Stop Kicking Yourself for Not Getting Into CXAI

If you are kicking yourself for not holding CXAI overnight, I have something to tell you...

Stop it. Stop thinking about a stock in that way.

We are never going to hold stocks overnight.

But Kenny, had I held bought it at $2.00, I could have sold it at $60.00!

Could you have?

Were you up at 5:30 this morning trading CXAI monitoring the rip higher?

Does your broker allow you to trade before 7:00 am?

And if it bounced off the VWAP at $14.00, would you have sold into that move higher?

There are so many what-ifs in this CXAI situation.

But the biggest what-if is "What if the stock went to zero instead?"

Do you know how many stocks I've seen go to zero overnight?

I am the king of holding stocks that have gotten delisted.

Enron (ENE), Worldcom (WCOM), Walter Energy (WLT)...


The list goes on and on.

Remember CRDO? Remember SIVB?

They all got delisted, and they all ended up being WORTHLESS.

So let's instead ask ourselves what we SHOULD do with CXAI instead...

Stop kicking yourself that you didn't buy it at $2.00...

And start looking at it as an opportunity to short it instead.

The stock is gapped up over 100% right now overnight.

You don't think that people are just going to sit back and watch it rip higher right?

If it can't break VWAP to the upside...

And it chops around below that beautiful blue line we have...

Chances are that it's heading where it broke out from at $13.00.

Then it's going to $7.00 then to $2.00 then to $0.00.

Because all stocks are worthless.

There are no overnights here. We are not bag holders.

We stalk our trades. We get in, we make our money, and we get out before that opening bell.

And remember, if you want cutting edge trade ideas, price targets, new profit opportunities, daily sessions with me, and the best day-trading advice out there...

Join me in the Warlock's World today.

Today is the last day that you can get in for a 40% discount. So don't let this amazing opportunity slip by you.

Call our team at (877) 212-9163 to lock in this amazing price today!

And as always, feel free to shoot me your questions or comments to [email protected].

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