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Buy This or That: Snowflake Versus Fastly

Tech stocks have been the superstars of the market in 2020.

Two of the leading cloud and data management stocks appear to have incredible long-term opportunities.

Both have already had huge gains in 2020, but the outlook shows massive gains for the years ahead as well.

Today, we're looking for the better buy: Snowflake (NASDAQ: SNOW) or Fastly (NASDAQ: FAST).



Markets Live Recap: Stocks Rise Despite 3.17 Million More Unemployment Claims

The U.S. weekly jobless claims number increased another 3.17 million people (versus the 3.05 million expected by economists) today.

That brings the total to 33.5 million Americans unemployed over the last seven weeks.

Stocks shook off the news, however, as the Dow rallied 0.9%.

The Nasdaq rose 1.4% as investors buy into technology stocks that are less likely to be affected by government shutdowns.

Oil was up 10% in the first half of trading, but closed down 3% in a volatile session.

And interestingly enough, gold was up 2% while Bitcoin popped 6%.

Typically, gold is negatively correlated to stocks and goes down when the market goes up.

Here's why our experts – Chris Johnson, D.R. Barton, Jr., and Shah Gilani – think stocks are likely to experience more pain to come.

And why gold (and Bitcoin) might be the big winners over the next couple years...

Dow Jones

The Dow Jones Today Will Jump as Fed Plans Rate Cut

The Dow Jones today is up as investors continue to cheer an expected rate cut later this month by the Federal Reserve.

Fed Chair Jerome Powell will testify today before the Senate Banking Committee, a day after speaking with the House Financial Services Committee.

Powell said the Fed is likely to more actively support economic growth due to the recent stalling in business investments across the country.

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Short selling

The "Weirdest," Most Exciting Chart I've Seen in Four Years

One of my favorite, most powerful tools that's been at the heart of my trading for more than 20 years is short interest.

In fact, I love it so much, I've written about it before, showing how I use it to help pick the best stocks for my Seismic Profits Alert subscribers.

Today, though, I want to approach short interest a little differently, because it's telling us something very important about this market that all traders need to know...