Marijuana Industry

This Technology Will Fuel Hundreds of Billions in Cannabis Profits

Cannabis has come a long way in a short time and has gone through its first (but certainly not last) ultra-explosive growth phase.

Then it underwent an expected, healthy correction, where investors and companies figured out which ideas worked and which ones didn't.

What emerged was a cannabis sector that's stronger and more robust than it was just four years ago.

Now legal marijuana is primed and ready for the next leg higher.

And the innovative, sophisticated technology our Michael Robinson will show you today is going to help propel it higher.

You see, those cannabis companies that realize the critical importance of high tech will have the edge they need to crush the competition – and deliver extreme returns to their shareholders.

Here's how...

Marijuana Industry

The 7 Top Marijuana Penny Stocks to Watch in 2020

Marijuana stocks may have been hit hard in 2019, but there is no denying the potential of the cannabis sector in the long term.

In fact, no sector in the market offers the same upside as cannabis.

Just look at the growth projections for the industry.

According to Grandview Research, the legal marijuana market is expected to soar from $13.8 billion today to $66.3 billion by 2025.

That's 380% growth for the entire industry.

And the companies we have for you today are by far the top marijuana penny stocks to watch in 2020...