CES 2014's Oddest Products: Would You Put This in Your Mouth?

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The Consumer Electronics Show 2014 (CES 2014) kicked off Monday morning from Las Vegas, giving tech enthusiasts four full days of mind-blowing innovation.

It also gives them a peek at the wacky side of innovation...

CES showcases more than 3,200 exhibitors - among them 140 startups - during its four-day run. Most of the popular products showcased are new, improved versions of tablets, computers, and smartphones - products you'll soon see on retailers' shelves.

Lenovo Group Ltd. (OTC: LNVGY) and Polaroid, for example, are promoting new tablet lines. LG Display Co. (NYSE: LPL) unveiled an impressive 105-inch, curved television that better displays widescreen programming.

But not all the products displayed at the wild and wonderful event are winners...

There are the other products - the bizarre, impractical, and possibly useless. In fact, these products from CES 2014 have us wondering who would ever buy them.

Three of the Strangest and Weirdest at CES 2014

Kolibree Bluetooth Toothbrush: Helicopter parents everywhere, rejoice! You can now monitor exactly how well your children are brushing their teeth.

Using Bluetooth technology, this toothbrush syncs with the user's phone and sends them information about their brushing techniques. Kolibree's device shows users how they brush, how long they are brushing, if they're brushing correctly, and if they're brushing in the right spots. For parents, they can access the brushing information for the whole family.

Kolibree will price the product from $99 to $199 depending on the model.

The Kolibree toothbrush is just another sign of the coming "Internet of Things," a revolution in which almost every item you own will have "smart" technology and will be catalogued on the Internet.

The technology behind the toothbrush is certainly impressive, and another sign that the Internet of Things is inevitable. But is a "smart" toothbrush really the most important use of that technology right now?

Now check out this device you don't have to put in your mouth - but it will treat you like a high-tech lab rat...

The Aura Smart Sleep System: If having something monitor you all night isn't weird, then this product is perfect for you.

The Aura Smart Sleep System from Whithings comes with an ambient light sensor, a sleep sensor, and a smartphone app to detail all its findings.

Users sleep on top of the "discreet" sleep sensor which monitors body movements, breathing cycles, and heart rate. Another device, placed bedside, evaluates noise pollution, light levels, and room temperature. All the data is compiled and detailed in the app.

The device also creates ambient light and sound programs conducive for a good night's sleep. The product is set to retail for $299 and, according to Whithings, will be available in spring 2014.

Now for the toughest car sell of 2014...

Ford C-MAX Solar Energi Concept: At first glance, this new Ford Motor Co. (NYSE: F) model looks like a great step forward for "green" vehicles. Ford claims the car can travel up to 620 miles on a full charge, 21 of which will be electric-only. The automaker also claims that 75% of all trips made by the average driver could be powered by the sun alone.

At second glance, the prospects for the solar car aren't so bright.

For one, how are people who park in a garage supposed to make full use of the solar panels installed on the roof? How expensive are repairs to damaged or malfunctioning solar panels? How will poor weather or winter seasons affect charging?

The car is equipped with a "concentrator lens" that magnifies sunlight to fuel the car. And if all else fails, it can be plugged in to a traditional charging station.

"It seems odd to me driving around with a solar panel on your roof. I'm down here in Florida and we used to see a lot of folks with those tanning foils. I don't know, what are they going to do put tanning foils around this car?" Shah Gilani, Money Morning's Event Trading Specialist, said on FOX Business' "Varney & Co." Monday. "And the car has to move to catch the sunlight. It's a tough sell, I'm not sure how this technology is going to pan out."

The price of the vehicle and Ford's explanations of these potential hang-ups will be interesting.

You tell us - would you be interested in the tanning foil Ford?

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