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These Two Big Central Bank Lies Are Propping Up Global Markets

Central banks around the world are telling lies so that markets won't panic. But when bank leaders say all's well with the banks they "regulate" while those same banks are asking for life support, it's the beginning of the end.

And these two central bank lies are in reality a dire market warning of the first order...

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How to Profit from the New Post-Brexit Paradigm

Post-Brexit, everything's up in the air. But if you understand what the vote was about and how it's changed the world, you can make big trades.

Here's why - and how you can profit right now...

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The Brexit Handed Europe Its "Bear Stearns Moment"

Brits voting on June 23, 2016, to exit the European Union wasn't a "Lehman Brothers moment" despite what you may have heard.

Sure enough, from June 24 through June 27, global equity markets bled out $3 trillion – the Dow Jones Industrials alone fell almost 5%.

But of course the markets have bounced back, with the Dow up 4.5% at the holiday weekend; American equity benchmarks are within a couple of points of their all-time highs; if history is any guide (and it is), they're likely to go a lot higher.

So, it's safe to get back into stocks, right?

Well… yes and no. There is a massive reckoning coming for Europe and American companies with exposure there. Only the best will come out unscathed.

But, for the biggest profits, I'm going to show you some smart plays I'm recommending right now – one of the trades turned in 242% in gains.

It could easily do so all over again. Let me show you what's coming...

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European Union Collapse Imminent If These 2 Ticking Time Bombs Explode

With the Brexit vote passing, many are starting to wonder about a European Union collapse.

Already, other member states are talking about having their own stay/leave referendums.

But some believe the EU could even collapse without these votes.

Money Morning Capital Wave Strategist Shah Gilani cites two big signals the EU could collapse.

Here's what he had to say...

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Dow Jones Industrial Average Today Surges as Brexit Worries Fade

The Dow Jones Industrial Average today rose 284 points as investors gained back nearly half of the $3 trillion lost in the Brexit sell-off.

But that's not all - here's today's closing bell news...

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Brexit Impact Makes These 3 Investments Must-Haves in 2016

No one knows how the Brexit impact will affect the markets in the long term, but that hasn't stopped investors from panicking right now.

Currencies around the world and the U.S. stock market are taking a plunge because Britain no longer wants to be in the European Union.

There are plenty of articles telling you how bad things can get. But Money Morning provides you with three must-have investments during these uncertain times...

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Here's the Brexit Loophole That Could Keep the UK in the Bloc

There's a "Brexit Loophole" that could keep the UK from officially exiting the European Union.

You see, the decision isn't necessarily about the "popular vote"...

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What the British Pound Collapse Means for Markets Today

The British pound fell to a 31-year low against the U.S. dollar Monday as investors bet the Bank of England will cut rates.

After Brits voted Thursday to leave the European Union, the British pound has been in a free fall and global stocks have swooned.

Here's what ahead for the pound and what its collapse means for markets...

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Who Will Be the Next British Prime Minister After David Cameron?

The next British prime minister will take over from current PM David Cameron, who will resign in October.

There are two Conservative PM candidates in particular that are currently polling better than other hopefuls.

Here's who they are, and why one is the more favored of the two...

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Brexit News Crushes Markets Today – 3 Ways to Protect Your Money

Today's Brexit news is sending major ripples through the markets, and many are fearing a full-on stock market crash in 2016.

Market volatility and uncertainty are a given over the next several months.

Here's what to do now...