ChatGPT's New iOS App Is a Major AI Milestone

U.S. residents can now take ChatGPT anywhere they go with its new iOS app from OpenAI.

This is a major leap forward for ChatGPT and artificial intelligence (AI) adoption in general. Today, everything has an app - why should AI be any different?

More than 50% of global web traffic comes from smartphones with many people relying on them for Internet access. It's only available in the U.S. right now, but eventually, more than 1 billion iPhone users worldwide will gain access to AI in the palm of their hand. This will have a profound impact on AI adoption rates, increasing its visibility and daily user among the tech-savvy and novices alike.

The desktop version of ChatGPT onboarded one million new users in 24 hours, marking the fastest adoption of any new tech in human history. This phenomenon is called hyper-adoption, aka the rapid adoption of new technology. The last time we saw a hyper-adoption event that is even somewhat comparable to AI was with the Internet in the late 90s, and even that took longer to catch on than ChatGPT.

Plus, the iOS version of ChatGPT includes two new features that aren't available on desktop:

  • Speech-to-text prompting using Whisper, OpenAI's open-source speech recognition system that allows you to give ChatGPT voice instructions.
  • A new search feature that makes it easier to locate old chat logs with ChatGPT.

iPhone users can download ChatGPT for free from the App Store.

In other AI news...

Meta just debuted their new microchip that can power AI training models, marking their entrance into a submarket of AI development: hardware that can handle AI development.

Ten years from now, I don't think Meta will be remembered as one of the major contributors to AI development. They have big pockets, but they don't have big brains. All of its best developers have already left with some of them even jumping ship to OpenAI.

However, the company that is rumored to be producing these chips is one of my top four AI stocks to own, and its price has jumped by 10% over the past week.

Now, as a digital asset investor, 10% is a far lower return than what I'm used to. But this stock is obviously far less volatile than cryptocurrency, so it's a safer bet for investors looking to make some money from AI without diving head-first into digital assets. (Click here to reveal this AI stock.)

Before you sign off for the weekend, watch this short video where I'll clue you in on the biggest developments in AI this week.

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