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At Money Morning, we regularly give our readers recommendations that crush the market and double their money… like Advanced Micro Devices, which skyrocketed 122% in 11 months.

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One Small-Cap Stock Upending a $1.5 Trillion Global Industry

The global pharmaceutical industry is in for major disruption from medical cannabis. The miracle plant can be used to treat an ever-expanding list of conditions ranging from epilepsy to pain to nausea. Investing in cannabis can be risky, yet this backdoor play combines the stability of a dividend stock with the growth potential of a cannabis stock. These shares have quadrupled in the last two years, yet are still undervalued – so get in now before the next leg up.  

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The Best Streaming Stock to Buy… Isn’t What You Might Think

The streaming war is in full swing, with Disney, Apple, and others muscling in to grab market share from first movers Netflix and Amazon. It’s a gamble trying to pick a winner in an increasingly crowded field. Yet for one streaming stock, there’s no true competition. It owns 40% of a market that could be worth over $120 billion by 2025. And the more players that pile in, the more money it makes. Get our pick for the best streaming stock here…

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