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Why Dividends and Gold Are the Keys to Permanent Wealth

The path to permanent wealth is paved with high-yielding dividend stocks and reinforced with gold.

With a housing market that's in tatters and an economy that's reeling, most U.S. investors see the current market as perhaps the worst ever to even think about such topics as saving, investing and wealth. Corporate profits are plunging, as unemployment soars. Investors have watched as the worst bear market since the Great Depression savaged their savings and plundered their pensions.

But Money Morning Contributing Editor Martin Hutchinson, a well-known expert on income investing, says that today's beaten-down market may represent the best opportunity in years to create real wealth – in fact, permanent wealth. And Hutchinson believes that there are right now two simple secrets that can pave that pathway to permanent wealth.

One is high-yielding dividend stocks.

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  1. A B | May 7, 2009

    How about putting the date of the article at the top of the page ?


  1. […] Cohen states that investors can invest in gold directly by purchasing bullion or through funds or exchange-traded funds – one being the iShares SPDR Gold exchange-traded fund (GLD) – that track the price movements of the so-called "yellow metal." His firm uses a manager who buys bullions and stores it in a vault, which he says gives his firm's clients the opportunity to access a product whose price moves more in lockstep with the market price of gold, and is even more cost effective than gold funds or ETFs. […]

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