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Gold Prices Today Flat – Here's What to Expect in Q2

gold prices

Gold prices today were mostly flat. It's a quick break for the precious metal, which has been experiencing one of its most volatile weeks of 2016.

Now that we've entered Q2 for 2016, here's what investors can expect from the price of gold in Q2 and how to trade the precious metal now...

The Biggest Reason the Price of Gold Will Rise in 2016

price of gold

Since we last checked in on the price of gold, volatility has returned to the precious metal.

But the price of gold managed to log a slight gain last week, and its movements have huge implications for where it's headed in 2016...

Why the Bull Run for Gold Prices Will Continue in 2016

gold prices

After a relentless rise from their December depths, gold prices now appear to be taking a break.

Does that mean gold's renewed bull is over? Or is this just a temporary reprieve before the gold price reverses and heads higher?

Let's take a closer look at this past week's movement...

Gold Price per Ounce Climbs Today After Brussels Attack

Gold price per ounce

The gold price per ounce is climbing this morning (Tuesday) as investors respond to news of a deadly terrorist attack in Brussels, Belgium.

Gold prices were trading up $9.40, or 0.76%, at $1,253.50 an ounce in midmorning trading amid a flight to safety.

Today's events have caused a temporary spike in the gold price per ounce, but we see other factors pushing gold higher in the long term. Before we get to those, here's how spot gold is trending today...

To Determine the Gold Price Path in 2016, Watch This Macro Indicator

gold price

The gold price in 2016 has been a great ride, if a little volatile.

Gold remains above $1,250 an ounce, and one macro indicator is sending a big sign about what's next.

Here's what it is, and what we see next for the price of gold this year...

Why the Price of Gold Is Soaring Today and What's Next

Price of Gold

The price of gold is soaring more than 3% today (Thursday) and is now up more than 20% year to date. But our forecast shows the price of gold climbing even higher in 2016.

Before we get to that, here's why gold prices are skyrocketing this morning...

Gold Price Today to Offer Buying Opportunity Before Bull Run Continues

gold price

The gold price in 2016 is up 20% for a bull market rally long overdue.

Can it continue?

Here's what investors need to know about gold prices and where they're headed this year...

Gold Price Today Jumps to 18% Gain for 2016 – Here's What's Next

gold price today

The word for stocks this year is volatile - while gold, on the other hand, has been resilient.

The gold price today is up $11.50 to $1,275.30. That's a year-to-date gain of about 18%.

Not only has the gold price managed to remain above the $1,200 level, but it has been decidedly strong, not even testing below that level for the past couple of weeks.

Here's why this trend will continue for gold prices in 2016.

Buy Gold in 2016 Because of These Two "Flashing" Signals


One of our top recommendations at Money Morning this year is that investors should buy gold in 2016. While gold prices have climbed already in 2016, there are two “flashing” signals that show the price of gold will climb even higher this year.

Before we get to those signals, here’s how gold prices have trended in 2016…

Here's Your Latest Gold Spot Price Moves and Forecast

As the U.S. markets have moved sideways in the past week, gold has been in consolidation mode. Today the gold spot price is around $1,223.20 - down $9.50.

Gold traders have done some profit-taking as the gold price has bounced in a range between roughly $1,205 and $1,235 over the past trading week. But the gold spot price has stayed above the $1,200 level, which has helped to paint an increasingly bullish picture.

Technically, we're getting an emerging pennant pattern that will have to resolve itself before long. Will that be to the upside or downside?

Let's look at what will determine that direction...

Why the Price of Gold Is Climbing Today and Where It's Heading in 2016

Price of Gold

The price of gold climbed today (Thursday) as a sharp sell-off in China's stock market sent investors to the safe-haven asset.

Just after noon today, spot gold prices were trading up $10.90, or 0.89%, at $1,240.40 an ounce.

The price of gold ended yesterday's session up $16.40, or 1.34%, at $1,238.70 an ounce. Coupled with today's gains, the precious metal is now up 17.5% so far this year.

These Two Market Crash Signals Are Lighting Up

yahoo earnings

After last week’s strong finish, it’s no shock that Wall Street’s starting to make encouraging noises about “recovery.” But when did those folks ever tell you the truth?

There are two signals that never lie. They always light up before the market crashes.

And right now, those two signals are flashing red. Here’s what they are, plus what they mean for you.

Why the Gold Price Rally Will Continue in 2016

gold price

After a steep climb over the past two weeks, the gold price is down 0.25% today (Friday) in afternoon trading.

And while gold prices may head lower in the short term, we are still very bullish on the gold spot price for the rest of 2016.

First, here's why the gold price is down today.

Why Higher Gold Prices Today Are Just the Start of 2016's Climb

Gold prices today

Gold prices today keep climbing, up 8% in the past week.

Spot gold traded around $1,238.50 last week.

So can gold prices in 2016 continue this rise? Take a look at what we see ahead for gold...