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The 5 Top Penny Stocks to Watch in April 2018

Penny stocks are great opportunities for retail investors to generate significant profits with very little investments. In order to help Money Morning readers profit, we're bringing you the five top penny stocks to watch in April 2018.

While a few penny stocks have great growth potential, the truth is that many of these low-cost stocks have very little chance of providing investors with profit.

In an effort to avoid losing your investment, it's important to identify penny stocks that have strong financials and a good chance for growth.


Five Top Penny Stocks to Buy in April 2018

Penny stocks give an investor the opportunity to reap a massive profit with very little initial investment.

That's why we're bringing Money Morning readers the five top penny stocks to buy in April 2018.

Our top five penny stocks for April 2018 all have a perfect VQScore of 4, meaning that they have strong underlying value and a solid chance of providing significant gains.

In fact, a few of them are slated to provide returns of over 70%. Here they are...