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We Bust COVID Myths - and Show You How the "Real Story" Can Make You Money

Ever since it became clear that COVID-19 was spreading across the globe, there's been another pandemic proliferating in its wake.

This "other" pandemic isn't immediately visible to the naked eye.

It's not grabbing as many headlines.

But it's everywhere.

And it's dangerous.

Very dangerous…

I'm talking about the pandemic of misinformation, conspiracy theories, and outright lies about COVID-19.

With our world being turned upside down and scientists still searching for responses to this brand-new virus, regular folks like us are searching for answers.

And there are plenty of people in "the media" and out there in the online sphere who are only too happy to provide their half-baked guesses as "answers."

But to protect yourself, your family, and your economic wellbeing, you need to know what's really going on.

So today, let's close that Reality Gap between what half-baked pundits, self-important voices, and self-serving politicians are saying, and what we really know.

I've asked myself why I should weigh in and if I felt comfortable doing so. I answered that question by considering that – as a trained chemical engineer who was awarded the highest level of licensing – I have the credentials and the experience to sort through the scientific noise, to separate some of the signals from the noise, and to understand how these insights can be applied.

And to help make sure I'm bringing you all the "full story," I've also leaned on experts credentialed in science, medicine, risk analysis, and crisis management.

Here's what's being said about the COVID-19 pandemic. And here's what's actually true about it… Full Story

Here's what's being said about the COVID-19 pandemic. And here's what's actually true about it... Full Story

Dow Jones

The Dow Jones Industrial Average Gains 200 Points as Coronavirus Worries Ease

The Dow Jones Industrial Average soared over 200 points this morning as optimism over the coronavirus prevailed.

Fears of the virus' economic consequences have dwindled.

But there are murmurs that the ongoing outbreak could interfere with commitments by China to honor its deal to purchase U.S. agricultural products.

The latest figures show that cases have surpassed 44,500 and more than 1,110 deaths.


Dow Jones

How China Threatens a Rebound in the Dow Jones Today

The Dow Jones today is poised to pounce back after breaking its streak of four consecutive days of gains.

Investors are shrugging off concerns about Chinese economic growth as earnings season rolls on. and the ongoing trade dispute between the world's largest two economies.

However, new developments in the trade war with China could send stocks tumbling again.

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