International Business Machines

Nvidia and Other Companies Start Seeing Price Upgrades

It started yesterday, but this is the beginning of a trend that will drive some stocks higher into the earnings season. This morning, UBS (UBS) upgraded their price target for Nvidia (NVDA) shares from $800 to $1,000.  Currently, the average price target for Nvidia shares is about $950 but has been on the rise slightly […]

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IBM Gets Ready for its Next Breakaway Rally

I love this situation. An AI stock that the market doesn’t pay attention to is getting ready to break to new all-time highs. It’s not Nvidia (NVDA) or Super Micro Computer (SMCI) or Amazon (AMZN) – it’s lowly, old International Business Machines, A.K.A IBM. A few months ago, we talked about IBM’s bullish trend as […]

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Palantir Stock Forecast 2025: $4 Billion Growth in Revenue

Palantir has climbed 186% since its IPO in Sept, 2020 — far exceeding analyst expectations.

And the PLTR stock forecast for 2025 looks even more promising now.

A data mining and intelligence leader, Palantir (NYSE: PLTR) specializes in data analysis.

The company works with government agencies and corporations on surveillance and security using high-powered artificial intelligence (AI).

Back in 2011, Palantir helped locate Osama bin Laden.



Four Extremely Bullish Stocks to Buy and Trade Right Now

Historically, April’s one of the market’s strongest months.

Add a rising wave of economic recovery to boot and you’ve got an unflappably bullish month.

And the profitable opportunities Tom’s looking at right now are all in tech.

Indeed, there’s some strong upward momentum and big upside potential in these, especially if you trade them right… .



Here’s My Favorite Facebook Alternative Right Now

Facebook’s currently in the middle of a controversy over the role “Big Tech” should – or shouldn’t – play in regulating speech, with the federal government and some 46 state attorneys general actively seeking the breakup of the world’s most successful social media site.

Playing this space just right can give savvy tech investors double the market’s return….



What to Do About the Red-Hot Airbnb IPO Today

While there have been a number of successful IPOs this year, there's currently a lot of froth in the IPO market, like yesterday's DoorDash debut that Shah thinks is super overpriced.

And when investors are overly giddy, they often end up getting burned.

And that brings us to this morning's Airbnb IPO debut.

Here's what to do…