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Silent Epidemic Ravages Boomers -

Kills Every 58 Seconds!

A tiny $7 company is responding to the crisis, providing a
patented, mass-market breakthrough that could save you
- and 75 million Americans - from a grisly, premature death...

Dear Reader,

Hi, Ernie Tremblay here, Director of Scientific Research at Money Map Press, and founder of Biotech Insider AlertErnie Tremblay

Let me be clear right up front: I'm part of the "Boomer Generation," one of 75 million Americans born between 1946 and 1965.

Consequently, the story I'm about to share is a personal matter of life and death.

So please, pay very close attention.

What I'm about to say could SAVE YOUR LIFE.

This situation is so urgent, my publisher at Money Map Press – also a Boomer – is making an unprecedented financial commitment today to help protect you and every single one of our readers.

This is extremely time-sensitive, so let me give you the facts:

At this moment, a silent epidemic is sweeping the globe, and has made its way to the United States.

It's not HIV...

And it's not Ebola.

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), it's over 6,500 times more prevalent than Ebola... and 1,000 times more deadly.

In fact, it kills every 58 seconds... hour after hour... day after day... all year long.

And it's escalating with every tick of the clock.

According to C. Everett Koop, former U.S. Surgeon General – and founder of the Koop Institute at Dartmouth Medical School – this infection presents a GRAVE THREAT to our public health.

The CDC is so worried, they've classified this virus as an EPIDEMIC, and issued an emergency health alert.

This silent killer is highly contagious, and has already infected as many as 200 million people around the world.

While all ages are at risk, Boomers are five times more likely to be infected by this horrific virus.

According to the Mayo Clinic, "If you were born between 1946 and 1965, you are automatically at high-risk."

The scary thing is, this virus is virtually invisible, and strikes without warning.

Consequently, millions of Americans are living with it and don't even know it...

By the time symptoms show up, irreversible – and often fatal – damage may have already been done.

Consider Dave Rogers of Oak Park, Illinois.

Dave (I've changed his name here, out of respect for his family) was born in 1950, right smack in the middle of the Boomer Generation.

He served in the U.S. Navy, and went on to found a specialty beverage company which he eventually sold to a Fortune 500 company for $9 million.

Dave was highly active. He loved traveling with his wife, exercising, and gardening. He even launched an exciting new business venture.

Sadly, on April 3, 2015 – just a few weeks ago – Dave died, a victim of this silent killer.

Make no mistake: Dave got the very best medical care available. Once doctors realized he had the disease, they did everything they could.

But it was too late.

Dave leaves behind his wife Emily, his son John, and his daughter Sara.

This is nothing short of a tragedy.

And it could happen to anyone.

Think of the Boomers you know...

Your neighbors. Your colleagues. Your accountant, doctor, or mailman.

Every day, people just like you and me are falling victim to a silent epidemic – an epidemic that strikes without warning... and kills every 58 seconds.

An epidemic that is five times more likely to infect Boomers... silent epidemic

I'm talking about healthy, vibrant people living their lives... only to be cut down.

In many cases, these folks are in the prime of life.

Married. Successful. Thriving.

Unfortunately, they leave behind grieving families: Husbands. Wives. Devastated children. Ailing parents. People who need them. People who depend on them.

The scary thing is, you could already be infected with this virus and not know it.

In most cases, the virus slipped in years ago, and has quietly been ravaging your body, completely unnoticed.

Now, some signs may have appeared in the beginning.

You might have felt a bit sluggish.

You felt a bit fatigued.

Maybe you had some trouble sleeping through the night.

And you might have experienced some joint pain and stiffness in your knees or fingers.

Problem is, by the time the real warning signs appear, it may be too late.

Again, this infection is highly contagious, and once it enters your system, it travels quietly through your blood to your liver.

And that's where the trouble starts...

As you may know, your liver is your largest internal organ, located in the upper-right corner of your abdomen. hcv treatment

It works 24 hours a day, and conducts over 500 different functions that are VITAL to life.

For example, your liver is essential to your digestive process. It regulates blood sugar, and even fights off infections.

Perhaps the single most important thing your liver does is CLEAN your blood of toxins.

It processes everything you eat, drink, breathe, or rub on your skin... making sure harmful substances don't damage your body.

In other words, your liver keeps you from being poisoned.

That's what makes this contagious virus – known as HCV – so dangerous.

HCV can embed itself deep inside your liver cells. biotech companies

Once inside, HCV inserts its own genetic code into the genes of the cell, literally taking control of the cell, and shutting down the cell's normal functions.

And it gets worse.

You see, although you don't realize it, your body can sense you've been infected. hcv virus

As a natural defense, it sends an army of cells – called lymphocytes – to fight the HCV infection.

But because HCV buries itself deep inside your liver cells, the lymphocytes are unable to destroy it.

However, in the attack, they do severe damage to your liver.

And because they can't kill the HCV virus, they continue to attack, day after day after day.

If this were going on in any other part of your body, you'd know it and experience some intense pain.

Point is, you'd definitely know something was wrong.

But here's the thing: Your liver has NO INTERNAL PAIN RECEPTORS.

The inside of your liver feels nothing. You could cut it, burn it, or even hit it with a sledgehammer, and feel nothing.

Consequently, this battle between your cells and HCV goes undetected... and causes scar tissue to form.

As hard scar tissue replaces soft, healthy tissue, your liver can no longer do its job.

Consequently, poisons and toxins are allowed to run wild through your system.

By the time this happens, death can occur without warning. And still, you may have NO IDEA that you're infected.

Eventually, symptoms do appear because the damage has become so severe.

But once symptoms show up, you are on borrowed time.

Again, this virus has already infected 200 million people worldwide and kills every 58 seconds.

And if you're part of the Boomer Generation, your chances are five times greater to already be infected.

Why Boomers?

Scientists simply aren't sure.

The virus is highly contagious and you could have been infected for years – DECADES – and not even know it.

Maybe you had your tonsils out as a kid. Or maybe it happened on an innocent trip to the barber shop or nail salon.

Again, the medical community is stumped. But what they do know for certain is that millions of Americans are infected and don't know it.

Why would they? Many people have NO SYMPTOMS.

We do have some good news, however.

Thanks to a revolutionary breakthrough, there is a now a cure for the deadly HCV virus.

The drug – taken in an easy-to-swallow tablet – is a direct-acting anti-viral that attacks HCV at three distinct stages of its life-cycle.

Not only can it kill HCV... it also inhibits the disease's ability to reproduce.

Does it work? Yes it does. Remarkably well.

In clinical trials, this drug achieved an unheard of 97% virologic cure rate. And there was only a 1.3% incidence of relapse.

Better still, this drug works without damaging the liver.

It can literally pull people back from the brink of death if they get treated BEFORE the infection does irreversible damage.

The best part? This drug is so unique – and has proven so potent – that the U.S. Government has already issued the company a portfolio of patents.

And, it's so safe and effective that the FDA has ALREADY APPROVED it.

Now, if you're particularly savvy, you may be thinking that investing in the company that makes this drug would be a good idea, a shot at a huge homerun.

You'd be absolutely right...

With so many people needing treatment from the deadly HCV infection, this company is ready to save lives and make a fortune.

With roughly 200 million people worldwide already infected with HCV, The Wall Street Journal reports the global market could hit $26 billion in the next couple of years.

And make no mistake: The people who need this drug are DESPERATE for a cure.

Think about it: Their livers are being attacked from the inside out, and without treatment, they are facing a possible death sentence.

In other words, patients are highly motivated to use this new drug, and given a couple years, you could probably make three to five times your money on this company.

But here's the thing: There's a smarter way to play this opportunity...

It's a backdoor play that only the savviest investors are making.

This opportunity is tied to an extraordinary movement involving the U.S. Government, state agencies, the medical community, and some of the biggest, most powerful – and well-funded – bioscience companies on the planet.

All told, we're talking about a $7.1 billion initiative that could make early investors very rich, very soon.

Let me show you why...

As you can imagine, the new HCV cure has generated a lot of excitement in the medical community.

With 200 million people infected worldwide, and with the contagious HCV infection killing every 58 seconds, this cure could not have come soon enough.

Now that there's a cure, people can get treatment and return to robust health.

Simple solution. But remember:

Most people don't know they have the virus.

That's right. Of the 200 million people infected with HCV worldwide, roughly 150 million of them DO NOT KNOW they have the virus.

And of the 75 million Boomers in the United States, millions of them DO NOT KNOW they have HCV.

Again, the liver has no internal pain receptors.

That means there may be no symptoms! The virus can lurk inside you for years, doing irreversible damage, and you wouldn't feel a thing.

With HCV killing every 58 seconds... and Boomers five times more likely to have the disease than other adults... the United States is in the midst of an escalating and deadly crisis.

Consequently, the Center for Disease Control (CDC), has launched an UNPRECEDENTED emergency response campaign to put an end to HCV.

The first essential step?

A massive U.S. Government initiative to get people at risk TESTED for HCV...

That includes every single one of America's 75 million Boomers...

And herein lies a once-in-a-generation opportunity...

You see, a tiny $7 company based in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania has developed the first FDA-approved quick test for HCV. hcv test

The test is fast, easy, and nearly 100% accurate. And it only takes 20 minutes to get results!

At $95, the test is also affordable.

And for people at risk – like the 75 million Boomers – the U.S. Government has ordered insurance companies to pay for the test.

It's as if this tiny company has become a U.S. Government-sanctioned toll gate authorized to collect $95 for every single one of the country's 75 million Boomers.

That's a potential $7.1 billion windfall... straight into this tiny company's pocket.

Because most people have never heard of HCV until now, this company's HCV test sales are a mere $7.3 million globally.

A $7.1 billion infusion represents a potential 972-fold revenue increase. That'd be an astronomical 97,200% projected sales surge.

Talk about being in the right place at the right time...

At this very moment the U.S. Government is rolling out a massive health initiative. This company happens to have the first-FDA approved HCV test... the linchpin to the whole program's success.

Even better, the technology is patented!

Of course, none of this happened by luck.

Although they are tiny, this company has an elite management team with combined medical industry experience of more than 235 years at places like Johnson & Johnson, Abbott Labs, Bristol Meyers, and Pfizer.

In addition, this company has established very close ties with key government officials.

The company's CEO, for example, serves on the U.S. Presidential Advisory Committee on HIV/AIDS.

As you'll see in a moment, they also have a history with Dr. Tom Frieden, Director of the CDC and architect of the HCV Test Campaign.

And they've developed a close relationship with the FDA. invest in biotech

In fact, in October, FDA Commissioner Dr. Margaret Hamburg – along with U.S. Congressman Charles Dent – traveled to the company's headquarters to tour their facilities and recognize their collaborative work with the FDA.

Point is, this tiny company has positioned itself right at the center of the massive joint effort involving the CDC, the FDA, and even Obama to get Boomers tested for HCV.

Again, because very few people are aware of their risk for HCV, this company's test sales are a mere $7.3 million.

But as this campaign continues to roll out nationwide, that's going to change...

First of all, the CDC is urging EVERY SINGLE BOOMER to get tested... all 75 million of us.

This is a life or death situation. And if you're a Boomer like me, it's an easy decision. A complete no-brainer.

I don't have a single symptom. Two months ago, my doctor told me I'm in perfect health. I live a clean and healthy life.

I can't imagine how I could possibly have HCV!

But you know what? I'm going to get tested and put my mind at ease...

Why? Because I'm a middle-aged Boomer, part of the "HIGH RISK GROUP."

Remember: HCV kills every 58 seconds. As Boomers, we are five times more likely to be infected.

By the time symptoms show up, severe and irreversible damage could already be done.

Getting tested is critical. And it couldn't be easier. And it only takes 20 minutes!

If you test negative, you will have the peace of mind of knowing that you aren't infected.

And for folks who DO discover they have HCV, there's an FDA-approved cure that is nearly 100% successful.

Bottom line: The test results are nothing to fear.

On the other hand, you could ignore the CDC's warning, skip the test, and become another victim of the silent killer that's sweeping the country.

But we don't want you to ignore it. It's just too important.

That's why my publisher, Mike Ward, is making an unprecedented financial commitment to make sure you get this taken care of.

Mike's a Boomer, too. He's already gotten the HCV test, and he wants you and all of our Money Map readers to do the same. So he's issuing what we're calling "HCV Test Vouchers" today, good for $125.

You can use this "Voucher" to pay for the $95 test in the event your insurance company won't cover it.

And you'll effectively get an extra $30 to cover the co-pay, just in case you have one.

hcv cure

Now, you're going to want to get this done quickly, because HCV kills every 58 seconds.

Don't wait. This is too important.

biotech insider alert








That's why you'll also get the HCV Medical Briefing we prepared. The briefing will tell you everything you need to know about the HCV test procedure, including the best and fastest way to get the test done.

And please, get the test done.

If you were born before 1965, this is a MUST. It's so simple. And it could save your life.

I'll tell you how you can claim your "HCV Test Voucher," along with your Medical Briefing, in just a moment.

You'll also get briefed on the tiny $7 company that made this test.

That's because as the CDC media campaign continues to hit the mainstream... when the U.S. Government starts bombarding the airwaves with TV, radio, and print ads... when billboards start appearing in Times Square and when Boomers suddenly become aware of the deadly risk they're facing...

This little company's test sales are going to zip off the charts.

It's nearly a foregone conclusion.

You see, this isn't the first time Dr. Tom Frieden, Director of the CDC, has orchestrated a massive emergency health campaign.

When he worked as a CDC assignee to the World Health Organization (WHO), Frieden spent years fighting Tuberculosis (TB) in India.

The success of the campaign has been mind-boggling, with 10 million people receiving life-saving treatment, and an estimated 15,000 getting tested for TB every day.

A similar campaign Dr. Frieden led on behalf of the CDC reduced multi-drug-resistant TB cases by an incredible 80% in New York City.

And as the Commissioner of New York City Health Department, he ran a campaign that reduced the number of NYC smokers by a staggering 350,000... and cut teen smoking in half.

And get this:

When Dr. Frieden was NYC Health Commissioner, he launched an HIV awareness campaign urging people to be tested. And the company he used to provide the tests?

The same tiny $7 company providing HCV tests.

Dr. Frieden is an expert at leading public awareness campaigns that get results. And now he's bringing his expertise to bear on the HCV epidemic.

He's brought other major players into the mix, too, including the President.

Obama – a Boomer himself – has already issued a Presidential Proclamation to bring awareness to the deadly strains of this virus.

He's also designated a World Day, and urged Government agencies, citizens, non-profits, and communities across the nation to join in the fight against this silent killer.

And the CDC has appointed May 19th as National Test Day...

In the coming weeks, the CDC is almost certainly going to be pounding the airwaves on TV and radio, and with print ads urging Boomers to be tested.

State governments are jumping on board, as well...

Not long after this movement began, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signed a new law requiring all hospitals and health service providers to offer Boomers HCV testing.

"HCV is a debilitating and potentially fatal disease that affects Boomers in New York and nationwide," said Governor Cuomo. "This new law will help fight HCV and keep New Yorkers safe."

States across the nation, from Virginia and Arkansas to Michigan and Alaska are already piling up purchase orders worth millions for the HCV test, getting ready for a rush of worried Boomers.

Even celebrities are getting behind the HCV push. People like basketball legend Magic Johnson – also a Boomer and highly active in HIV awareness campaigns – have tweeted about the new HCV cure.

The private sector is getting in as well, including the company that has developed the FDA-approved HCV cure.

This shouldn't surprise anyone.

It's in their best interest to push these HCV tests. After all, if people don't get tested, they can't get treatment.

In an extraordinary move, the drug company that manufactures the curative medicine – a $90 billion mammoth – has formed a joint venture with the tiny $7 test manufacturer.

As a show of good faith, the drug manufacturer agreed to pay the tiny test producer up to $350 million just for the right to promote the HCV tests.

Because most people have no clue about their risk for HCV, the test manufacturer has a mere $7.3 million in annual test sales.

The $350 million they could receive from the drug maker represents a 4,700% sales surge.

And that's before they sell another test!

When the CDC campaign hits its full stride – on or about the National Test Day of May 19th... test sales could skyrocket.

Of course, with over 200 million people worldwide already infected, it's hard to estimate exactly how many people will be tested.

With over 7 billion people on the planet, and all of them at risk for this contagious killer, the number could be astronomical.

And this tiny company is positioned perfectly...

In fact, their HCV test has already been approved for use in Europe, with its 750 million people.

And China – a country with 1.3 billion people – is so worried about HCV, they're jumping in as well, launching an HCV test campaign to fight the disease.

But let's put China, Europe, and the rest of the world on the side for now.

To remain conservative, let's just stay with the CDC's initial target market: Boomers living in the United States.

There are 75 million Boomers, and the CDC is doing everything in its power to get each and every one of them tested.

If you're a Boomer like me, you'd be crazy to ignore this warning.

After all, HCV is a silent epidemic that kills every 58 seconds. And Boomers are five times more likely to already be infected.

The test is quick and easy, and insurance pays for it. As far as I'm concerned, getting tested is a MUST.

That being said, some folks just aren't going to do it. So we won't see all 75 million Boomers tested.

But given the risk involved in not getting tested, it's safe to assume that half of all Boomers will get tested – five out of 10.

That's a good bet.

But just to be ultra conservative, let's say the CDC's massive initiative only inspires 10% of the Boomers to get tested.

That's means only one out of every 10 Boomers will decide to heed the CDC's warning and seek testing. In other words, nine out of 10 will simply ignore the warning.

Now, 10% is way low, but let's stick with it to paint a "worst-case" scenario.

At 10%, that's 7.5 million Boomers using the test.

At $95 per test, that's fresh revenue of nearly $750 million...

Add in the $350 million from their joint venture with the $90 billion HCV drug manufacturer, and you're looking at more than $1 billion.

Currently, this tiny $7 company has annual revenue of a mere $7.3 million from their HCV tests.

With just 10% of all Boomers using the test, they'll realize a 136-fold increase... a 13,600% sales surge.

And again, that's if you factor in just 10% of Boomers – a worst-case scenario.

With a 13,600% sales surge, you can be sure the stock price will follow suit.

How high could it go?

Let's do the math... and to make this as conservative as possible, let's only use U.S. sales based on 10% of Boomers getting tested.

Based on projected U.S. sales of $1 billion, and an industry average price-to-sales ratio of 10.3, we're looking at a one-year target price – before any splits – of $183 a share.

Considering you can own the stock today for $7, that's an astronomical 26-fold jump.

In other words, a 2,600% potential gain...

And remember, that's if they capture only 10% of the Boomer market in the U.S. alone, a worst-case scenario as we see it.

If they capture a mere 20% of Boomers, you could see a 4,564% win...

If they only capture LESS THAN HALF of the Boomers, you'd be looking at a nearly 10,000% win.

And when you factor in the rest of the United States... Europe... China... and the rest of the world... the target price could go three, four, five times higher.

As you can see, with every life saved, your winnings get bigger and bigger...

Imagine putting down $10,000 today and watching it grow to $1.6 million...

That's the potential we're looking at.

Now, I realize that sounds like an enormous gain. And it is.

But considering the circumstances surrounding this situation, that estimate might actually be low.

In fact, when you look at historical evidence, it's very, very low.

Listen: Companies that develop treatments for fatal diseases can generate big gains.

You probably know that a mere $1,000 investment in Amgen could have turned into $1.6 million... a 160,000% gain for investors who got in on the ground floor.

Amgen stock

But here's the thing: Those companies would be nowhere without a TEST to help identify new patients.

If Amgen didn't have a test to determine who needed its anemia drug – Epogen – they wouldn't have made a single dime!

Life-saving cures can cost over $100,000, sometimes a lot more.

In fact, Genzyme's Gaucher's Disease drug can cost as much as $600,000 a year!

And while insurance companies will cover the costs, NO ONE is going to spend money on treatment until they KNOW the patient actually has a disease.

The test always comes first. And at a tiny fraction of the treatment cost, it's a slam-dunk to market, especially when the government, the medical community, and the treatment producer all get on board.

Consequently, medical diagnostic companies have generated some of the biggest wins in stock market history.

Think about it. For every one person who actually develops a disease... 100, 500, 1,000, or even 10,000 people might be tested.

Most people will test NEGATIVE. But whether they have the disease or not, the test racks up revenue.

In many cases, the U.S. Government will drive awareness about the disease, and flood the market with people looking to get tested.

And the companies that have developed treatments will roll out their own campaigns looking for new patients.

The result is the same: A mass of people rushing to be tested.

This all means one thing: Enormous profits for the test companies that can diagnose life-threatening conditions...

Take Bio-Rad Laboratories, for example...

Bio-Rad is a medical diagnostic company based in Hercules, California that developed a test for diabetes.

As you know, the U.S. Government has generated tremendous awareness about diabetes. In addition, several companies have developed exciting new treatments for diabetes.

But none of this does anyone any good unless they KNOW they have diabetes.

Consequently, the diabetes test market has exploded. The result?

Bio-Rad's stock soared to $135 per share... a 150-fold win. That's a 15,000% gain. Good enough to turn $10,000 into $1.5 million.

BioRad lab

When lives are on the line, people are willing to spend whatever it takes to live.

And insurance companies typically cover the cost of treatment.

But ONLY if they know for certain that the patient actually has the disease.

Again, the TEST is the key to the kingdom for the drug companies, and for early investors, it can mean a fortune.

Consider Thermo-Fisher Scientific, based in Waltham, Massachusetts...

Thermo-Fisher has grown from a tiny start-up to a $17 billion giant. How did they do it?

By providing the testing necessary to diagnose diseases...

Their motto: The world leader in serving science...

And by helping drug companies identify patients, Thermo-Fisher has turned early investors into millionaires.

The stock has skyrocketed to over $135 per share. That's a 15,000% gain. Good enough to turn $10,000 into $1.5 million.


Think about the commanding position these test companies are in...

When it comes to fatal diseases, only a small percentage of the population will actually have the disease.

But in most cases, the ENTIRE POPULATION is at risk.

That means the TEST leads the way.

Depending on the urgency of the situation, diagnostic tests can become blockbuster sellers practically overnight.

Folks who get in at the right time can become millionaires in a single trade.

That's what happened with Accelerate Diagnostics, an Arizona-based company.

Accelerate Diagnostics developed a test to diagnose infectious disease.

With roughly 23,000 Americans dying every year from drug-resistant infections, the push for this company's test has been intense.

And their stock has rocketed to $26... a 10,400% gain. Good enough to turn $10,000 into $1 million in one single trade.


Over and over, companies that can provide accurate tests that can diagnose dangerous disease have delivered exceptional gains.

  • Neogen, a Lansing, Michigan-based company, developed a test to detect dangerous foodborne pathogens and natural toxins. Their stock climbed from $1.10 to $51... a 4,600% gain.
  • Abaxis, a California-based diagnostic company, has developed a portable blood test that can conduct 31 distinct tests ranging from kidney, metabolic functions, and lipids in 12 minutes. Their stock has jumped from $1.13 to $61.48... a 5,400% gain.
  • Meridian Biosciences, a Cincinnati, Ohio-based company, has developed a test kit to diagnose foodborne illness and respiratory infections. Their stock has soared from $1 to $34... a 3,400% gain.

And what about Illumina, a diagnostic company based in San Diego, California...

Among other life-saving diagnostics, Illumina has developed a test that will help identify which personalized cancer drug will prove most effective for each individual patient.

As you can imagine, this test fits perfectly with the CDC's War on Cancer.

No wonder Illumina's stock has bolted to $213 per share... a stunning 230-fold gain. That's a 23,000% win. Good enough to turn $10,000 into $2.3 million in a single trade.


It's so good you could have moved toward becoming a millionaire, even if you had started with less than 500 bucks!

Now, these gains didn't happen overnight. And no one can predict the future with 100% accuracy. Nothing's guaranteed – in life or the market.

But here's the thing:

The tiny $7 company I'm tracking now has a tremendous advantage none of the above winners had.

As the first FDA-approved HCV test, it's positioned perfectly in a massive awareness campaign that is going to create an unprecedented demand for HCV testing.

This could very well happen BEFORE May 19th... National HCV Test Day.

And this tiny $7 stock could skyrocket to $16... $32... $64... even $128 before most people realize the opportunity at hand.

Again, right now, this company's test sales are a mere $7.3 million globally.

But when the CDC, the medical community, and the drug-maker start pounding the airwaves more than ever, test sales could rocket revenue all the way to $1 billion.

And that's if they tap less than 10% of Boomers... one in 10!

That's a sales surge of over 13,600%...

Factor in the rest of the Boomer Generation, the United States, Europe, China, and the rest of the world, and the sales could be five times higher.

And this $7 stock could easily follow suit...

Based on a standard Price-to-Sales ratio, I've calculated a one-year target price of $183... a 2,600% gain.

Again, that's low compared to gains other test manufacturing companies have generated. And I'm not the only one who believes this stock is ready to make history.

People inside this company are loading up.

That includes the company's President, Senior Vice President, Executive Vice President, even its board members.

Do you think for one second these guys don't know what's about to happen?

These are veterans of the medical industry. They can spot a winner a mile away. And make no mistake: They spot one now...

So do the institutions.

Combined with insiders, they've already locked up nearly 90% of the available shares. And in the coming days, you could see mammoth firms like BlackRock and Fidelity making a bid for the remaining float.

Imagine missing out on what could be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity...

The regret would be immense...

That means you need to move fast to secure a ground floor position BEFORE the remaining shares disappear...

Could this company soar

5,400%, like Abaxis?

10,400% like Accelerate Diagnostics?

14,000% like Thermo-Fisher?

15,000% like Bio-Rad?

23,000%, like Illumina?

I can't promise those kinds of returns. No one can. These were rare and exceptional cases that made early investors flat-out rich.

But I can tell you this: When you look at the facts...

When you consider HCV is a silent epidemic that kills every 58 seconds...

When you realize that millions of Americans are already infected and don't even know it...

When you consider that Boomers are five times more likely to already be infected with this deadly disease...

When you consider this tiny $7 company has developed the first FDA-approved rapid test to diagnose HCV...

When you look at the urgency with which the CDC has classified Boomers as HIGH RISK, and instructed every single one of them – all 75 million – to get tested...

When you consider that the potential market size is billions...

When you look at the potential sales growth of 13,600%, even if this company tests only 10% of Boomers in the U.S. alone...

You can come to only one conclusion:

This opportunity is so extraordinary, it demands your attention.

Please understand: This isn't the first time I've identified a breaking ground-floor opportunity.

I've spent the last 25 years following the most important developments in medical science, looking at the most troubling diseases known to man... and evaluating their most promising cures.

As you'll see, my work has translated into big money for people who follow my recommendations.

Now, folks often ask me how I got into this business... and why I go to such lengths to uncover these kinds of opportunities.

The reason is this: I personally know what it's like to face a devastating disease...

You see, back on June 23, 1981, my doctor led me into his office, and hit me with some devastating news.

He told me I had a rare – and sometimes fatal – disease called Guillaine Barre Syndrome (GBS).

Unfortunately, at that time, there were no effective drugs available to treat GBS because it was so rare.

It could have killed me. I was one of the lucky ones...

My own brush with a serious illness... along with my mother's death from breast cancer... and my first fiancé's death from a brain tumor...

Inspired me to dedicate myself to following and evaluating new drugs, treatments, and devices that relieve suffering.

That's why I'm so excited about this new HCV test.

The test is quick, accurate, and could help save your life.

If you're a Boomer, it's an absolute MUST.

Keep in mind, my publisher, Mike Ward, is making it very easy for you to get this taken care of.

Mike is issuing what we're calling "HCV Test Vouchers" today, good for $125.

You can use the "Voucher" to pay for the $95 dollar test in the event your insurance company won't cover it.

Plus, you effectively get $30 to cover your co-pay. I'll tell you more about the "Voucher" in a moment.

hcv cure

Remember the test takes just 20 minutes, and could give you tremendous peace of mind. I'm absolutely confident it could very well save your life.

And I'm even more confident that the $7 company that makes the test is about to go on a run that could make shareholders very rich.

In the coming days, the $7 stock is likely to go fast and furious.

Already, insiders – including the company's CEO, CFO, and COO – have snapped up nearly 90% of the available shares along with institutional owners.

Come May 19th, I wouldn't be surprised to see a big hedge funds scrambling to pick up the remaining shares for $14... $28... even $56.

You can get in today for a mere $7 a share...

I'm going to show you how in just a minute.

First, let me show you how I'm able to find companies like this... making sure your money is in exactly the right place... at exactly the right time.

25 Years in the Making

I've spent the last 25 years immersed in the medical science field... evaluating new medicines and the science behind successful drugs.

I've come to understand the FDA approval process, the hard science behind new drugs, and the market demand for new treatments and devices.

And after nearly three decades, I've mastered a powerful three-phase formula that can accurately determine whether a new drug, treatment, or device will be a breakthrough winner – or a casualty of an FDA denial.

My experience, contacts, and rigorous due diligence typically translates into big wins for folks who follow my recommendations.

For example, I recently uncovered a company called Aegerion Pharmaceuticals, based in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Aegerion had developed a drug to treat HoFH. If you're not familiar with it, HoFH is a horrible disease that not only causes premature death, but also terribly disfigures people afflicted with it – especially kids.

For me, this was a no-brainer...

I recommended readers get in on Aegerion Pharmaceuticals (AEGR) at roughly $17 per share.

Over the next year, Aegerion rocketed from about $17 per share... up to and past my recommended close price of $77... all the way to $101 per share.

That's a potential 494% gain in 12 months...

Aegerion Pharma

Not bad.

I isolated Sangamo Biosciences, too, based in Richmond, California.

Sangamo had developed a drug that was a major breakthrough in the treatment of HIV... with the potential to save millions of lives.

Another no-brainer...

I recommended Sangamo BioSciences (SGMO) at $7.92 per share.

Over the next few months, Sangamo bolted up to – and past – my recommended close price of $10.49... climbing as high as $24.12.

That's a potential gain of 304% in less than nine months.

Sangamo BioSciences

I could go on and on.

In fact, on December 19, 2014, I spotted Esperion Therapeutics.

Esperion had developed a drug to treat high cholesterol.

Now, typically, people with high cholesterol take statin drugs.

The problem is, in the U.S. alone, as many as 7 million adults have stopped statin therapy because the side effects are too much to bear.

Esperion's new drug offered a solution...

Again, a no-brainer! I recommended Esperion Therapeutics at about $35 a share.

Less than three months later, Esperion had surged to $75.55 a share. I instructed readers to sell half their position for a 104% win.

That's a double! And it gets even better...

Just three days later, Esperion nearly doubled again! I instructed readers to sell half their remaining position at $114 for a 211% win.

Esperion Therapeutics

Not bad. And we're not done yet...

As of April 10th, we're still holding our remaining Esperion shares, waiting on another potential double... a possible 422% homerun.

As you can imagine, my readers are thrilled with the gains they're seeing.

People like Robert Samson, who said:

"Glad to write and congratulate you on your picks! Very decisive win and truly impressive recommendation. Annualized, that is a 2,978% rate of return."

Andrew Rogers is another one of my readers:

"I am up $10K in a little over one month. Soon we will have a very nice retirement after suffering huge losses at the hands of Fidelity."

Terrence Yardley said:

"I made close to 30k profit... Thank you VERY much – You are the best advisor!"

Gary Smith sent me this kind message:

"Thanks so much. 1,484% on an annualized basis. I am very pleased with the recommendations you have provided and look forward to more."

And Dr. Harold Parker summed it all up:

"Your service is the best value I've come across in the 30 years I've been investing and trading. A hearty Thank You!"

As you can see, people who follow my research have a chance to make money hand over fist.

That doesn't happen by luck.

In order to produce these kinds of results, I've developed a proprietary three-phase formula that can spot winners with stunning accuracy.

Let me show you how it works:

Phase 1:

The Science Must Work

I see this all the time...

A biotech company announces they're developing a drug to cure cancer... or Alzheimer's... or diabetes.

Exciting news, but beware.

Just because a company develops a new drug or device... doesn't mean it's going to work.

In fact, chances are it will NOT work.

The investment landscape is littered with discarded drugs and devices that couldn't do what they were designed to do.

Out of every 5,000 new products, the FDA will ultimately approve only one...

Investing in a company before the science is proven is a COSTLY MISTAKE.

That's why when I isolate a new product, I put it through an extensive evaluation process that leaves no stone unturned.

I personally dive into available pre-clinical and clinical data... evaluate the statistical significance indicators for the data... and take a rigorous look at the drug's side effects, how it is metabolized, and how it works.

Over the years, I've been one-on-one with some of the world's most accomplished scientists.

These are medical experts – MDs and Ph.D.s – with roughly 235 years of combined experience... people who have devoted their lives to interpreting scientific data...

They work at esteemed institutions, places like Harvard Medical School... Yale University... UCLA School of Medicine... and Stanford University, just to name a few...

They've given me a special understanding – an insider's perspective – on how drug development works.

If the news is good... if the product is safe and effective...

If the product has the ability to relieve suffering and save lives...

Then I move it to Phase 2 of my evaluation process.

Phase 2:

The Market Must Be Hungry

I love it when a new drug or device works. It's great when that happens, especially for the people it treats.

Thing is, even if a drug works, that doesn't mean it will be an investment success.

In order for a drug or device to meet my criteria for investment, it must serve a market that is ready, willing, and able to embrace it.

In other words, the product has to be able to sell. And sell big time...

That's why I evaluate the potential market for each and every drug or device I recommend. In this study, I need a POSITIVE answer to five critical questions:

  • Do people need and want this?
  • Will doctors prescribe it?
  • Will insurance companies embrace and back it?
  • Will it dominate its market?
  • Will new revenues have a significant impact on the company's stock price?

A "no" to any of these questions, and the new product is off the table as far as investment goes.

Yes, it feels good to get behind a product that helps people. But why not get behind a product that both helps people AND has the potential to make you rich?

As you'll see in a moment, the $7 company I'm recommending today does just that.

Its breakthrough HCV test serves a market that is DESPERATE...

Think about it, with 75 million Boomers at high risk for HCV, this test could save millions of people – you and me included – from an invisible killer.

Remember: The CDC has begun rolling out an unprecedented awareness campaign urging ALL BOOMERS get tested.

And this $7 company has developed the first FDA-approved HCV quick test.

Come May 19th – National Test Day – this company could go through the roof.

This is the kind of extraordinary marketability that sent Thermo-Fisher bolting 14,000%...

And Bio-Rad zooming 15,000%...

And Illumina skyrocketing 23,000%...

Will this $7 company deliver those types of gains? Again, I can't guarantee that kind of money. But I can tell you that it does have all the elements of a breakthrough winner.

Now, once I determine that the product is positioned to deliver explosive potential upside to investors... I move it to Phase 3 of my evaluation process.

Phase 3:

Timing Is Everything

This is where a lot of investors get into trouble.

They hear an exciting story about a new drug or device... and jump right in.

Here's the thing: If the product is still in the early stages of development, it could be years before the stock moves. Plus, in the early stages, it's impossible to know if it actually works.

At the same time, if you wait too long, you'll miss out on the big money.

The key is to get in AFTER the science has proven to work... but BEFORE the general public rushes in, sending the stock into orbit.

Where is the perfect point of entry?

I don't seriously consider a stock until it's made it through Phase 2a Clinical trials.

That's because until the Phase 2a results come out, it's simply too early to know if the product is safe, and if the science works.

Once a company clears this hurdle, once the science has given up some positive evidence to go on, it becomes a matter of getting in early, right before the masses catch on.

That's exactly where we are today with the tiny $7 company I've been telling you about...

The Facts are Undeniable: We Are Ready for Lift-Off

I've been immersed in biotech, medicine, and science for a quarter-century...

And I can tell you without reservation: The opportunity I'm tracking today offers phenomenal upside potential... maybe the biggest I've ever seen.

This new HCV test is a revolutionary breakthrough with the potential to save a whole lot of people – including you and me – from an invisible killer.

And as I run this $7 company through my rigorous three-phase evaluation process, it keeps looking stronger and stronger.

First, the science behind the test is brilliant... it only takes 20 minutes.

Second, Americans are desperate for a quick test. With the CDC urging all 75 million Boomers get tested for HCV, this test is poised to fly off the shelves.

And third, the timing couldn't be better.

Not only has this company passed my evaluation process with flying colors...

I am recommending it with an "URGENT BUY" rating.

Keep in mind, HCV kills every 58 seconds. It's already infected 200 million people, and Boomers are five times more likely to already be infected.

The worst part: In many cases there are no symptoms, so millions of Boomers are already infected and don't even know it.

In an unprecedented life-saving initiative, the CDC has begun rolling out a massive awareness campaign, and has advised all Boomers get tested.

This tiny $7 company has developed the first FDA-approved test. As the campaign hits mainstream awareness, this company's test sales could see a massive 13,600% surge.

Based on a conservative Price-to-Sales Ratio valuation method, I'm setting a target price of $183... a 2,600% gain.

That's if they only test 10% of Boomers in the United States alone.

If they do a little better, and only test HALF of all Boomers, we're looking at a nearly 10,000% gain.

Factor in the rest of the country, Europe, Asia, and the rest of the world, and it could go much, much higher.

Exceptional? No doubt.

I've already shown you how diagnostic test companies like Thermo-Fisher soared 14,000%...

And Bio-Rad jumped 15,000%...

And Illumina bolted 23,000%...

This tiny $7 stock is heading in the same direction... and I'm not the only one who thinks so.

Already, savvy insiders – including the company's President, CEO, and CFO – have grabbed up nearly 90% of the available shares alongside institutions.

Make no mistake: These guys know exactly what's about to happen.

The CDC is almost certainly gearing up their campaign, and has designated May 19th as National Test Day.

In the coming weeks, we'll likely see big hedge funds snap up the remaining shares for $14... $28... even $56.

You can own this tiny company for $7... but you must act now.

Here's how to do it...

Go ahead and give my research advisory service, Biotech Insider Alert, a risk-free try today.

The moment you do, you'll get all the details on the tiny $7 company I've been telling you about.

Most importantly, you'll get the name of the company, its stock symbol, and detailed instructions on how to buy it for a small fraction of its real value.

In addition, I'll send you an "HCV Test Voucher" for $125. That way, you'll be able to cover your HCV test, and your co-pay.

Plus, you'll get the HCV Medical Briefing. This one-page report will make getting tested a piece of cake...

And that's only the tip of the iceberg.

You see, I'm constantly evaluating up-and-coming drugs that could both change lives and make early investors rich.

Here's a small taste of three important drugs I'm tracking at the moment:

  1. A new drug to treat the Ebola virus... a deadly disease for which there is no cure. The U.S. government is so high on this company, they just awarded them a $140 million contract to develop the drug. Plus, they just received a "Fast Track" designation from the FDA. This one could literally save lives.
  2. A drug to treat America's Number One killer: Heart disease. Every year, over 600,000 Americans die from heart disease. That's one death every 57 seconds. But a revolutionary new drug could be the biggest breakthrough in more than a quarter-century. It has already proven remarkably effective at preventing death, and could save 90,000 lives per year in the U.S. and Europe alone. As you can imagine, the drug is predicted to be a multi-billion dollar seller, and could launch this company off the charts.
  3. A drug that treats leukemia, a deadly blood cancer. This drug has been described as "nothing short of miraculous"... represents a complete paradigm shift in leukemia treatment... and could replace the need for chemotherapy. This drug has the potential to save 4,600 lives in the U.S. alone. It could also prove to be a flat-out homerun for savvy investors.

These are just a handful of the opportunities I'm tracking. Of course, not all of these companies will make it through my three-phase evaluation process. But the moment a new drug meets my criteria, you'll be the first to know.

As a member of my Biotech Insider Alert, you'll have everything you need to seize these breakthrough opportunities long before most investors even know they exist:


Immediate Action Alerts: When I come across a breakthrough opportunity and my extensive three-phase process confirms that 1) the science behind a new drug or treatment works... 2) the market is ready, willing, and able to embrace it... and, 3) the timing is right – I'll issue an immediate "buy" alert via email, with all the details, including recommended buy prices, where I see the stock moving both in the short and longer term, and when to sell.

biotech investment

Weekly Updates: You'll never be left wondering what's up with any stock I'm recommending. Every day I'm digging into data releases, studies, and FDA rulings so you know everything relevant to the company's success.

biotech alert

Optional Text Alerts: Because these little drug stocks can move quickly – both in the run-up phase and on their calendar dates – it's imperative you get in as close to my recommendation as possible. That's why, if you so choose, you can sign up to receive text alerts on your smartphone, alerting you to check your email for my latest recommendation.

biotech stocks

"Live" Portfolio: Anytime you want to check the price of the stocks in the Biotech Insider Alert portfolio, simply log on and you'll see real time prices for all the picks. That way you always know where we stand with every single Biotech Insider recommendation.

how to invest in biotech

Members-Only Website: The instant you join you'll get your members-only password access to Biotech Insider Alert's exclusive site, where you'll find my most recent recommendations, all past alerts, every single update, and a link to the live portfolio track record.

Now, you may be wondering... how much does all this cost?

That's the best part, as I'll explain in a moment. But first, let me tell you about another company I'm recommending now...

Safe Pain Relief Could Replace Morphine!

Urgent Buy – Highly Speculative

biotech stock to buy

Let me be clear right up front: This opportunity is HIGHLY SPECULATIVE and could prove volatile. But for folks looking for an exciting – and potentially lucrative – run, look no further.

If you've ever had surgery, you know the pain of recovery can be excruciating...

Problem is, safe, adequate relief is tough to come by.

In fact, traditional IV-dosed pain relief – typically in the form of morphine – comes with extreme risks, including infection, overdose, and death.

Fortunately, a tiny $4 company has the solution...

This company's new pain drug is delivered in tiny tabs and will reduce the risk of overdose, infection, and death associated with IV-dosed morphine.

Not only is this new drug safe, it's also easy to use. No needles, shots, or IVs.

Plus, clinical data indicates it works better than IV-dosed morphine to give quick, lasting relief.

Mark my words, this is a true breakthrough in pain management, and offers investors extraordinary upside potential!

With approximately 12 million surgical procedures per year resulting in moderate-to-severe pain, as well as an additional 7.4 million hospital inpatients experiencing moderate-to-severe acute pain, the market for this pain miracle is massive.

Right now, the company's sales are a mere $5 million.

Even if its new pain breakthrough captures a mere 10% of the market, it could boost sales 97-fold... sending the $4 stock screaming higher.

Takeover rumors are swirling, and insiders have already bought up 93% of the available shares, along with institutional and mutual fund owners, in anticipation of a takeover play.

It could be a wild ride, but the upside potential is absolutely staggering.

Of course, to maximize your returns, you need to get in early. So I encourage you take action today...

All the details on this company, including its name and stock symbol, are yours the moment you agree to give my Biotech Insider Alert a risk-free try today...

This is just the beginning of the opportunities you'll hear about. Here are some more biotech plays I'm watching closely:

  • A revolutionary drug that treats obesity in a whole new way by literally dialing down the body's ability to produce fat! Obesity is a major health crisis with 100 million sufferers in the U.S. alone. Over $147 billion is spent to treat obesity each year, and the market for a new drug is absolutely tremendous. By the way, doctors have proven hesitant to prescribe new obesity drugs, so I'll need to see some very positive results before recommending this company.
  • A powerful new drug that fights pneumonia, a lung infection that kills over 52,290 Americans every year. With the escalating danger of drug-resistant infections, the White House has announced a plan to address the threat. This new drug is already being used in Europe, and FDA approval could send the stock on a serious run, making early investors a pile of money.
  • A drug that erases "crow's feet" wrinkles. Don't laugh! Anti-aging is big business. After Botox was approved to treat "frown lines," drug-maker Allergan soared over 600%! This new drug offers similar upside potential... but you'll need a ground-floor position!

Now, not all of these plays will meet my standards. But when one does, you'll get an immediate alert telling how to get in on the ground floor.

Let me give you the details on one company I'm pulling the trigger on:

The "Warren Buffet of Biotech" is Loading Up!

This is an opportunity to invest right alongside one of the greatest biotech legends of all time, and ride his newest brainchild for a massive win.

This scientist-turned-billionaire entrepreneur is often called the "Warren Buffett of Biotech."

He's used his innovative genius to amass a $5 billion personal net worth, delivering 10-fold wins for investors on many occasions.

In fact, he sold his first company to Schering-Plough for $835 million. He sold his second company to Teva Pharmaceuticals for $7.4 billion.

His current venture will likely be the crowning achievement of his career.

The company is loaded with breakthrough products, anyone of which could produce billions in new revenue.

For example, they've developed a revolutionary test to help beat prostate cancer.

The test is able to diagnose cancer with a simple blood screening. It's highly accurate, and puts old-fashioned tests to shame.

With 60 million prostate tests done annually, even if the company captures 10% of the market, their sales would jump to over $2.3 billion.

That's a sales surge of 2,600%. And it's only the beginning.

In addition, the company is developing products to treat secondary hyperparathyroidism, Parkinson's disease, asthma, obesity, and more.

Let me remind you, the founder of the company is a self-made billionaire who has a history of returning 10-fold wins to early investors.

He's so certain of this new opportunity, not only does he own a massive 30% piece of the company, but continues to buy massive share blocks at market price on a near-daily basis!

Act now, and you can get in at the same bargain price, and ride this stock for enormous upside.

I recommend you take a position as soon as possible.

The moment you sign up to give Biotech Insider Alert a try today, the details on this company, including its name and stock symbol, are yours.

As you can see, the potential to make a fortune in the biotech market is unmatched. Day after day after day, new drugs are coming down the pipeline.

Not all of them make it through my evaluation process. But the ones that measure up offer a chance at staggering gains.

How much does all this cost?

Again, that's the best part...

As I've shown you, the biotech sector is legendary for minting new millionaires. I mean, where else could you start with $10,000 and turn it into $16 million in a single trade?

Where else could you turn 700 bucks into a $1.1 million windfall with a single stock?

Of course, not every new drug is a winner. But when you know what you're doing... when you can pinpoint a breakthrough drug where the science works... where the market is hungry... and you can get in at the right time...

You're setting yourself up for life-changing potential – potential that resulted in:

  • 5,400% on Abaxis...
  • 10,400% on Accelerate Diagnostics...
  • 14,000% on Thermo-Fisher...
  • 15,000% on Bio-Rad...
  • 23,000% on Illumina...

I could go on.

Make no mistake: These are the kinds of opportunities you'll be hearing about every single week in Biotech Insider Alert.

Now, my research service has a very reasonable listed price.

But if you respond today – by clicking on the button below – you can lock in a full year for even less.

The moment you agree to give us a try, you'll get immediate access to the special report detailing the opportunities I told you about in this presentation.

You'll also have access to every single recommendation I've made – and will be making – in Biotech Insider Alert... including a handful of picks that are on the verge of major breakouts.

And you can get it all risk-free today...

My Biotech Insert Alert
100% Money-Back "Double Guarantee"

Guarantee Part I: If at any time during the first 30 days you're not completely delighted with the information, analysis, gains, or anything else about Biotech Insider Alert, simply let us know and we'll promptly refund every penny of your subscription price. No questions asked.

Guarantee Part II: If, after receiving a full year of service, Biotech Insider Alert recommendations haven't given you at least three (3) chances to double your money IN ADDITION TO THE $7 HCV TEST STOCK I'M NOW RECOMMENDING – that means at least three picks that have cleared optimum gains of 100% or more –  simply let us know and we'll promptly refund every penny of your subscription price. Again, no questions asked.

I think you'll agree: That's as fair as it gets.

Go ahead and join us now. Just click on the button below. And – at a minimum – take a look at my research on the $7 HCV test stock before the week is out.

Even if you cancel your subscription, all of the information I give you – including all of my official "BUY" recommendations – are yours to keep.

That's right... you keep everything.

And remember, we'll also send you a $125 "HCV Test Voucher" to cover the cost of your test – as well as your co-pay – just in case your insurance company doesn't pay for it.

But you must act now...

Again, the CDC has designated May 19th as National HCV Test Day, and the $7 stock I'm recommending may see major gains even before then.

The breakout could happen any day now, and when it does, the stock could go absolutely vertical...

This company's test sales are a mere $7.3 million. But even if the CDC only motivates 10% of Boomers to get tested – only one in 10! – sales could soar to $1 billion.

That's a 13,600% surge, and could deliver a 2,600% stock gain.

If they reach just HALF the Boomers, it could generate a near 10,000% gain.

Factor in the rest of the U.S., Europe, Asia, and the rest of the world... and it could be much, much higher.

So please, don't miss out.

Savvy insiders, including the company's CEO, COO, and CFO, have already grabbed nearly 90% of the available shares alongside institutions.

Any moment, a big tech fund like BlackRock or Fidelity could swoop in and swallow the remaining shares. Hesitate, and you could miss out completely.

You must act now too if you want to ensure your shot at maximum upside potential.

The opportunity is right in front of you. I urge you to seize it today. Simply click the button below.

Or, if you prefer speaking with someone over the phone, just call VIP Services Director John Wilkinson at 1.855.509.6600 (1.443.353.4770 for international callers) and mention Priority Code WERNR504. He'll be happy to answer any questions you might have about the service.


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