The market is rigged and this proves it

I just got done trading the Fed news with Garrett Baldwin...

And what an event it was.

Starting right at 2 pm ET the markets ripped to both sides for absolutely no reason...

And then it happened.

We defined our levels, looked at what the market was doing.

And with our powers combined, we made one of the best calls in the history of Trading the Fed.

Click here or the video below to see what happened...

After watching that moment, you have to believe me now when I saw that the market is rigged.

And it's rigged to price.

All of that trading that you saw right there was algorithms going wild.

That's why we use VWAP.

VWAP allows us to see the prices that matter to the algorithms.

And that orange line you saw there?

That's the multi-day VWAP line that I use in the Warlock's World every day.

Those two lines mark significant institutional levels that big trading algorithms use to determine the trajectory of a stock.

It's why that trade worked so well.

Long gone are the days of trading pits.

The majority of people have been replaced by machines. And machines only care about price.

So if you want to be on the right side of trading price...I highly encourage you to join me in the Warlock's World today!

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