We Want to Hear From You: What Do You Think About the New Healthcare Law?

After months of controversy, political bickering and maneuvering, and intense media speculation and scrutiny, this week became a historically significant moment in the annals of U.S. healthcare when U.S. President Barack Obama signed the new healthcare bill into law.

Thus begins a new chapter in the healthcare saga, when the country will feel the effects of this sweeping, costly and controversial policy overhaul.

As with any sweeping legislation, the law is facing both fierce support and opposition as the country digests what the provisions mean for individuals, for the healthcare industry, for the government - and for the taxpayers. The fact is that many Americans will have healthcare for the first time ever. Offsetting that bright spot, however, is the reality that the program could add trillions in debt to the country's already burgeoning national debt, further complicating the matter.

Analysts and sector experts are having a field day dissecting the news, but Money Morning wants to hear your thoughts on this crucial development.

Money Morning Question of the Week: U.S. President Barack Obama's controversial healthcare proposal is now law. What do you think? How do you feel? Do you think it's a beneficial or harmful move for you as a consumer, as an investor, and as a taxpayer? What do you think it means for our nation's economy?

This is part of our efforts to hear what you think, feel and care about. The results will be posted in an upcoming issue of Money Morning as part of our new "Question of the Week" feature.

For a summary of the new legislation, please click here.

And then be sure to e-mail your healthcare-related questions and comments to: [email protected]. Check back on Moneymorning.com to see what readers are saying.

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