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How to Profit When Investors "Sell in May and Go Away"

"Sell in May and go away" is an old adage that just might come true again this year.

Andrew Keene is looking at one number that tells him stocks could sell off at the end of April, when seasonal weakness takes hold.

No need to worry, though – it's easy enough to profit.


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The High-Profit, “No Sweat” Way to Trade SPY Right Now

Tom Gentile uses repeatable, historical patterns and data to trade and profit the same way every year.

And there’s one consistent pattern he trades every four years around presidential elections; 2020 is no exception.

He’ll show you exactly how anyone can capitalize on it in any scenario that shakes out….


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Volatility Is Here – So Make These Trades Now

Our Chris Johnson recently told you September would be a volatile month – and it’s sure gotten off to a volatile start.

That means the opportunities are abundant.

And with the three trades Chris is showing you today, you’ll find out exactly how to turn volatility into your friend over the next four weeks….


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Make Sure You're Using This Free, Simple Profit Protector

While the S&P 500 has moved back above 3,000 for the first time since late February and many investors are enjoying the long-side profits, it's important to remember that you shouldn't rush in unprotected.

Especially investors who now have even bigger portfolios to defend.

You see, the market could turn vicious in a heartbeat.

On the one hand there are the economics risks of the coronavirus and on the other, the "money migration" that was sparked by that same technical breakout above 3,000 is also a signal that we could walk into an overextended, "overbought" situation in the market.

That means hedging is more important than ever.

But there's another hedging move that's even easier - and it won't cost you a dime...

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What Smart Investors Should Do During This "Irrationality Rally"

Despite some tentative, decidedly mixed moves to "reopen" in some parts of the country, anonymous cell phone location data shared with USA Today reveals the vast majority of Americans are still spending more than 80% of their time inside their homes. Different data shared by the states shows that COVID-19 infection and hospitalizations have kind of plateaued nationwide, but are still growing in some places.

The economic picture is much worse – week after week of jaw-dropping first-time claims numbers. Around 20.5 million jobs vanished in April, putting unemployment at 14.7%. That's its highest level since 1939 and the Great Depression; the broader "U6" number is 22.8%. GDP has shrunk 4.7% on a quarterly annualized basis.

Look – I don't mean to belabor the point, or scare or depress anyone; I'm looking forward just as much as anyone to the day this pandemic and recession show up in the rearview mirror.

I only mention the negatives here because they stand in such stark contrast to the markets. Stocks are starting to give back just a little of their gains as I write this, so let's get to the bottom of what's going on – quickly… Full Story

I only mention the negatives here because they stand in such stark contrast to the markets. Stocks are starting to give back just a little of their gains as I write this, so let's get to the bottom of what's going on - quickly...

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This Portfolio "Fire Insurance" Could Put 24.8% in Your Pocket

Let me paint you a picture: Imagine your house, safe and sound. You want to insure it, so you buy a policy and pay regular premiums on it. Of course, if the unthinkable happens, you're covered.

Now imagine you've got no policy, and, one day, your house is starts to burn… You desperately call Allstate or Metlife to find that a policy is getting way more expensive with each passing second (though, I'm pretty sure no insurance company would write a policy under those circumstances).

The thing is, millions of people who wouldn't go a day without homeowners' insurance balk at "insuring" their portfolios with proper, inexpensive, and proportional hedging. Then when the "fire" starts, they're either paying through the nose… or going without.

In fact, this very subject came up just the other day on my Markets Live stream, and by the time we were through with the session, we were all a lot smarter – and better protected.

And the timing is good: The next leg down may have already just started… Full Story

And the timing is good: The next leg down may have already just started...


Markets Live Recap: Why Stocks Cratered to End the Week

Stocks fell to close the week after Amazon and Apple's earnings reports yesterday.

With most of the economy closed, there's not a lot of optimism among investors that next week's earnings reports will be able to drive the market higher.

And to add to that, there are rumblings that the U.S. may impose more tariffs on China.

The Dow fell 622 points, or about 2.5% to close the day.


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Hedge Against Falling Stocks with These "Smart" Trades

As the rallies of last week fade into another downward leg: Chris Johnson says now is the time to start hedging against this bear market.

So, Chris has picked out two "smart" trades to help you profit while the larger market sinks.

Spoiler Alert: He's also giving updates on three of our previous trades – this is an episode of Fast Profits you won't want to miss…

Click here and watch for the full details...

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Give Me Three Minutes, and I'll Share a Secret for Taming These Mean Markets

The markets are scary, right? Gutwrenching, even. They take rallies that look strong at midday and wipe them out by market close.

It's the one thing that investors at all levels are feeling and can agree upon.

But it doesn't have to be.

There's one simple strategy you can add to your investing game plan that will "smooth out" the worst of the coronavirus-pandemic volatility and ease the impact of the big sell-offs that could still come our way.

It's your single most powerful tool to protect against the one thing we have right now: uncertainty.

It's called "hedging," and the way I'm proposing to do this is so simple that anyone can do it – even my 75-year-old mom.

And here today, I'm going to show you how… Full Story

And here today, I'm going to show you how...

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Wednesday Stock Market Update: What to Do as Stocks Keep Falling

This market crash has been a long time coming, and it won't stop here.

Chris Johnson is calling for another 18-20% decline over the next few months.

Today, he's breaking down the market climate, explaining where we are, where we're going, and how YOU can get there safely.

And he's offering two trade recommendations to combat the current stock market devastation.