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Research Services

  • Seismic Profits Alert

    Quant Trading Specialist Chris Johnson engineered his Stock Market Seismograph from the ground up to pinpoint the market's biggest earnings-season price eruptions and turn them into the most profitable short-term low-risk options trades.

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  • Money Calendar Pro

    The Money Calendar is Tom’s proprietary system that crunches through 10 years of daily transactions, not only on the best ETFs, but also on more than 300 of the world’s most liquid stocks – like a codebreaker. He sifts through extraordinary patterns nobody else can see, that repeat over and over again with a 90-100% consistency. As if that wasn’t enough, Tom also uses a power meter to pinpoint only the patterns that are getting stronger – give you the best possible trade.

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  • Zenith Trading Circle

    Dozens of American stocks have been scheduled for termination, and now's your chance to cash in. Shah Gilani's uses his Bankruptcy Almanac to show you which companies are about to fail – and precisely when it's going to happen. Follow along with Shah as he reveals how to trade the same flawed companies over and over again for huge gains.

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  • Weekly Cash Clock

    Tom's revolutionary Weekly Cash Clock is the only service that gets you in on a Monday and delivers you well-earned profits on Friday – each and every week, so your next money-doubling trade is never more than a week away.

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  • Micro Energy Trader

    Kent’s long been tracking micro energy stocks with the potential to jump 100%, 200%, or even 400%. But with market caps as low as $100 million, and prices sometimes under $1 a share, these companies are too small for Kent to share them with all of his readers. Instead, we created this exclusive service – limited to just 1,000 people – to give members the chance to capture these explosive gains.

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