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Google Stock Price

As the technology market booms with innovation and new products, technology stocks become more and more desirable to investors.  

One such example is Google stock. The Google stock price has performed well throughout the company’s history and is continuing strong today.

Investors who like to put their money in tech related stocks often compare the Google stock price to that of other technology giants such as Apple and Amazon. 

Google Stock Price History 

One of our favorite things to do is look at how a stock has performed over its lifetime. Though you may not have been an early investor in Google stock, its impressive performance in the stock market over the years can help you see how consistently successful it has been. 

So, what would have happened if you had been an early investor in Google stock? 

In 2007 when Google launched its IPO, the Google stock price sat at $85. Let’s do a little math. If you had invested $1000 in Google stock in 2007, today, it would be worth over $21,000. That’s a significant increase. In fact, that’s a gain of 1,780%. 

If you’re looking for a stock with strong, continuous growth, you can stop looking when you find Google stock. 

Google Stock Price Today 

In 2014, Google decided to split their stock. Shareholders of Google stock received an additional non-voting share for each share of Google stock they owned. 

Most investors believe this was a ploy to keep the company relevant in the face of the impending Facebook IPO. And, it worked. Investors have remained interested in the company.  

So much so that the Google stock price hit a new milestone over the summer of 2018. And, it rose more than 30% throughout 2018.  

The Google stock price today is over $900 a share, making it pretty pricey for an individual investor. But, if you can afford the price, the future looks promising for this technology stock. 

Google or Alphabet? 

Though the majority of the public knows the company as Google, it actually got a new official name in 2015. Google strategically restructured their business to bring their side projects and their search engine under one umbrella. 

The new parent company is known as Alphabet. The parent company Alphabet owns multiple subsidiary companies, including Google.  

Google is known for working on many different side projects at a time. Those projects include everything from driverless cars to glucose-sensing contact lenses.  

And, don’t worry, if you’re interested in the Google stock price and investing in Google, you’re getting the benefit of all these side businesses. When we say Google stock price, we’re referring to the ticker GOOGL, which refers to the parent company Alphabet. 

Google Stock Price Future 

One key thing for those interested in Google stock to remember is that part of the company’s success story is its ability to diversify.  

Google may be the world’s largest search engine and one of the most recognizable brands, but it also doesn’t wait around for the next big thing.  

As you can see from their various side projects, Google isn’t afraid to experiment, innovate, and try new things. A company that does that is one that you want to invest in. 

If you’re interested in investing in Google stock, you might also be interested in other technology stocks which perform similarly, such as BABA stock. 

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