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Here's When to Buy Coupang Stock After the IPO

The Coupang IPO may very well be the biggest of the year.

While the Korean firm may be new to many investors, it's part of a trend you know a lot about.

In 2020 online spending represented 21.3% of total retail sales, up 44% since the previous year.

Global retail e-commerce sales for 2020 were over $4 trillion.

That is a lot of money spent online.

Enter Coupang, a Korean e-commerce titan that could go public with a valuation of around $50 billion under the ticker CPNG.

This would make it the largest IPO in a company based outside the U.S.

since Alibaba over five years ago.

Here's what makes this company so exciting and whether it makes sense to try to get into the stock at the IPO.


3 Top Tech Stocks to Buy at a Discount

Stocks are off to a wild start this year as the GameStop (NYSE: GME) saga sent markets into a frenzy.

But this volatility knocked many excellent tech stocks are off their highs for no particular reason.

That's an opportunity for us.

This means great stocks can be found at a discount and can make for a great entry point if you might have missed out on a big run up.

I'm looking at companies where the story hasn't changed, only the share price.

These companies are still leaders in the major themes I've looked at over the past year.

I'm talking about e-commerce, connected TV and the growth in digital data.

That's giving you the perfect opportunity to buy these top tech stocks at a great discount...


Why the "Amazon of Latin America" Is One of the Best Stocks You Can Buy Now Inc (NASDAQ: AMZN) and online shopping have become synonymous at this point.

With 12 million products ranging from groceries, media services, toys and almost any kind of electronics you could imagine, there is almost no need to shop anywhere else.

Consumer surveys run by eMarketer have even shown that nearly half of U.S. Internet users started product search on Amazon, beating out Google for the number one spot.

But that's just the United States.

That is why I am so exciting about MercadoLibre (NASDAQ: MELI), a company that people are calling the Amazon of Latin America (LATAM).