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Why Electric Vehicles Are Driving Nickel Prices Sky-High

Nickel is running out, and nickel prices are running up.

That's because nickel happens to be the primary metal behind electric vehicle (EV) batteries and other emerging technologies.

And we've got some nickel stocks lined up to help you cash in on it.

Experts are saying that lithium-ion batteries will see their composition change considerably in the near future, beginning to favor nickel over Cobalt, Vanadium, and even Lithium itself.

That's why investors need to focus on nickel and its most promising producers.


Time Is Running Out for Maximum Gains on This Olympic Trade

The 2016 Rio Summer Olympic Games start in just three days, on Aug. 5. That means there's not much time to put on this beautiful trade that's shaping up.

This trade has it all: a short window with little uncertainty, the potential of windfall gains in the near future, and for folks who are buying in this market, the chance to grab an outperforming long-term investment, too.

The time is quite literally right to make this move. Here's what I mean…

Some of us will remember the 2008 Beijing Summer Games. They were spectacular, of course, but they were also 12 whole hours out of sync with the U.S. East Coast. The 2012 London Games were even better, but they were five hours ahead of schedule. Peoples' favorite events were live at really inconvenient times, and "spoilers" were practically unavoidable, letting down some of the most rabid sports fans and putting a damper on consumption.

But the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Games will be just an hour ahead of one of the world's biggest, richest media markets.

And one of America's biggest media companies is taking some remarkable, high-tech steps to make a killing on Americans' insatiable taste for real-time Olympic entertainment.

In doing that, it's setting itself up for even bigger gains long after the Olympics are over...