A Dozen Reasons to Be Investing in Graphene

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Graphene - the lightest, strongest, most flexible material ever made - could revolutionize our way of living, which is why now is the time for investing in graphene.

Graphene, which is 200 times stronger than steel, could make "invisibility cloaks" for the military that will hide tanks and other military vehicles; create bendable, flat-screen TVs that you can roll up and take with you; and lead to major breakthroughs in healthcare, to name just a few of its potential uses.

The graphene industry is expected to have 40% annual growth over the next seven years, going from the $9 million industry it is today to a $126 million market, reports Lux Research, an independent research firm focused on emerging technologies.

We at Money Morning saw graphene's potential early.

"Stronger than steel and lighter than a feather, this high-tech medium will shape virtually every part of our daily lives by the end of this decade," Money Morning Defense and Technology Specialist Michael Robinson wrote in December 2011.

And with these new developments, graphene is certainly on its way to changing the products we use every day - which is why more people are asking about investing in graphene.

What is Graphene?

Carbon-based graphene was initially discovered in the 1960s but rediscovered by two scientists, Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov, in 2004.

They first created microscopic flakes, then changed the flakes into extremely thin sheets.
The two scientists won the Nobel Prize for Physics for their work with graphene.

Graphene is just one atom thick and occurs in a hexagonal pattern, kind of like chicken wire.

investing in graphene
Since it's carbon-based, as are all life forms on Earth, graphene can enter the body without disturbing the immune system and without causing harm to body tissue, as silicon and plastics can.

Researchers at the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory say graphene could be used to grow human tissue.

The implications are huge:

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