saddam Hussein.

This clandestine government agency even laid the critical foundations for:

  • The internet
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Speech recognition
  • Smartphones
  • Digital photography
  • Virtual reality

In short, nearly every major technological advance in our lifetimes.

Trillions of Dollars of New Wealth Has Been Created by DARPA...

Now Is Your Chance to Get In On
the Next Big Opportunity

And I don't want you to pass it up.

As I mentioned earlier, I've seen this all before firsthand.

I worked behind the Iron Curtain as a counterintelligence operative and assisted the Reagan Administration with developing plans to defeat the USSR.

I was there when our top defense contractors helped us win the Cold War.

They all graduated from DARPA. And they all delivered powerful windfalls to the Americans who backed them.

  • General Dynamics first delivered 654% gains from stopping the Cold War. It then went on develop new technologies, eventually rising 11,040%.
  • Boeing initially surged 880% on its way to an 8,985% payday.
  • And Lockheed Martin first soared 1,809% before absolutely exploding up 24,148%.

And the truth is you don't have to go that far back to understand that if you invest in small defense contractors right before they become very big defense contractors...

You can become very rich.

Look at Force Protection.

It makes the mine resistant trucks that keep our soldiers safe from IEDs...

During the Iraq War it delivered a 1,621% windfall in just 68 weeks.

Point Blank Solutions is a maker of the body armor we used in Iraq...

It soared 3,029%...

Ceradyne develops advanced armor systems and ballistic helmets.

It gave investors the chance to capture 3,788%.

Then there's Simrad Optronics.

It's a maker of high-end observation and target acquisition systems for light and heavy military vehicles.

It only took a little over a year for it to deliver 1,141% gains.

And Herley Industries Inc., a radar, communications, electronic warfare, and target control provider...

Created the opportunity for Americans to make 1,962%.

These Are All Incredible Examples of How Investing in Great American Defense Contractors Can Secure Our Future, Keep Our Great Nation Safe...

And deliver immense prosperity to Americans who step forward to do their part.

Of course, gains like these don't happen every day. Small stocks can be volatile.

But even a fraction of these gains could change your life.

And I believe the tiny defense contractor that has developed the Mach 7 Cannon and these "smart bullets" could be the greatest story of them all.

It's currently a small player on the scene at $382 million.

But it holds the keys to what could be a $45 billion technology.

The equivalent of it multiplying 111-fold in value.

Yet right now it's trading for barely $6 a share.

But I don't believe it's going to stay that way for much longer.

You See, Just Like Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics, and Boeing, DARPA Isn't Just Funding One Project for This Defense Contractor

They're also the lead contractor for a new direct energy weapon capable of shooting down drones and disabling small attack boats...

All for about 59 cents per shot.

This new superweapon is armed and fully operational on the U.S.S. Ponce.

Now it is being scaled up to take down fighter jets and bombers.

This defense contractor also just received $40.8 million to develop a new generation of combat drones designed to perform like a fighter jet.

The program is run by a former Top Gun officer who rose through the ranks to command the entire Third Fleet.

So after those "test contracts" prove fruitful, multibillion-dollar deals could follow quickly.

After my extensive analysis of this small defense contractor, I'm very confident in saying...

Locking up all the $6 shares you can right now could realistically make you more money than you've ever made in your entire life.

And apparently I'm not the only one who believes this...

This defense contractor's board of directors includes a retired Army colonel who specialized in weapons system operations.

As well as a national security and foreign policy advisor to the Clinton, Bush, and Obama administrations.

They have the connections and expertise to make deals happen.

Over the last year and a half alone, insiders have purchased 1,157,687 shares.

Given the potential of these "ground floor" markets, it's easy to see why.

In fact, using the intelligence I've garnered from my network of contacts...

I Believe This Company Gives You the Chance to Initially Bank Gains as High as 1,869%...

That's Enough to Turn Every $1,000 You Invest into $19,690

But if you are willing to hold the stock even longer, I believe it could return 10X that.

I've been given the go-ahead to release to you all of the cleared details on this company in my latest intelligence briefing.

It's called:

The Mach 7 Cannon

The Pentagon's $45 Billion Secret Weapon for
Stopping The Assassin's Mace

In this exclusive intelligence briefing, I'll walk you through each and every detail of an admittedly sensitive technology that's allowable by law.

I just gave you a small glimpse of the Mach 7 Cannon and its "smart bullets."

When you see it in all its glory, it's going to blow your mind.

And it's going to leave you with no doubts that this is one of the greatest investment plays you'll ever come across.

So I'm also going to take you deep inside the patriotic American company behind the Mach 7 Cannon - their executive team, defense contracts, their patents, their current revenue streams, and future projections.

As I mentioned, this is a $382 million company.

Their competitors like Boeing and Lockheed Martin have small divisions that, on their own, are bigger than this firm.

That's why I love them.

Because they're tiny, yet perfectly positioned to capitalize on a $45 billion opportunity.

Put those two numbers side by side... $382 million now... potentially $45 billion in the pipeline...

That's insane. It only equals one thing: big money.

Big money that you could be a part of.

Yet you can lock down shares for around $6 apiece right now.

The Mach 7 Cannon intelligence briefing will give you specific entry points to follow should you choose to invest.

And you'll be provided with all the proof you need to see this is initially a 1,869% opportunity.

That means you could use this one tiny defense contractor to potentially transform every $1,000 you invest into $19,690.

Invest a few thousand bucks in this play and you could have enough for a sports car.

If you have $10,000 to invest, that could grow into enough cash to buy a brand new, 30-foot saltwater fishing boat equipped with a spacious cabin.

And that's just if you are looking for a quick payout on this defense contractor.

If You're in This for the Long Run...

I'll Explain Why Your Total Windfall
Could be 10X Bigger

That would allow you to take that same fishing boat from, say, Fort Lauderdale to the Bahamas, where you park it at your private dock on your new beachfront estate.

That's how lucrative investing in this one defense contractor could be.

And if that wasn't exciting enough for you, listen to this...

I want to send you The Mach 7 Cannon intelligence briefing for free.

In fact, it's just one piece of something much bigger that I'd like to get into your hands AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

It's called...

The American Victory Blueprint

Listen, I am unapologetically patriotic.

I love this country.

And I believe its best days are ahead of it.

I also believe that America, bar none, hands down, has the strongest military on the planet.

And our defense contractors run laps around their foreign competition.

They out-innovate all of our foes.

And they make savvy investors an absolute fortune.

I have never been more excited about this sector than I am right now.

We're on the precipice of nothing short of a defense renaissance.

President Trump has made fortifying our military a staple of his first term.

In fact, estimates suggest between 2016 and 2020 he will push to spend an extra $1 trillion to augment what is already the biggest defense budget in the entire world.

The Mach 7 Cannon isn't the only major benefactor of this spending boom.

And China is not the only foe we're about to take to the woodshed.

This could make investors who target specific, small defense contractors with laser precision wealthier than their wildest dreams.

That's why I made The American Victory Blueprint a top priority.

I've been cleared to brief you on three additional ENEMY-BUSTING technologies that can keep our country safe and radically enhance your net worth.

Each is documented in a time-sensitive intelligence briefing.

The next involves a massive breakthrough that is about to make GPS as obsolete as the floppy disk...

It has the potential to earn early investors millions while eradicating Vladimir Putin's most brash plan yet.

It's revealed in:

The Atomic Navigator

The $95 Billion Tech That Can Quintuple Your Money While Pummeling Putin's Space War

As you know, GPS technology was created under the watchful eye of DARPA.

And today its applications are mission-critical for our military aircrafts, including drones.

Our soldiers use it in their handheld devices and for navigation in their vehicles.

Our missiles are GPS-guided. And so are the defense systems that protect our ships and bases from incoming threats.

In other words, GPS is an immense strength and an immense weakness for our military.

And Russia believes they have a way to defeat us by exploiting this weakness.

This is Russia's A-235 Nudol anti-satellite missile.

Its specific use is to deliver a devastating and crippling blow to the GPS satellites in orbit that communicate with our devices 20,000 kilometers below.

The Pentagon takes this threat so seriously, it's going to spend $22 billion to prevent a scenario just like this from ever taking place.

And DARPA has once again come through.

This chip is an atomic navigator.

It's about the size of an apple seed.

And it could replace GPS altogether.

It works by exploiting a unique aspect of physics that - until now - has never been commercialized.

Inside this tiny breakthrough is a mind-bending array of self-calibrating gyroscopes and accelerometers along with a highly precise atomic clock.

Together, this quantum leap forward allows nearly any "smart weapon" to hit its target - and any vehicle to navigate without any connection to a GPS signal.

In other words, the Atomic Navigator doesn't rely on satellites.

Even better, it's 1,000 times more accurate than any GPS system currently in existence.

It's designed to work in buildings, tunnels, even under the ocean - all of the places GPS fails miserably.

The defense contractor that developed the Atomic Navigator has secured four critical patents for this technology.

So they've effectively blocked out any competitors from trying to duplicate their breakthrough.

That puts them and early investors solidly on "the ground floor."

That's why I fully expect shares of this American company to skyrocket by 544%.

Turning every $1,000 invested into $6,440.

But I have 95 billion reasons why that's just a starting point for the windfall in play here.

Think about what happened after the Defense Department released GPS to the civilian market.

It spawned billions and billions of dollars of new economic activity.

And the leaders in this space provided enormous gains to investors.

Shares of...

Trimble Navigation Ltd. jumped by 638%...

SiRF Technology Holdings gained 211%...

And the biggest name in GPS - Garmin Ltd. - jumped by 1,166%...

In the coming years, this technology could replace nearly $95 billion worth of sales in everyday GPS applications.

It could knock out all of the existing players in this space and - because it has the patents - control this market all by itself.

So If You Were to Hold This Stock, You Might Be Able to Take a Potential 544% Short-Term Gain and Multiply It by 10

And the next opportunity in The American Victory Blueprint could present an even bigger payday.

Because it could protect the United States from one of our biggest threats: cyberwar.

This intelligence briefing is called...

DARPA's Plan "X"

Set Yourself Up for 759% Gains From Humiliating Foreign Hackers

The Department of Defense has over 15,000 computer networks and seven million computers connected to bases around the world.

This has made Cyberspace the Pentagon's "Achilles Heel."

Rogue shadow groups in China, Russia, North Korea, and Iran would like nothing more than to cripple our military and economy with a cyber-attack.

In fact, according to Forbes, the rise of hackers digitally breaking into major corporations and government agencies is projected to cause $2.1 trillion in damage.

But DARPA is about to stomp out that threat, too.

They've been working with a legendary hacker from the "DC Black Ops Unit" of a major defense contractor that also has deep ties to M.I.T.

Together they have developed a breakthrough new system that can withstand a national-level cyber-attack... and counterstrike these clowns at "net speed."

It's codenamed Plan X.

And it's designed to find and fix cyber-attacks in mere milliseconds.

This defense contractor has secured 380 critical cyber patents for their tech.

And it won't be long before it rapidly migrates to the civilian market.

Already this cyber defender has acquired 21,000 civilian clients worldwide.

Now This DARPA Darling Is on the Verge of Dominating What's Expected to Be a $1 Trillion Market Over the Next Five Years

And along with its other top-secret DARPA-related endeavors, that makes this rising cyber powerhouse an easy 759% gainer from here.

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Not all of the dangers we face come with the crash of a bomb. Or in a string of malicious code.

Some attacks are economic...

Like the "Oil Jihad" being waged against us by the Saudis.

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This intelligence briefing is called...

The Saudi Oil Jihad

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Fracking is yesterday's news.

There's an energy story no one is telling you about that's happening now. And it's huge.

Working from a lab in Fresno, Texas, an obscure under-the-radar company has developed something truly amazing.

I call it FREE OIL!

The reason why is simple...

Their patented technology significantly INCREASES the amount of oil that can be pumped from a well.

So much so it's turning the tide in the OIL WAR.

It's all made possible by a rare mineral mined in select areas of Illinois.

Today, this unique substance and the breakthrough it enables are being used in oil fields all across the nation.

And some drillers are using it to increase their production by 50%.

And here's the thing...

This firm is sitting on so much of this critical resource, they could produce it for 54 years and not run out.

Now I believe this tiny company is on the brink of a making a HUGE move.

How big?

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Nobody Knows How to Make Money from the Defense and Energy Markets Like I Do

Bottom line: I know all of the heavy hitters.

The folks I consult with - the clients who have me on speed dial - include:

  • Nine of the world's biggest oil companies
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  • The IEA
  • The EIA
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  • The U.S. Intelligence Community
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Sinopec executives came to my vacation home in the Bahamas to map out that massive deal.

When Former Polish President Lech Wałęsa wanted to build a strategy for easing energy conflicts between Eastern Europe and Russia...

He came to me and we plotted the best course of action together.

I've spent a lifetime going head-to-head with government ministers... dictators... ambassadors... diplomats... royal family members... OPEC heads... top generals... oil sheiks...

Sometimes I'm on their side of the deal - sometimes on the other.

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In recent years, I have been working to bring everyday investors into my world.

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