Here's a High-Profit "Kicker" for Your Microsoft Stock

I've recommended Microsoft several times over the years, each time with more conviction as its Azure service solidifies its position alongside Amazon Web Services as one of two "kingpin" players in Cloud computing.

That hasn't changed, and it won't anytime soon.

But today, I'm recommending it for a reason that's much more immediate and tangible in our everyday lives.

See, in as soon as 90 days, "Mr. Softy" will hit markets with an upgrade to its signature Windows operation system.

That move is going to catalyze incredible profits from here – and, yes, that's really saying something, considering…

  • The four times we've already doubled our money on Microsoft.
  • The fact that MSFT shares are up more than 46% (against the NASDAQ's 42%) since the March bottom.

So, by all means, put Microsoft in the very bedrock of your portfolio. But I'm going to tell you about another holding I think will work with Microsoft to put you over the top.

In other words, own this, and do even better in the long run… Full Story

In other words, own this, and do even better in the long run... Full Story