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    When folks ask me why I'm such a business-news junkie, I point to the up-and-down sagas like the one that continues to play out at the Marissa Mayer-helmed Yahoo.

    Thanks to Yahoo's pre-IPO stake in Alibaba Group, the long-suffering shareholders of that wheezing Internet pioneer found themselves with a $40 billion windfall when China's top e-commerce firm went public in September 2014.

    Not only was it a terrific drama, but my Private Briefing readers got the chance to clean up on the 50%+ rocket ride Yahoo shares took that year.

    So watching Team Mayer fumble that victory - transforming it into another period of deep shareholder pain - has been profoundly disappointing.

    But here's the good news.

    I know exactly what Mayer needs to do to save Yahoo and its shareholders from absolute ruin.

    You see, I've seen this before...

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