Bank of America Corp

Three Stocks: Barrick Gold, AMD, and Bank of America

Barrick Gold Today's uptick in Barrick Gold (GOLD) shares is closely tied to the rising gold prices, which have been bolstered by current geopolitical tensions and the uncertainty surrounding recent elections – just like what CJ’s been talking about lately. As historical patterns suggest, gold often gains value in times of economic uncertainty, serving as […]

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Earnings Preview - Week of April 15

Watch the Regional Banks Here Friday morning saw the opening of earnings season, but things really start swinging this week. For the week, we’re going to see more than 200 different earnings reports from three major sectors. Last week’s rough start for the banks puts more pressure on the wider swath of companies from the […]

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Why the Chime IPO Is Scaring All the Big Banks

How much do you enjoy spending a lunch break in line at the bank? Well, in the future, you don't have to.

A little company called Chime came to solve that problem.

And we could get a Chime IPO as early as this year.

Mobile banking will disrupt more than you think.

We're not saying it will totally disappear massive corporations like Bank of America (NYSE: BAC) or Wells Fargo (NYSE: WFC), but it sure as heck will give them a run for their money.

Chime stock will be one of the first to benefit. Here's all you need to know between now and when the Chime IPO comes...


The No. 1 Sector to Buy Into Right Now

While bank stocks had a great run higher, they started selling off last week and into this week, causing investors to exit America’s most profitable bank shares by the masses.

Shah thinks this is a huge, expensive mistake, and doesn’t want you to be one of them.

Fact is, right now is the best time to buy banks.

And with billions being left on the table, the profits are right there for the taking… .



How to Make Money When Stocks Go Down with Options

Many investors believe that when the stock market falls, everyone loses money.

That's simply not true.

In fact, for the smartest traders, a downturn is just another opportunity.

The trick to making money when markets fall is options trading.

We're going to show you exactly how to do that today as the Dow Jones has plunged 6% this week as coronavirus fears rise.

We're going to make money here by targeting one sector we think is going to take the worst of this turbulence.


Fast Profits

Grab Fast Profits on the Looming Bank Stock Collapse

Bank stocks have been on a nice run, but they're running on empty now..

There's not much on the horizon to keep this rally going.

That means now is the perfect time to play the looming fall.

We've identified two ways to get fast profits on this bank stock collapse: one ETF, for lower-risk trading, and one put on a popular bank stock that's lost its luster- click here to check it out…