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The Deceptive Way Health Insurance CEOs Are Using Obamacare to Make Millions

Obamacare is reportedly costing health insurance companies millions of dollars in losses, but there's something really strange that's going on.

You see, compensation for health insurance CEOs is actually at an all-time high.

So if these companies are losing money, how are they able to reward these executives so handsomely? Well, Obamacare may not be as bad for health insurance companies as they want you to believe...


Is Obamacare Increasing Painkiller Addiction?

Because of an Obamacare policy, more and more doctors are feeling pressured into prescribing habit-forming painkillers to their patients.

In fact, 48% of doctors admitted in a 2014 survey that they felt pressured into prescribing inappropriate pain medications.

With nearly 19,000 deaths caused in 2014 because of prescription pain relievers, you will be truly shocked at how the Affordable Care Act may be contributing to a dangerous epidemic...


How the Bernie Sanders Healthcare Plan Would Bankrupt America

The amazing deal promised by the Bernie Sanders healthcare plan – everybody gets everything covered while saving thousands of dollars a year – is a classic pie-in-the-sky campaign promise.

Tantalizing, but utterly unrealistic and far beyond the nation's means.

According to several experts, the Bernie Sanders healthcare plan, which he's dubbed "Medicare for All," would have costs the Vermont senator isn't talking about.

Here's why the Bernie Sanders healthcare plan is not the panacea he's selling on the campaign trail...


Finding Investment Opportunity in the Zika Virus Outbreak

On Feb. 1, I got an alert on my computer screen saying that the WHO is calling the Zika virus outbreak a global emergency.

This kind of notice is what newspaper editors refer to as a "call to action."

Today I'm going to show you exactly what that means for investors, who just got a major opportunity from this development. Of all the medical stocks to buy now, this one company just became a must-own...


Hot Tech Startup Raises $12 Million to Transform Healthcare

A hot new tech startup, AiCure, is trying to close the healthcare industry’s $378 billion annual gap.

Its goal involves the use of an app and artificial intelligence.

As well as users' diligence in taking selfies...

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5 Notorious Public Health Scares That Caused Share Price Crashes

When a company's share price crashes in the wake of a public health scare, it can take a long time for the business to rebuild a reputation seemingly wiped out overnight.

Case in point: Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc. It was brought to the public's attention last Friday that the restaurant chain was linked to an E. coli outbreak in the Pacific Northwest.

But Chipotle's debacle is a cake walk compared to these five notorious public health scares and the share price drops that followed them...

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Three Healthcare Stocks to Lowball Before the Obamacare "Nightmare" Event

Few investors realize it, but we are on the precipice of an Obamacare "nightmare" event.

According to Money Morning's Chief Investment Strategist Keith Fitz-Gerald, this event could throw 1/6 of the world's economy into chaos.

But for savvy investors, this event doesn't have to be a nightmare. In fact, Fitz-Gerald is recommending three healthcare stocks that could return big profits.

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Get Your Tactics Ready to Profit from This Supreme Healthcare Industry Event

Love it or hate it, the Affordable Care Act is one of the single-biggest wealth creation opportunities for the healthcare industry.

And the biggest profits will belong – like they always do – to those who make a "smart entry."

Here's how to play the sector by taking advantage of three distinct weak points, each one of them outlined here...

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Healthcare Disruptors and the New War on Alzheimer's

New drug protocols and advancements in medicine are turning the healthcare industry into one of the most profitable sectors out there. And they're not the only game-changers around.

There are other sector "disruptors" waiting to make you a profit.

Here's what you need to look for...


Get in on These Healthcare Stocks Now Before Key Obamacare Ruling in June

The U.S. Supreme Court will be ruling on a crucial Obamacare case in June. This is highlighting a profit opportunity: a quick and dirty play on healthcare stocks.

Today (Wednesday), the high court heard oral arguments in King v. Burwell. The ruling could deliver a deathblow to President Barack Obama's signature Affordable Care Act.

But it's also providing investors with a chance to play healthcare stocks for short-term gains...