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Part I: $4 Trillion in Profit Potential When "Big Data" Becomes Too Big

Equifax announced last week that the intensely private personal data it had in its possession for 143 million Americans had been hacked.

That's one in every two people.

People who…

…didn't ask to be "customers."

…now have a lifelong problem because of Equifax.

…may never recover financially.

I smell a rat.


Yes, and to my way of thinking, deservedly so.

Equifax maintained the financial equivalent of the "holy grail." Social Security numbers, driver license numbers, addresses, bank accounts, dates of birth, and more.

Everything needed to create a "new you."

I'm livid and not just because all this information has been stolen, either.

What really chaps my hide is that criminals can now use this information to file tax returns, claim refunds, access medical records, rent apartments, buy houses, take out loans, and more – all without you knowing for years to come.

This goes way beyond simple identity theft...

Global Market

Global Equity Markets Weaker; Big U.S. Data Week on Tap

World stock markets were mostly lower overnight, following Wall Street's sell off last Friday. U.S. stock indexes are pointed toward weaker openings when the New York day session begins.

Gold prices are slightly lower in pre U.S.-session trading, amid a lack of fresh, bullish fundamental news to support the safe-haven metal.

Focus is on this week's FOMC meeting that begins on Tuesday morning and ends Wednesday afternoon with a statement. T